Hai Ishq Mera Kaamil (Epi-36)

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Hai Ishq Mera Kaamil (Epi-36)


I went out of the room.. I couldn’t tell her that she was suhani.. It wasn’t easy to tell her that the identity with which she had been living for the past two years was false; that person died two years ago.. She would not have been able to bear the fact that jaya aunty wasn’t her mom; sahil wasn’t her brother.. This could have affected my baby too.. So I decided to let things go the way they were going for sometime..

I was about to walk down the stairs when I saw dadi cleaning a single stair with a cloth.. Nobody else was there.. She went back to her room.. I touched the stairs cleaned by her and understood that she had thrown oil there, due to which suhani slipped.. I fumed and thought to punish her for her deeds..

Sahil and bhawana were home..
Sahil said- I’ll show this to anika di..
I stopped him and asked- won’t u show me what u have bought?
He said- first I’ll show her..
I stopped him and said that she was tired and resting..
Sahil- oh.. Let her rest.. Nobody should disturb her..
I asked smiling slightly- sahil.. How much do u love ur di?
He replied smartly- much more than u do billa ji..
I stared at him.. My smile disappeared.. He was a well-grown-up kid and very smart one.. One had to think and speak before him..
He continued- but u don’t worry.. I think she loves u more than me.. We will ask her today..
I smiled as I had nothing to say.. I cutely punched on his arm.. He kissed my cheek and left..

After lunch….
In our room….
I was giving her medicines..
Suh- if u will feed me like this, I’m ready to take medicines all day..
I shook smiling..
Sahil came there..
Sahil- anika di..
They hugged each other and had a casual conversation..
Sahil- di.. I have bought something for u..
Suh- what’s it?
Sahil- first u have to tell me whom do u love more- me or Billa ji?
She looked at me.. I suppressed my smile..
She said looking into his eyes- u know sahil, there are two heroes in my life.. U’r the junior hero and yuvraj is the senior hero.. And I know that I’m safe till both of u are with me.. I love both of u..
We smiled.. Sahil hugged her tight.. Suhani looked at me.. I showed her thumbs up..

Sahil broke the hug and took out two sets of bangles from his bag.. One was red and the other was golden..
Suh- wow.. Its pretty.. Thank u sahil..
Sahil- both are my choice.. di.. One is for u and the other for Bhawana di.. Take any one..

Bhawana came with juice.. She saw the bangles and asked suhani to take one set, whichever she liked..
Bhawana winked at us and left with sahil..

Suhani took the red one in her hand and said- its better na..
I said- so, now madam will be after red always.. Just because her hubby complimented her..
She looked down with shy.. I took the red bangles from her hand and made her wear the golden ones.. She continued to blush, and to be honest, I was enjoying it..

(Saawre plays in BG….)

I asked her to get up.. She obeyed.. I took her in front of the mirror and lifted her hand, showing her the bangles.. In our reflections, I could see the happiness that surrounded us.. I wished to tell her who she was..
She asked- yuvraj.. Which one should I take? Red or golden?
I said- whichever u like.. Every colour suits u..
I smiled seeing her turning pink.. She blushed harder than before..
I surprised her by kissing her cheek.. She froze for a few secs.. Her eyes were left wide open.. She touched her cheek..
I coughed and whispered into her ear- red or golden?
She said smiling- golden..
I said- red is also good..
Suh- oh really? Then why don’t u wear them?
I said- very funny.. Have ur juice for sure..
She nodded..
I left from there..

I went to meet Dr. Roy and asked him the truth.. Initially he denied saying he didn’t know anything, but he opened his mouth after being beaten up by me.. I was shocked to hear everything..
I asked- does dadi know that suhani is alive?
He nodded and said- yes.. I told her everything..
I bashed hard on his face..

In the evening…..
Maa took suhani to the temple.. I found that time perfect for my plan as dadi was at home.. I made a call from my phone..
After sometime, the doorbell rang.. The cops entered and asked for dadi..
Dadi- say..
Cop- u’r under arrest Mrs. Birla..
A shocked dadi asked for the reason behind it.. Menka looked at dadi from the corner of her eye and smirked..
Cop- for killing suhani shrivastav.. Dr. Roy has confessed that u paid him to kill her..

I pretended to be shocked and said- dadi.. U? U killed my suhani? I hate u.. Inspector, take her away..
They started to walk.. I knew dadi had several questions in her mind.. If she didn’t confess her crime, she would be punished for murder.. And if she spoke the truth that anika is suhani, she would be punished for attempting to murder..

Dadi finally burst out- leave me inspector.. Suhani is alive..
She confessed everything.. I stood in front of her and gave her a tight slap.. She stared at me and slowly rubbed her cheek..
I grabbed her neck with my hands as tightly as I could and shouted- u’r a devil.. U have no right to live..
The cops tried to stop me.. Finally I left her and asked them to take her away..

Everyone was happy to know that suhani was back, but also sad as she didn’t remember her past..
I said- nobody will tell her the truth..
Saurabh bhaiya asked- but why yuvraj? She has the right to know..
I told him why didn’t I tell her yet.. I also said that I would try to bring back her memory.. All of them supported me..

Later, maa and suhani were home.. Suhani went to the room.. Bhawana took maa to her room to tell her everything..

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  1. Woah…yuvi slapped dadi and caught hold of her neck…its amazing zing zing!!..cant believe what i read…finally dadi is punished!!..yuvani moments were awesome …too good buddy

  2. Yuvani

    The best part was Yuvi slapping dadi, I always wanted that, Yuvani scene was very sweet, sahil too,,… Thank you dear

  3. wooow again a wonderful in fact amazing episode u once again made me speechless u r just amazing yaar really episode was awesome and best part was of dadi and yuvi fight plz update next asap

  4. Too good ….

  5. wow amazing episode ……..no words to say yaar and yuvi reaction towards dadi its awesome

  6. Wooo superb épisode…. kuch bi kehenekiliye nahi sab Perfect he…. yuvraj slap dadi amazing….hamesha yahi chathithiii dadi ko saza miloooo…..

  7. Superb epi..Beyond my imaginationa..Best one..Superb slap by yuvi

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  9. Superb episode yuvraj plan was awesome

  10. Napsha sis luv u sooooooooooooo much.its veryyyyy beautiful.especially yuvi slapping dadi its just amazing.she deserves much more than that simple slap actually and yuvani scenes arr very cute.hope suhani will soon get back her memory.pls post next epi asap.

  11. Yuvani_saraj

    superb episode…

  12. NAPSHa J

    thanks a lot guys..

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