Hai Ishq Mera Kaamil (Epi-29)


Hai Ishq Mera Kaamil (Epi-29)

Anika takes jaya’s pic in her hand and says- mom.. I fulfilled my promise.. I got engaged to rajeev happily.. And very soon, we will be getting married..


A month ago, jaya met with an accident.. Anika rushes to the hospital with yuv to meet her.. Doc says her condition is very critical so they can’t say anything..
Anika cries.. Yuv consoles her..
After 2 hours, nurse says that jaya has opened her eyes..
YuvAni go inside to meet her..

Jaya- I want to talk to my daughter.. Others may leave..
Anika looks at him..
Anika- u call maa and rajeev here..
Yuv nods and leaves..
Anika and jaya talk to each other..
Yuv calls pratima and rajeev and stands outside when he hears jaya saying- I don’t know how much time I have.. Promise me, that u will not cry anymore for the man for whom u have cried day and night till now..
Anika looks on and says- mom..

Yuv’s eyes turn brim..
Jaya continues- promise me..
Anika thinks for a minute and says- I promise.. Not a single tear that I will shed now will be for yuvraj..
Yuv leaves from there and walks to and fro in the corridor.. He recalls his cold behaviour with her.. Anika’s words echo in his ears again and again..

Pratima and rajeev come.. They ask jaya to stay strong..
Jaya- rajeev.. I wanted my daughter to get the best life partner who would love her the most.. Will u fulfill this wish of mine?
AnEev look at each other.. Pratima is also shocked..
Rajeev- auntyji, I…..
Jaya- do u love anika?

Rajeev- yes aunty, but…… She doesn’t want to…….
Anika interrupts- rajeev.. Will u marry me?
Rajeev looks at her, thinks for a few secs and says- yes..
Jaya smiles and gives anika’s hand in rajeev’s hand..
Anika sees yuv who is standing at the door.. Seeing anika’s eyes catching him, yuv leaves from there..
A teardrop is about to make its way from her eye when she recalls her promise and wipes it..

Jaya- both of u promise me that u will keep each other happy.. Neither of u will take this relation as a compromise..
They promise..
Jaya- pratima ji, now anika and sahil are ur responsibility.. U will have to play my part in their lives, in her marriage..
Pratima nods wiping her tears..

Jaya- anika.. I want to talk to rajeev..
Anika leaves with pratima and closes the door..

Pratima asks yuv if he is fine.. He nods smiling, but pratima could hear his silent sobs.. YuvAni look at each other..
Yuv forwards his hand and says- congrats suhani..
Anika- I’m anika.. Anika..
Yuv- oh ya.. Sorry.. Anika..
They have a painful handshake..

Just then, rajeev comes out of the OT..
YuvAni and pratima look at him.. He cries and hugs anika.. She doesn’t hug him back.. Yuv looks sideways.. Anika asks what did jaya say..
Rajeev takes them to the OT.. They are shocked to see her dead..
Rajeev- aunty said that we have to be each others’ strength, no matter what comes..
They all cry..

*****FB ENDS*****

Next evening….
Panditji- therez a nice day for marriage after ten days..
YuvAni look at each other..
Rajeev- anika, are u happy?
She nods.. Dadi smirks.. Yuv leaves from there..
Rajeev- why is yuv so unhappy?
Anika- leave him.. Are u happy?
Rajeev- yes.. Coz u are happy..
Anika (in mind)- sorry rajeev, but I can’t tell u why is yuv unhappy..


Yuv- anika, rajeev is not trustworthy.. He is dating someone else.. I have seen him twice with the same girl in a coffee shop.. Not only that, today he even gave money to her..
Anika- enough yuv.. Stop spying on him.. I trust him..
Yuv- oh really? But does he trust u? If yes, why didn’t he tell u about her?
Anika- even I don’t inform him before meeting anyone.. Everyone want some privacy..

Yuv insists and anika asks rajeev about that girl without taking yuv’s name..
Rajeev shows her Fb profile and says- shez my college friend, we suddenly met after years that day.. She told me that she needed loan urgently, so I had given her money.. U can confirm from her.. And anika, if u didn’t like it, I won’t meet her again ever..
Yuv grins..
Anika- no rajeev.. Infact, I’m sorry..
She looks angrily at yuv..

*****FB ENDS*****

Dadi msgs someone- congratz.. Anika will be yours after ten days.. Do whatever u want to do with her but take her away from our lives..
The person replies- don’t worry.. I will take her away from herself..

At night….
Anika calls rajeev at 12 and wishes him happy birthday.. He thanks her.. She walks while talking and comes in the lawn.. Yuv, who is standing near the window, sees her talking happily over the phone.. He puts on the curtain and lays down on the bed..
He thinks why is he so unhappy..
He misses suhani.. Suddenly he recalls Dr. Roy’s name in dadi’s call log and thinks how could he forget about it.. He decides to find out why dadi wants to kill anika..

Anika is sitting on the bed in her bridal dress.. Somebody enters the room..
Anika- I need time to accept this marriage..
There is no reply.. She removes her ghunghat and is taken aback seeing……

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  1. Yuvani_saraj

    wow awesome episode..interesting

  2. Srilakshmi-Sri

    wow..napsha sis i just loved it…plz plz make yuvraj know the truth soon and suhani get her memory back .. i know anika is only suhani but i’m missingyuvi and suhani a lot.. waiting for promo

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks dear but mostly there is time for suhani to regain her memory..

  3. Waiting for doctor to reveal the truth…dadi should b punished…update asap dear

  4. Nice and interesting episode waiting for the revelation track plz update next soon

  5. Yuvani

    Wonder epi…..Want Yuvi to know the truth…….Just waiting for that…..Is Rajeev playing a negative role?

    1. NAPSHa J

      let it be a suspense dear.. 🙂

  6. interesting epi waiting for truth revelation

  7. NAPSHa J

    thank u so much guys.. everything u want will come with time.. stay tuned..

  8. interesting n waiting for many twists

  9. Awesome…….waiting for promo

  10. Napsha day by day i am getting excited abt this ff.sis pls pls pls pls post nxt episode and i want to see the yuvani scene dear.pls pls post yaar.i am waing here my fingers crossed.

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks a lot dear.. 😀 we are too close to the promo scene.. 🙂

  11. superb episode.. plz post asap

  12. NAPSHa J

    thanks a lot guys.. glad to see ur curiosity.. 🙂 🙂

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