Hai Ishq Mera Kaamil (Epi-19)

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Hai Ishq Mera Kaamil (Epi-19)

Dadi scolds the goons over the phone and warns them to keep their mouth shut..

Landline rings.. Pratima picks up the call.. She gets shocked.. She angrily asks the driver to take out the car..

After two hours…..
Pratima comes back home and calls out yuv’s name angrily.. Everyone come out..
Yuv- what happened maa?
Pratima slaps her.. All get shocked..
Prat- don’t u dare call me maa.. U can’t be my son..

Dadi- pratima.. What’s wrong with u?
Prat- come with me..
She walks towards the outhouse and everyone follow her.. They get shocked to see jaya, anika and sahil.. The trio stand up seeing the birlas..
Rags-men taunt suhani.. Pratima scolds them.. Yuv supports rags-men and says that he won’t tolerate them..
Prat- then why did u make them homeless? Didn’t u think about jaya ji and sahil?
Yuv looks away..
Prat- and anika, who gave u a new life?
Rags- she did it for money.. Not for yuv..
Yuv- exactly.. Tell them to leave from here..
Prat- if they will leave, I will also leave..
Yuv leaves from there angrily.. Dadi and all follow him.. Shawana welcome them.. They have a casual talk..

Yuv calls the landlord and says- thanks uncle..
LL- Don’t thank me yuvraj.. Anika is like my daughter.. I had to do this for her safety.. But I don’t understand why don’t u want her to know the truth?
Yuv- uncle, that’s something personal..
LL- okk..

Yuv recalls watching the goons with suhani’s pic on the phone and saying that they have to kill her.. They delete the pic after that..
Yuv (in mind)- I need to find out whoz behind it..


At night….
I was standing near the window and thinking what was happening with me.. On one side, I hated her, and on the other, I was protecting her without her knowledge..
The chain of my thoughts broke when I saw a bike stopping outside Birla house..

Anika got down and the guy removed his helmet.. That guy again.. I couldn’t bear him.. They talked for around ten mins and he held her hand.. I just stepped out angrily.. On my way, I collided with her.. We lost balance and fell down.. She was over me.. Her hair fell over my face.. I slowly moved it aside.. We had an eye-lock.. I couldn’t analyse what attracted me towards her.. Her presence made me feel like suhani was around..

I slowly grabbed her arms and started pulling her closer without even realizing it..
After a few secs, she asked- what are u doing?
I realised what I was going to do and how close we were..
I left her arms and said- sorry..
We got up..
She asked- what did u say? I didn’t hear..
I said- ummm… wherez ur new boyfriend?
She narrowed her eyes and said- excuse me?
I said- the guy who just dropped u.. Did he leave seeing me?
She said boldly- yuvraj…
I interrupted- tell ur boyfriend, whatever his name is, not to come here at this time..
She asked- His name is Rajeev.. And who are u to order me that?
I replied boldly- the owner of this house..
She said looking straight into my eyes- but for me, u’r just the son of the landlord..
Saying that, she took out a bundle of notes from her bag.. She took my hand and kept the money..
I taunted her- oh.. So u’r feeling bad coz I said about him.. Why so?
She replied- why should I explain u? U won’t understand my relation with him..

I felt irritated..
She said- I’m too tired now.. I need rest..
Saying that, she left..

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  1. Superb epi napsha di..Yuvi caring secretly..Superb..

  2. Yuvani_saraj

    awesome episode….jealousyRaj is so cute

  3. Yuvani

    Yuvi is so cute, Loved Suhani’s attitude……Update asap..Thank you

  4. superb epi.. i love to see jealous raj 🙂

  5. Fantastic dear..wanna see more of jealous raj…missing them so much…update asap

  6. wow…………..awesome epi

  7. Amazing!! Update soon!!!

  8. Awesome episode but feeling bad for Yuvraj hope suhani will find the truth soon anyways really u write very well plz update soon can’t wait for next

  9. Napsha sis what to say abt ur writing.asusual its amazing.but i want to know when this confusion will end dear.pls post asap.pls pls pls pls yaar.love u napsha.

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks a lot dear.. I myself don’t know what’s next.. I have things in mind to write but they are messed up.. so I can’t say anything now.. plz let me know if it gets boring or if u feel like its unnecessarily dragging.. all i can say is YuvAni reunion will take a lil time.. till then, enjoy jealousraj..

  10. fabulous… luvd yuvraj on hw he brought them to his house

  11. Amazing.sach app bahuth accha writer hu.jealouse yuvi love it

  12. NAPSHa J

    thanks a lot guyz.. 🙂 🙂

  13. NAPSHa J

    thanks avani 🙂

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