Hai Ishq Mera Kaamil (Epi-18)

Hai Ishq Mera Kaamil (Epi-18)

The vehicles start moving ahead.. SuJeev also leave.. Yuvraj reminds himself that she shouldn’t give them any importance.. Still he chooses to follow them..

SuJeev reach the restaurant.. Rajeev had already booked a table.. He takes out the chair for her.. She thanks him and sits down.. He too sits..


I too sat in the next table, facing the other side.. I could hear them..
Suddenly I heard him saying- that’s ur friend na? What’s he doing here alone?
I didn’t know if she too saw me, but I didn’t look at them.. I pretended to be oblivious of their presence..
But I got angry when I heard her saying- leave him.. Why to spoil our dinner..
I got up frustrated and left from there..

Anika thinks she shouldn’t spoil rajeev’s mood for yuvraj.. She tries not to think about him, but can’t help it..

After the dinner,
Rajeev- anika.. What type of a guy do u think I’m?
Suhani looks confused.. He smiles..
She asks- are u in love?
He looks on.. She smiles broadly looking into his eyes.. He feels shy and looks down, trying to hide his smile..
She holds his hands and says- Rajeev.. If u love someone, go ahead and tell her.. U’r a very nice person.. No girl can reject u..
Rajeev looks at his hands which was still held by hers..

Bgm plays….
Jo haath mein ho tera haath toh ye lakeeren dhadakti hai,
Tu ho juda, sab thama sa lage…
Jo tu mere paas hai to yakeen apne hone pe hota hai,
Tu ho juda sab guma sa lage…
Haan tu meri aadat me shaamil hai,
Mere liye main sach kahoon tu ibaadat ke kaabil hai…
Tere bin naa poori ho duaa,
Duaaon se abhi ye wada kar liya…
Tere bin main dekhoon naa subah,
Nigahon se abhi ye wada kar liya…

Rajeev looks at her and thinks- is she aware of my feelings? Does she too like me? Does she want me to approach?

Suhani sees him lost in his thoughts and brings him back to his senses.. They leave..
He drops her home.. She thanks him for the treat and asks him to come inside..
He says he needs to leave as hez getting late..

Rajeev is on the way to home when it starts raining.. He stops his car and comes out..
He dances in the rain and says as loudly as he could- I love u anika..

Next day…..
Dadi goes to collect the DNA reports.. The DNAs matched.. Dadi gets shocked..
She says- it means suhani is alive.. How dare u lie to me Dr. Roy?
She calls him but his number is out of reach..
She calls some goons and asks them to get anika killed that day itself..

At night around 9 pm….
SuJeev leave from the office.. Rajeev gets on his bike and asks suhani to sit.. Suhani says she will go.. They talk and some goons come there.. They take suhani while two of them hold rajeev.. Suhani shouts and calls out rajeev’s name for help.. They take her in a car.. Rajeev beats the two and and follow the car on his bike.. The two goons try to stop him and they fight..

The goons stop the car and take her out.. Two of them hold her and the leader of the gang walks towards her.. She tries to free herself but fails..
Suh- who are u? And what do u want?
Goon- I want ur death.. But before that, I want something else from u..
He puts his finger-tip on her forehead and slowly moves it down her face.. She angrily throws her face to the other side..

He removes his shirt and laughs.. Suhani feels scared and cries.. She starts sweating..
He puts his hand on her shoulder and tries to kiss her when he feels a hand on his shoulder.. He turns to see.. The guy gives a punch on his face..
Suhani looks at him and says- Rajeev..
He angrily asks the goons to leave anika.. But they deny.. Rajeev beats them all alone..

SuJeev look at each other.. Suhani feels embarrassed and turns around.. Rajeev removes his jacket and wraps it around her from behind..
She hugs him and cries.. He pacifies her.. The screen shifts at a few steps away from them where yuv is shown standing and watching them..
He turns around and thinks- I’ll find out whoz behind it..
He looks at them again and leaves sadly..

Next morning….

Landlord tells jaya to leave the flat within two hours as they have got someone else whoz willing to pay triple rent..
Jaya- whoz he?
LL- Yuvraj Birla..
Anika hears this and gets shocked..
She calls him..
Anika- what do u think of urself yuvraj birla? How can u fall so low?
Yuv- I did this coz I hate u..
Saying that, he hangs up..
Anika cries..

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