Hai Ishq Mera Kaamil (Epi-16)

Hi guys.. Sorry to keep u all waiting.. For some personal reasons, I couldn’t find time to write..

Herez a short epi..



I walked a step towards her.. Suddenly I heard some footsteps.. I looked on.. There was a guy who came out with anika’s mom.. They rushed towards anika.. Her mom stared at me angrily..
They tried to wake her up.. But she didn’t.. The guy carried her in his arms and took her inside..

I too followed him when aunty stopped me by showing her hand and calling out my name..
I looked at her..
She said- this is not the way to ur home..
I said- aunty.. Anika isn’t fine.. And that guy..
She interrupted- oh.. Do u really care for her? If that was the case, u wouldn’t have left her.. Now I don’t think u need to know whoz he.. U have already given a lot of pain to anika.. Plz spare her now..

I turned around and left from there..
I was home.. The party was over.. I went straight to my room.. I was feeling pissed off.. I couldn’t understand why did anika affect me so much.. I recalled seeing her in that guy’s arms and clenched my fists.. I hit hard on the wall..


I opened my eyes and found my mom sitting beside me.. I got up and asked her whether yuvraj got me there..
She replied- no.. He got u here..
She pointed towards the door of the room.. There he was; Rajeev Khandelwal, my colleague.. He was a nice guy.. He had been a great support in the last three months.. Even mom treats him like her son..

He brought coffee for all of us..
I smiled and asked- what was the need rajeev?
He replied- for this smile on ur face.. Keep smiling.. It suits u..

Mom asked rajeev to take me to the doc’s clinic next morning itself for check-up.. He agreed..
She asked us to talk and left from there to see sahil..
Rajeev asked- by the way, who was that guy?
I asked back- which guy?
He told me everything.. He was talking about yuvraj..
I replied- my friend..
He said- weird friend.. He didn’t even come inside to see u..
I looked on.. I was hurt to know that..
I said in mind- that’s our relation rajeev.. Nothing is left between us, still something is there..

Next morning…..
We went to the doc’s clinic.. I asked rajeev to wait outside the doc’s chamber..
After the check-up, I asked her if anything was serious..
She congratulated me saying I was pregnant!!
I was taken aback.. I covered my mouth with my hand.. Tears rolled down my eyes..
She asked me if I weren’t happy.. I faked a smile and requested her not to tell anyone on the pretext that I wanted to give the news myself to my family on an upcoming occasion.. She nodded.. I thanked her and walked away..

I recalled the day I met yuvraj for the first time, my lovely moments with him, our consummation, and then his hatred for me.. I collided with rajeev.. He asked me if I was fine.. I wiped my tears and thought whether I should tell yuvraj about it or not.. Rajeev shook me and asked the matter..
I replied- nothing.. Actually I’m feeling uneasy so I wana go home..
He nodded..
We stepped out of the hospital..

Rajeev dropped me home and went to the office.. I went to my room.. I didn’t say anything to anyone about it..
I looked at myself in the mirror.. I couldn’t look into my own eyes.. My life had become a complicated mess.. I felt like killing myself!!

Just then, my phone rang.. I ignored.. It continued to ring.. I took it with frustration and was about to throw it when I saw yuvraj’s name flashing on the screen.. I wiped my tears and the call got disconnected.. I tried to call him but he didn’t pick up the call.. My phone beeped..
It was his message- meet me at Royal Park in an hour..
I couldn’t understand why he wanted to meet me.. I smiled thinking he realised that he couldn’t live without me..

Guys plz comment and let me know if I’m going too slow.. Also share ur reviews on the epi.. Especially silent readers, do spend two mins and write two lines.. Thanks.. 🙂

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  1. Wow napsha its toooooo good yaar.pls update next epi asap.

  2. Loved it!!! Update soon❤❤❤

  3. superb sach inthzar nahi hotha next episode ka.plz jaldi uplode karoo

  4. Niceeeee excited for the next plz update soon coz I really can’t wait

  5. Please Anika to realise she is suhani

  6. Srilakshmi-Sri

    very iinteresting episode ,waitng for nxt update.

  7. Avanikamdar

    Emotional episode

  8. Yuvani

    very thrilling….the speed is apt……..go in this momentum……..Thank you

  9. interesting epi.. plz make rajeev’s character +ve. waiting for next part..
    di one ques when will u start ur ff socha na tha??

    1. NAPSHa J

      Rajeev’s c

      1. NAPSHa J

        Rajeev’s role will be positive.. And I’ll start SNT mostly after this ff..

  10. Yuvani_saraj

    awesome episode

  11. NAPSHa J

    Thanks a lot guys.. Keep commenting and supporting.. 🙂

  12. NAPSHa J

    Rajeev’s role will be positive.. And I’ll start SNT mostly after this ff..

  13. Awesome as usual

  14. NAPSHa J

    thanks bhargavi

  15. so nice.. as always interesting

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks abi.. 🙂

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