Hai Ishq Mera Kaamil (Epi-15)



I ran towards her and tried to wake her up.. But she didn’t.. I couldn’t call maa as she would worry.. I stared at her.. I felt like I had suhani with me.. My heartbeat increased and I didn’t know why..

I called maa and asked her anika’s address..
Maa- shez with u na? Why are u asking me?
I thought and replied- maa actually I don’t wana talk to her..
She gave me her address..

I carried her in my arms and walked towards the car.. I made her sit in the front seat and sprinkled water over her face.. She woke up..
I asked- are u alright?
She nodded..

I was driving.. She was looking outside the window.. I didn’t look at her even though I could feel her looking at me once in every five minutes.. I recalled that moment……..


Yuv sees suhani writing something.. He snatches the paper.. She asks him to return it but he doesn’t.. He finds she has written four lines..
He reads them,
Tere libas se mohabbat ki hai,
Tere ehsas se mohabbat ki hai…
Tu mere paas nahi fir bhi,
Maine teri yaad se mohabbat ki hai…

He laughs and asks her- suhani.. I’m here only.. Then why is this shayari?
She replies- its for Ankit.. Now let me concentrate..
His smile vanishes and he returns the paper..
She continues to think and write and he sits in a corner.. He secretly watches her from time to time..

Finally her writing is over.. She goes to Ankit.. Yuv watches her.. She reads the entire shayari..
Ankit- thanks suhani.. Shall I msg this to soumya?
Suh- tell this to her over the phone.. She will be impressed..
Ankit- but shez here in BH only..
Suh calls him kanjus and says- if u don’t have balance, use my phone..
They laugh.. He leaves..

Suh turns around and bumps into yuv.. He holds her by her waist.. They have an eye-lock..

Their trance breaks as snoopy comes barking..
Yuv- so.. Madam was writing for Ankit..
Suh- yes.. Actually Ankit…..
Yuv puts his finger on her lips.. She looks there..
He moves his finger away and says- actually… Woh….. I’m not interested in Ankit and soumya..
Saying that, he leaves..

At night….
Its raining..
Yuv comes to his room.. His phone rings.. He sees suhani’s name flashing on the screen.. He smiles and picks up the phone..

Yuv- hello..hello..suhani..are u there?
Suh is shown standing in front of the window of another room.. She extends her hand out of the window, takes the rain drops in her palm and plays with them..

She says over the phone,
“Deewani deewani
Main hui deewani
Anjani anjani
Ishq se anjaani
Manmaani manmaani
Dil kare manmaani
Jab bhi tujhe dekhu
Sujhe nadaani
Jab bhi tujhe chahu
Aaye pyar diljaani
Tu hi mera rab hai
Tu meri kurbani
Tu hi meri pustak
Tu hi meri kahaani
Deewani deewani
Main hui deewani”

Yuv looks very happy..
Suh- what happened Mr. Jealous?
Yuv- what did u call me?
Suh- I could see everything in the evening.. Don’t force me to open my mouth..
Yuv tries to suppress his smile.. There is a broad smile on suhani’s face.. Yuv cuts the call.. Suh plays with the raindrops.. She enjoys it..

Suddenly she sees another hand beside hers.. She turns to her right and finds yuv there.. She cleverly sprinkles water on him and he asks her to stop it.. She runs away and he chases her..

*****FB ENDS*****

I got back to my senses when anika screamed and unknowingly we pulled the accelerator together to avoid an accident.. We had an ackward eye-contact.. She moved her hand away..

I stopped the car midway when we heard some noise and turned to see.. A girl was running and a guy was chasing her.. The moment we could see her face, anika said- Shweta??

I asked her and got to know that they were neighbours.. As shweta collided with us, anika consoled Shweta.. I asked both of them to get into the car.. Anika asked Shweta to get in first, and before she could get in, the guy held her wrist and smirked.. She tried to free her hand but failed..
I said as boldly as I could- leave her hand..
He asked back- why hero? So that u can hold it? Nice item.. From where did u buy her?
I clenched my fists and gave him a punch.. He fell on the ground.. I asked her to get into the car and started beating him.. I lifted his hand and recalled him holding her wrist.. I fumed and bashed hard on his hand to make sure he shouldn’t be able to use his hand again.. I left him when he was half-dead..

I was driving.. Shweta thanked us.. They were talking.. I was driving, and to be honest, I was hearing their conversation as well..

I got to know that the guy, rudra was a drunkard who used to tease girls who passed by that way late night.. Shweta didn’t work but anika did to earn for her family.. My blood boiled on hearing that anika had been the victim at times!!

We reached home.. They got out and Shweta asked anika about me.. She said that I was her friend.. She called her lucky.. Anika asked her to go inside as her mom-in-law would be waiting.. They shared a hug and she left..

We looked at each other.. I looked away and asked her angrily to leave.. I turned around to leave..
Anika- yuvraj…..
I stopped..
Anika- thanks..
I turned around and said- for what? Oh.. Listen, I helped both of u for the sake of humanity.. I can’t see anything as such happening with any girl.. The fact is that I hate u and will always do.. Infact, whenever I think about that night, I hate myself more than I hate u!!


His words killed me.. I looked into his eyes which were full of hatred for me.. He started to leave.. I too turned around when his words started to echo in my mind.. I was sweating and having severe headache.. I shut my ears and cried silently.. I couldn’t see anything..


She fell down once again.. What the hell was going on?? I reminded myself that I shouldn’t care!!

Suhani gets shocked to know that shez pregnant!!

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  3. Hi napsha its very nice dear.all d best

  4. i knw it she is pregnant.
    fb scene is awesome and that shayari i like it..
    update asap

  5. Yuvani_saraj

    awesome episode

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