Hai Ishq Mera Kaamil (Epi-14)


At Birla House….
Party begins.. The guests begin to arrive..
Suhani is standing at the door.. She thinks whether she should enter or not.. If he sees her……
She prays to God that she gets to see a glimpse of him but he shouldn’t see her..

She enters the house.. Pratima gets glad seeing her.. Blessing, hugging, wishing, etc follow..
Suhani gives her a gift..
Prat- what’s this?
Suh- u open it and see..
They open it.. Its framed pic of pratima and suhani..
Prat- whoz this girl in the pic? Suhani or anika?
Suh- its suhani.. I don’t have any pic with u..
Prat- no issues.. For me, anika is my suhani..

Rags asks yuv about pratima as the guests are asking for her.. He says he will see..
Rags- see.. Shez busy there with someone..
Yuv sees pratima busy with someone.. He can’t see her face as shez facing the other side..

He walks towards them and says- maa.. Guests are……..
He stops seeing suhani.. They look at each other..
Prat shows her the pic and asks what did he get for her..
Yuv- I’ll show u later..
Prat- okk.. both of u talk.. I’ll meet the guests..
Yuv- come maa.. I’ve got nothing to talk to her..
Suh looks away.. Prat asks suh also to come inside..

Dadi and rags-men fume seeing suhani.. Dadi tells them to insult her publicly so that she never enters their house again..

Cake cutting, muzic, etc follow..
Menka- suhani jiji..
Yuv looks on angrily..
Menka gets scared and says- I mean, anika jiji, did u come here to enjoy this party and have food, all free of cost?
Suh feels embarrassed.. Dadi and rags-men smirk.. Others get angry..
Prat- shut up menka.. Shez here coz I called her.. Shez my daughter..

Menka- then tell her to sing a thank you song for us.. She can dance also..
Anuj yells at her.. She becomes quiet..
Rags- or at least say a shayari of ur own.. Not a copied one..

Prat- rags…..
Suh holds her hand and interrupts- fine.. I’ll say..
Yuv’s phone rings.. He picks up the call but can’t hear anything.. He excuses himself and walks four steps when he hears her saying,

“Tere libas se mohabbat ki hai,
Tere ehsas se mohabbat ki hai…
Tu mere paas nahi fir bhi,
Maine teri yaad se mohabbat ki hai…”

Hez shocked to hear that.. He turns around and comes back..
She continues,

“Kabhi tune bhi mujhe yaad kiya hoga,
Maine un lamho se mohabbat ki hai…
Jinme ho sirf teri aur meri baatein,
Maine un alfaaz se mohabbat ki hai…
Jo mahakte ho teri mohabbat se,
Maine un jazbat se mohabbat ki hai…
Tujhse milna toh ab ek khwab lagta hai,
Isliye maine tere intezaar se mohabbat ki hai…”

People clap for her.. She opens her eyes and sees yuv.. Guests praise her.. She smiles..
Dadi and her gang get angry..

Yuv (in mind)- how does she know about this shayari? I need to talk to her.. Asap..


I was standing with anuj bhaiya and Bhawana di.. Suddenly a waiter collided with us and dropped the juice on my dress.. They scolded the waiter..
I said- it happens.. I’ll just clean and come back..

I cleaned the stains on my dress and stepped out of the washroom, when someone grabbed my arm, pulled me towards a corner and pressed me against the wall..
I screamed- leave me.. Who……
He covered my mouth with his hand.. I looked into his eyes and recognized Yuvraj!!

We remained in that posture for sometime..
I somehow managed to move his hand away..
He blocked all ways and moved closer to me..
I couldn’t understand what to do..
He asked- how do u know it?
I asked back- what?
He grabbed my arms and asked- that shayari?
I replied- I don’t know.. I just said whatever came into my mind..
He stared at me angrily and held my arms tighter..
I looked there and asked- what are u doing yuvraj?
He shouted- why? That night u didn’t stop me.. Then what happened now? Don’t u love me anymore? Don’t u like my touch anymore?
I pushed him away and snapped at him- stop it yuvraj..
He replied- dont worry anika.. I won’t do anything again with u..
Saying that, he left from there..

I told maa that I would leave.. She forced me to have dinner first.. I pretended to be getting late, but she insisted, saying yuvraj would drop me home..

I just had some noodles.. Maa called yuvraj and asked him to drop me home..
He said taunting me- maa.. People should learn to be independent..
Maa- yuvraj.. Her home is a lil far from here, and its already too late.. That’s why I’m telling u..
I said- maa.. Its okk.. I’ll go on my own..
Maa convinced him..


I was waiting near the car.. I saw her coming and turned around.. Five mins passed but she didn’t come..
I shouted angrily- I’m not ur servant.. Come fast.. I’ve got other work too..
I turned around towards her and found her lying unconscious on the ground!!

Guys I hope u enjoyed it.. Ur responses are awaited.. 🙂

-Ur friend, Napsha..

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  1. Yuvani

    Very interesting……I am just loving this suspense……

    1. NAPSHa J

      suspense?? everything was revealed in the 12th epi..

      1. Yuvani

        Not that, what next is always a mystery……. I love it.Thank you

      2. NAPSHa J

        oh.. got it..

  2. superb epi..
    loved yuvani in todays epi nd curious to knw wht hppn with suhani
    plz update asap..

  3. Yuvani_saraj

    awesome episode

  4. Its lovely

  5. Srilakshmi-Sri

    very interesting epi … i like that shayari. i anxiously waiting for nxt epi.

  6. awesome di lovely n precap seems interesting

    1. NAPSHa J

      which precap? therez no precap..

  7. Awesome… I guess suhani is pregnant ..

    1. NAPSHa J

      u’r right dear..

  8. NAPSHa J

    thank u everyone..

  9. nice epi waiting for next epi

  10. NAPSHa J

    thanks bujji

  11. Hey napsha dear.yaar this is not fair.we cant see yuvaraj angry.pls end this one dear.u made their beautiful moments here also.thats ur specality.its tooooooo cute yaar.

    1. NAPSHa J

      YuvAni scenes will be there dear.. stay tuned.. 🙂

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