Hai Ishq Mera Kaamil (Epi-13)

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In the evening…..
Suhani is sitting in front of the mirror..
Pratima- what happened suhani? U didn’t get ready yet?
Suh- maa.. I’m anika..
Prat- from now on, u’r suhani..
Suh- maa.. I don’t wana start this relation by hiding my identity from yuvraj.. Can u plz send yuvraj here? I wana tell him the truth before we get tied into the knot..
Pratima nods and blesses her..

Yuv comes to his room.. But he doesn’t look at her..
Suh- yuvraj.. I wana talk to u.. Before we get married…….
Yuv walks towards her and holds her wrist tightly and twists it..
Suh looks at the hold and asks- what are u doing yuvraj.. Leave my hand.. Its hurting me..
He drags her to the hall.. Everyone come there..
Yuv replies boldly- do u really think I’ll hold ur hand after knowing the truth?
He throws her hand away..
Suh can’t understand whats wrong with him..
Prat- what happened yuvraj?
Yuv- maa.. Today only I and suhani will speak.. Oh sorry.. I and…… Anika..
Suh gets shocked.. She looks at him..
Yuv- don’t look at me like this.. The truth won’t change..
Suh- yuv.. I wanted to tell u about it right now, before getting married.. But u……
Yuv shows his hand and says- enough.. Just stop it.. U remember u had asked me a question..
Suh recalls her question and his reply..
Yuv- from today, the person I hate the most is u.. Just get out of here and don’t ever show me ur face again!!
Just then, policemen enter BH..
Yuv asks the police to put her behind the bars..
Pratima shouts- yuvraj…..
Suh cries..

Prat- yuvraj.. Shez not making excuses.. And if u really wana punish someone, then put me behind the bars.. She did everything coz I asked her..

Yuv- maa.. Inspite of knowing that no girl on earth can take suhani’s place in my life…….
Suh interrupts- I wanted to make my place in ur life yuvraj.. Not to take suhani’s place..
Yuv raises hand over her to slap her but stops, and yells at her- don’t u dare take her name with ur dirty mouth..

Pratima starts scolding yuv.. Suh doesn’t like it so she touches pratima’s feet and says- maa.. Bless me.. I’m leaving this house..
She looks at yuv.. He turns away..
Suh (in mind)- just once yuv.. Stop me from leaving.. Plz..
Yuv (in mind)- with u, I never felt like u’r someone else.. My heart still cant believe that u’r an imposter.. Just say once that u’r my suhani.. I promise I won’t let u go anywhere.. Speak up.. Plz..

Suh turns around and walks away, hoping yuv would stop her.. Pratima asks him to stop her.. But he goes back to his room.. She finally walks out of BH..

Three months later……

Early morning at 7 am….
In a flat..
Suhani is shown playing violin.. She plays a soft and melodious heart-touching muzic.. Her eyes are brim.. She recalls yuvraj and keeps the violin aside.. She goes to wash her face and then calls pratima..
Suh seeks her blessings and then wishes her happy birthday.. They have a long and emotional mother-daughter conversation.. Then therez silence between them..
P- won’t u ask about yuvraj?
Suh looks down and says- I think I’ve lost that right..
P- no.. U have full right on him as u’ve given him this new life..
S- howz he?
P- he still misses her.. I don’t know why anika, but my heart can’t differentiate between suh and u..
Suh looks on..
P- if u’r my daughter, u’ll come to meet me..
Suh thinks..

At Birla House..
Yuv is shown sitting with a photo album.. He touches each pic and smiles.. And finally ends up crying..
He closes the album and says- where are u suhani? Plz come back..
He rests his face on the album and cries..
Suddenly he feels a hand over his shoulder from behind.. He turns to see.. Its suhani..
He forwards his hand to touch her but stops himself and says- I know u’r not here..
She replies- yes yuvraj.. I’m not here.. I’m somewhere else.. Yuvraj, u can breathe.. It means I’m alive.. Its just that u can’t see me.. Find me out and take me to our world, the YuvAni World, before death takes me away from u..
Yuv looks on.. Suh smiles and disappears..

Pratima, whoz is standing at the door, gets worried for him.. Yuv sees her.. He wipes his tears and walks towards her..
He touches her feet, hugs her and wishes her.. She asks him to get ready and leaves..

Yuv to himself- suhani can’t leave me.. I’ll find her.. Ur yuvraj is coming to take u suhani..

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    awesome episode…very emotional

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  6. very emotional epi nice

  7. lovely n beautiful part

  8. Its very nice napsha.poor suhani.i hope soon yuvi realizes the truth.

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    Super epi…Very emotional..Hope yuvi realises his suhani is alive..

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