Hai Ishq Mera Kaamil (Epi-12)

Hi guys.. Sorry to keep u all waiting as I was a lil busy but somehow managed to write this epi..


After 3 days……
Rags- dadi.. Why didn’t u stop mummyji? Now that middle-class anika will rule over this house..
Dadi (angrily)- nothing as such will happen..
Her phone rings.. She leaves..

Dadi- yes Dr. Roy.. Tell me honestly, whoz this anika? She was ur patient.. Now don’t say that u don’t know her..
Dr. starts stammering and says- actually, anika is a lookalike of suhani.. Both of them were admitted on the same day.. U’r taking unnecessary tension..
Dadi- okk..
She hangs up the call..

Dadi thinks- y do I feel hez hiding something from me..

Dr. Roy to himself- if she will get to know what happened that day, she will kill me..


Anika is admitted to the hospital after the accident.. (Shez not a lookalike of suhani) Her head and face are bleeding badly.. There are injuries on her face..
Doctors try but her condition is too critical.. Jaya ji requests the doc to save anika anyhow; she would arrange money..

After an hour, suhani is also admitted.. Dadi asks the doc to let suhani die and pays him..
Doc turns greedy.. He gets suhani’s body replaced with anika’s with the help of two nurses.. He does suhani’s brain operation such that she loses her memory.. He tells jaya that anika’s operation has been done and they will do plastic surgery too.. He makes lakhs of rupees through this from jaya; and from dadi by showing anika’s body as suhani’s.. Anika’s face can’t be recognised as the doc ruined it..

Suhani wakes up and asks the nurse whoz she.. Jaya and sahil come there.. They find her damn tensed, so they don’t tell her about the plastic surgery and hid all her old pics which they had..

*****FB ENDS*****

At Birla House…..
Dadi hears some voices and goes out to see.. She sees sahil with shawana and jaya.. They are heading towards suhani’s room..
Dadi says- I know what to do next..
She smirks..

Suhani gets glad seeing sahil walking on his feet..
Bhawana says that doc has asked him to be careful for a month or two..
Dadi comes and pretends to be very happy for them.. She takes jaya with her..
Dadi- jaya ji.. Today anika will become our DIL.. So I want u to do everything for her that u wanted to do on her wedding..
Jaya thanks her..
Dadi- time is running out.. Lots of work are there..
Jaya nods and turns to leave..
Dadi- Plz take care of sahil.. See u in the evening..
They smile.. Jaya leaves with sahil..

After an hour…..
The doorbell rings.. Dadi opens the door.. Its the courier boy.. Therez a parcel for anika.. Dadi goes and calls suhani.. She comes, takes the parcel and signs “anika”.. He asks her to sign on the attached paper too.. She asks him what’s it.. He says records.. She signs.. He nods looking at dadi.. Dadi smirks..

Suhani goes to her room and opens the parcel and finds her pics with sambhav.. She gets shocked and calls him..
Suh- how dare u send those pics?
Sam- sweetheart.. I just wanted to remind u about our days of love..
Suh- huh.. To hell with u and ur love.. If u ever do this again, I won’t leave u..
Sam- that’s what I want.. That u never leave me..
Suh- u’r sick..
She disconnects the call..

Dadi takes the papers from the boy and pays him.. She goes to yuvraj and gives it to him..
Yuv- what’s this dadi?
Dadi- see it urself..
He gets shocked.. Its s contract between birla family and anika..
Dadi- i’m telling u about it coz I wana protect u.. She doesn’t love u.. She just has sympathy for u.. Pratima forced her to marry u coz u were happy with her.. But I feel she wants to make more money and live a lavish life.. Still if u wana marry her, u can go ahead..
Yuv- but why should I trust u?
Dadi- come with me..
They head towards YuvAni’s room..
Dadi- u stand here and listen to our convo.. U will know everything..

Suhani hears some footsteps.. She keeps the pics back in the box.. Dadi comes there..
D- anika.. What happened? Why are u tensed?
S- dadi.. Actually….
D- and what was there in that parcel?
S- nothing dadi..
Dadi opens the box and takes the pics.. She pretends to get shocked..
D- haww… Whats this? if yuvraj sees these, he will get to know that u’r not suhani..
S- thats y I was hiding them..

Yuv, who is standing at the door, is taken aback.. He thinks if shez not suhani, then wherez she..

D- anika.. U’ve done a lot for us.. And we paid u for that by getting sahil’s operation done.. But I never thought that we will get to see this day.. See these pics.. U look good with sambhav..
S- even I didn’t think dadi.. I agreed to help yuv coz I had sympathy for him.. He forgot to live life after suhani’s death.. I just wanted to help him get out of that trauma…….
Dadi interrupts- its okk.. Now get ready..

Yuv’s eyes fill with tears after knowing suhani is dead..
He recalls anika asking him about imposter and all.. He leaves from there.. Dadi smirks seeing him leaving..
Dadi (in mind)- I’m so sorry beta..


I was walking on the road.. I couldn’t resist the fact that my suhani was no more.. I recalled my old days of love with my chirpy suhani.. My face was smeared with tears..
I heard someone calling out- yuvraj bhaiya..
I turned to see.. He was the owner of the sweets parlour from where I usually bought samosas for her..
He asked- u didn’t come since long..
I replied- I don’t like samosas anymore..

Saying that, I walked away.. I was passing by the streets and the parks where we used to spend time together.. I knelt down and cried aloud..

Bgm plays….

Tera Chehra Meri Aankhon Mein
Basa Rehne De,
Khud Ko Thoda Sa Kahi
Mujh Mein Bacha Rehne De,
(Door Na Ja, Door Na Ja )… (4)

Aajke Baad Mera Sara Safar Tanha Hai
Aur Tere Saath Ka Bhi Akhir Yeh Lamha Hai
Aur Kuch Der Mujhe
Aur Kuch Der Mujhe
Khud Se Judaa Rehne De
Aur Kuch Der Mujhe Khud Se Judaa Rehne De

Door Na Ja, Door Na Ja
Door Na Ja, Door Na Ja

Suddenly I recalled the moments spent with anika, her surprise, confession and whatever happened between us that night.. I felt like I betrayed suhani by getting close to an imposter..
I wiped my tears and said with hatred in my eyes- now anika will get what she deserves..

I went back home and headed towards my room.. Unfortunately I had to see that fraud in front of my eyes..
She was sitting in front of the dressing table and smiling..
I stared daggers at her..
She saw me and smiled.. I didn’t react.. She walked towards me.. I looked away..
She said- I’m so happy yuvraj.. Finally we are getting remarried; this time it will be our love marriage..
I clenched my fists and said- I promise I’ll make this evening memorable for u..
She hugged me tight.. I didn’t reciprocate.. Instead, I broke the hug, gave her a look and stormed out of the room..

Yuv to Suh- from today, the person I hate the most is u.. Just get out of here and don’t ever show me ur face again!!
He asks the police to put her behind the bars..
Pratima shouts- yuvraj…..

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    Dadi is soo evil kill her na. Nevertheless mast episodes

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    amazing…….waiting for the next….hope yuvraj gets to know the whole truth

  7. i hate dadi, kill her now.. always makes plans against yuvani..
    anyways superb epi. hope they unite soon.

  8. Superb epi..The flashback..Yuv’s anger was nice..But how’s suhani aka anika going to calm yuv…??

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