Hai Ishq Mera Kaamil (Epi-11)


Suhani comes home and goes to pratima’s room.. Pratima runs to her and hugs her.. She asks her the matter..
Suhani kneels down crying and says- I gave up on yuvraj.. I couldn’t stop him..
Pratima is shocked.. Suhani covers her face with her hands..
Prat- do u know what u’r saying..?
Suhani continues to cry..
Prat thinks for a few mins and then asks her- do u love yuvraj?
Suh looks on.. Prat repeats her question.. Suh nods..
Prat- then marry him..
Suh- but…. I’m not suhani..
Prat- u’r suhani.. U love him like suhani did.. U have given new life to yuvraj..
They hug each other..

Pratima tells everyone- YuvAni will get remarried after 3 days and only the family members will be there..
Dadi gets angry but doesn’t open her mouth thinking how yuv will react if she opposes.. She leaves and goes to her room.. Rags-men also leave..

Pratima tells suhani that shawana and sahil have reached there safely.. Suhani thanks pratima for doing so much for sahil and her.. Pratima too thanks her..

At night….
YuvAni head towards their room.. Menka stops them..
Yuv- what?
Menka (in her usual funny style with a broad smile)- yuvraj bhaiya.. Suhani jiji.. U can’t sleep together unless u get married..
YuvAni look at each other..
Prat smiles and agrees with menka..
Yuv- okk fine.. Suhani will sleep in the hall.. Its big enough.. She can sleep peacefully..
She fakes a broad smile and slaps on his arm..
Prat- she will sleep with me..
Yuv- but maa……
Prat- yuvraj….. Its final.. Come suhani..
Yuv looks at suh and and says showing her the way- go madam.. Ur mum-in-law wants to sleep with u..
She replies softly- sorry..
He looks away.. She leaves..

Around 12.30 am….
Yuv is still awake.. He hugs the pillow tight and smiles reminiscing suhani’s surprise..
He msgs her- hi.. Wats up?

Suh, who is also awake, feels the beep.. She slowly pulls the blanket off her face and checks if pratima is asleep..
She reads the msg and replies- hi.. I’m feeling sleepy.. Goodnight..
She smiles, hug her phone and waits for his reply..
Yuv reads the msg and thinks- now she will pamper me..
He doesn’t reply..
Suh checks her phone every minute..
After half an hour, she calls him..
Yuv picks up the phone but doesn’t say anything..
Suh calls out his name thrice and says- just 3 more days.. Then every moment will be ours..
Yuv coughs and says- oh really? Miss obidient DIL?
Suh- yes.. I’m maa’s favourite..
Yuv- n mine too..
Suh’s eyes sparkles hearing that..
Yuv- now stop blushing n tell me whoz ur favourite?
Suh- shall I?
Yuv- yes..
Suh- his name is…….
Yuv- is….?
Suh- sahil..
Yuv frowns.. Suh laughs.. She sees pratima changing her posture and cuts the call..
She somehow manages to msg him- goodnight.. I love u..
He reads it and replies- goodnight.. I love u too..
They think about each other and go off to sleep..

Yuv to Suh- from today, the person I hate the most is u.. Just get out of here and don’t ever show me ur face again!!
He asks the police to put her behind the bars..
Pratima shouts- yuvraj…..

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  6. Avanikamdar

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