Hai Ishq Mera Kaamil (Epi-10)

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Next morning…….
Pratima talks to shawana over the phone about sahil’s operation.. Bhawana tells her that suhani isn’t picking up the phone..
Pratima tells her that she will see.. She heads towards YuvAni’s room.. Shez about to knock at the door when suhani opens it.. Shez crying badly.. Pratima is shocked to see her state.. She asks her the matter..

Suhani just steps out of the room and runs away.. Pratima looks on and worries.. She calls out suhani’s name and follows her..
Suhani walks out of the main gate.. Pratima thinks to talk to her later.. She sees a tent fallen behind the outhouse.. She thinks who made it..
Yuv comes there..
Prat- did u make suhani cry?
Yuv- no maa.. Actually.. Nothing serious.. I’ll talk to her..
Pratima nods and leaves.. Yuv looks on..



She said,
“I am sorry to be smiling every time you are near,
I am sorry my eyes twinkle whenever you are here…..”

My eyes were left wide open.. Her finger was still on my lips, that spark in her eyes and that killer expression on her face.. Moreover, her words.. And that saree!!
I smiled.. I was getting carried away.. I held her by her waist, sending shivers in her body..
I closed my eyes and tried to trace her lips with mine.. Suddenly she pushed me and ran away with shy.. I chased her.. She ran behind the outhouse..

I was surprised to see her entering into a tent..
I tbought- who made this tent?
I too entered.. I was surprised to find it decorated with flowers, and our memories.. There was a candle kept on a tool in the middle of the tent.. I touched the pics recalling each moment and sharing them with her..

*****FB ENDS*****

Yuv’s phone rings and he leaves..

Suhani is shown sitting in a park.. Shez upset..
She thinks- I don’t know whether I did right or wrong, but I’ll always love u yuvraj..

*****FLASHBACK (Contd…)*****


He was very happy.. He continued to speak about the pics and I was deaf.. I was busy adoring him..
He walked towards me, held my hands and said- thank u so much for making me re-live those moments..

I cupped his face and said,
“I am sorry, that cupid has made his hit,
I am sorry, I love you, I can’t help it……”

There was a broad smile on his face.. I winked at him..
He asked me- what if love is declared a crime?
I locked my arms around his neck and replied- If love is a crime, lock me up.. I’m guilty..
Saying that, I grabbed his collar and pulled him closer.. I wanted to drown in his love..
He touched my forehead and asked- are u alright?
I nodded and said- can’t I flirt with my…….
I blushed and looked down.. I tried hard to control that expression..
He lifted up my face and asked- I’m ur…….?
I looked into his eyes.. He raised his eyebrows..
I replied- u’r my life yuvraj..
We hugged each other..

We remained wrapped in each others’ arms in the middle of the tent for a few mins.. There was absolute silence..
He broke the hug and picked up the candle.. We looked at each other.. He blew it off and dropped it down..
I said- yuv……..
He interrupted- I just wana feel this moment with u.. I wana capture this moment..

We had an intense lip-lock.. We continued with it till we were breathless.. Suddenly it started raining very heavily.. The tent fell on us..
We came out..
He laughed and said- suhani, ur tent is sleeping on the ground..
I was upset..
He made me face him and said- ur efforts didn’t go waste.. I won’t forget this moment ever.. Now plz smile..

I smiled.. We were completely drenched to the skin.. I held his hand and asked him to dance with me in the rains..

We had a romantic-cum-sensual dance.. I was getting carried away by his charm.. I was afraid as I didn’t wana cheat him..

After the dance, I was about to leave when I realised my pallu got stuck with his wrist watch.. I turned back towards him.. He took it out of his watch n walked towards me.. He wrapped it around me.. I loved him more for the respect he showed.. He lifted me in his arms and walked inside the house..

He climbed up the stairs.. I was in a dilemma.. I didn’t know what would happen next.. I left it on him..
We reached our bedroom.. He locked it and turned towards me.. I was standing near the window.. I was nervous.. He walked towards me.. I moved a step back and then there was no way..
He intertwined his fingers with mine and asked- what happened Mrs. Birla? Wherez ur flirty avtaar?
I smiled..
He too smiled and buried his face into my neck.. He started showering soft kisses on me.. I found it difficult to stop him with each passing moment.. He kissed my neck, shoulder and then moved down.. I lost it and ran my fingers through his hair.. He further ran down to my cleavage and kissed there too..

But before we could move ahead, I pushed him away and shouted- stop it yuvraj..

I knew he was hurt.. His eyes said that.. But I couldn’t cheat him.. I turned around as I couldn’t face him.. I closed my eyes tightly.. But teardrops made their way..
He said- I’m sorry..
I opened my eyes and turned towards him..
He cupped my face and asked- if something is bothering u, plz tell me..
He wiped my tears..

I had expected that he would be angry.. But no.. He still stood by me.. Why did God separate suhani from him?
I hugged him and said- I’m sorry yuvraj.. I love u..
He replied- I love u too.. Let’s sleep now.. Its already too late..

He turned around when I held his hand and stopped him.. He looked at me if I had something to say.. I walked closer to him..
I held my ears.. He looked away with a slight smile.. I held his hands and placed them around my waist..

Bgm plays….
Tujhe ek baar pyaar se jo chhu sakun main
Waqt ko phir wahin rok doon
Phir dil machal ke agar hadon ko bhool jaaye
Dhadkano ka safar chhod doon

Tune di hai saari khushiyan
Tu hai toh hai meri duniya
Khaamoshiyan rakhti hain
Apni bhi ek zubaan
Khamoshi ko chupke se sab keh jaane do
Kuch toh huaa hai (ye kya hua)
Jo na pataa hai (ye jo hua)
Kuch toh hua hai (samjho kuch samjho na..)

He looked there and then at me.. He lifted me in his arms and laid me on the bed.. And we consummated..

Next morning….
I got up and found him sleeping beside me.. I played with his hair and smiled reminiscing the last night..
I picked up my saree from the floor, wrapped it around myself and went into the bathroom..

When I came back, he woke up.. We smiled and wished each other good morning..
He got up, walked towards me and asked- what made u cry yesterday?
I asked him- yuvraj.. If I ever break ur trust knowingly, what will u do?
He looked at me for a while and then replied- I know u won’t ever do that knowingly.. I may get angry on u or shout at u, but I will never leave u..
I asked- if someone tries to take my place in ur life, I mean, if someone imposters me and stays with u to separate us, then?
He replied- then I would hate that person the most for the rest of my life!!

His words were enough to tell me what was next.. I couldn’t understand what to do next..
I looked at myself in the mirror..
I felt his hand over my shoulder..
He said- I remember maa told that we will be getting remarried soon.. But I don’t think we need to wait for that..
Saying that, he picked up the vermilion box and was about to fill the partition on my forehead.. I closed my eyes and prayed to God to give me courage to stop him..

I opened my eyes and held his hand.. I faked a smile and asked him to have bath first.. He went and I walked out of the room crying..

*****FB ENDS*****

Suhani cries..

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  1. Such an epic..Everything in a single epi..love,happiness,romance,tears..OMG..I was such a beauty..Thankyou so much napsha di..

    1. *It was such a beauty

  2. napsha superb dear.i love yuvraj character. sab kuch tha epi love emotion čáře romance.yuvAni scéně was awesome.

  3. Yuvani

    Words can’t explain this epi….it is epic, awesome, wonderful…….. Thank you

  4. woww…such a beautiful epi, very emotion is present in this .i just love yuvani,every scene is superb.plz unite them soon.

  5. Samyukta

    Great one. Show this to dadi

    1. NAPSHa J

      budhiya will faint.. lol 😀

  6. wow.. what an episode.. lovely.. too much emotion in one episode.. its superb i luv it..
    update asap

  7. nice waiting for next part

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