Hadh- A Tale of Love & Revenge (Chap-3) by ArpitaKrish

Seeing reviews on previous one, I felt so bad. You guys have really forgotten me?๐Ÿ˜ฎ And if you guys are not liking my story then at least tell me through your comments. I will try to improve and If I will be unable to do so then I will stop writing. I know many new writers have come in my absence and they are far better than me but at least convey your hatred or anything about me you have in your heart…. I know I’m so bad in my grammar but as I had already informed that this year is prestigious for me so I can’t use time to improve my writing or grammar…. I don’t have any extra burden regarding to my studies for some 10 days so I decided to entertain you but if you’re not happy with my writings then kindly inform me….. Loads of love….
And thank you so much guys who gave their reviews for previous one…..๐Ÿ˜˜


Previously….. Chap -1 : Kabir came to his home where Sanchi is waiting for him for their dateThey had their lovely moments along with dinner then they consummated…. Later in night Kabir got up from his sleep, he found an old picture. (Picture had fallen from Sanchi’s handbag) … He was shocked and saw Sanchi holding a gun infront of him but before he speak anything Sanchi shot him dead……

ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  Chap-2 : ……….http://tellyupdates.com/Hadh-a-story-of-love-&-revenge-by-arpitakrish/



Next morning, Sanchi was getting ready for Office. She was wearing some yellowish full sleeves top with ribbed denim having metal earrings…. As usual her hairs were open….
She grabbed an apple and went outside…. She was getting late…
She reached at KK industries… She entered inside her cabin.
“Happy birthdayyy” bunch of tones she heard.
Everyone screamed. Whole staff was there.
“Thank you guys” She exclaimed. Soon everyone went for their respective works. She found Kabir standing there. She went to him.
“Thank you so much. It’s unbelievable” Sanchi said.
“There is no place for thank you & sorry in friendship” Kabir smiles and gave her a bouquet.
“Okay… You have really made my day” Sanchi said placing the bouquet on her table among all the bouquet, staff members have given.
“Okay… See you” Kabir went from there.
Sanchi picks a rose and smirks.
In evening, Sanchi went inside Kabir’s cabin.
“I need your signatures” Sanchi said while coming inside.
“Sorry for loading you with work. You could have take off” Kabir said while signing papers.
“What could I have done? I don’t know anyone in this city” Sanchi said.
“Umm…. Pack your bag. I’m waiting outside” Kabir stands up from his place.
“But why” Sanchi asked.
“No question… Just come in parking area and by the way it’s 6 pm when you’re supposed to go your home” Kabir said.
Soon Kabir was shown driving his car.
They reached at a restaurant.
“Why we are here?” Sanchi asked confusingly.
“To celebrate your birthday” Kabir replied.
Kabir held her hand and come inside.
“Wait a minute. I’m coming” Kabir went.
After 5 minute Kabir came.
Both sat on a nearby table. Music started. A waiter came with cake.
“Kabir what’s this?”
“Small birthday Gift from my side”
Sanchi was cutting her cake. Kabir make her eat. They took some photos and after having dinner they came outside.
Kabir went to Sanchi’s home to drop her.
“Come inside please” Sanchi requested while they were outside Sanchi’s apartment.
Kabir was at Sanchi’s place. Sanchi was making some coffee.
“Here is your coffee”
“Thank you”
“But you said there is no place for than you and sorry in our friendship”
They had some usual conversations then Kabir went for his home.
Months are passing Kabir started falling for Sanchi unaware of real face of Sanchi. One fine day Kabir proposed Sanchi and Sanchi accepted.
“I love you Kabir”
“Love you too Sanchi”
They both had a hug.
Kabir has given his heart to Sanchi & he don’t had any idea that this love will take his life.
Remember, Sanchi had no feelings for Kabir. She just said yes for her revenge.


“Why I’m thinking about you? I have no guilt. I did right. You deserve this Kabir” She wipes her tears and tore that picture.
Her phone starts ringing.
She took the call.
“Sorry I can’t meet. It’s not right time” That person said.
“Okay. As your wish” Sanchi cuts the call and sat on her bed.
She was reminiscing Kabir’s moments.
“Why am I thinking about him?” She took her medicine and started removing her make up.

What about her revenge which is mystery? What had Kabir done that he himself didnt know? How is he related to Sanchi already? Everything will reveal further.

To be continued…….

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  3. Khamoshi

    Golu yaar it’s really very interesting.. hope kabir and sanchi meets again.. hope that was all just a drama to bring sanchi back on the track and to finish all the misunderstandings between them, this planned by kabir btw who gave u right to speak bulshit about interest and liking the articles??? U r fab writer.. just remember that. Loving this ff yaar

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