Hadh- A Tale of Love & Revenge (Chap-2) by ArpitaKrish


“Finally my revenge is complete. You snatched my world and I have snatched your life. Now our equation is equal” Sanchi said coming near Kabir. She kisses Kabir’s face and went from there.
Next morning, Media and peoples were gathered around Kabir’s place. After all Kabir was a rich businessman and youngest bachelor of country. Kabir was an orphan. He has only a friend of him, Gaurav. Sanchi was shown crying hugging Gaurav.
“How did this happened?” Police investigated.
“I don’t know. I went to my home just 30 min ago. I had no idea that this was going to happen” She starts shedding her crocodiles tears.
Whole day was hectic. After Sanchi & Gaurav’s insistence , Police decided to not to do any further investigation.
Kabir’s last rites happened.

2 Month Later,

Everything had become normal. Sanchi and Gaurav were running Kabir’s business smoothly. Sanchi and Gaurav only shares professional relationship. Gaurav don’t like Sanchi much. He was still mourning for Kabir who was like brother to him.
“I have to leave early. So I hope you will do good in meeting.” Sanchi taunted Gaurav.
“Please go and don’t annoy me” Gaurav was irritated.
Sanchi went making face.

At home, Sanchi was talking to someone.
“Come soon. I’m waiting” After cutting the call, she started giving final touch to her makeup.
She opened her covered to select any dress, a photo fell on her feet.
She picked. It was her picture of her last birthday, When she met Kabir for the 1st time.


It was huge building, KK Industries wasย  written. A girl was shown coming. She was wearing light pink kurta with matching earrings with open hairs. She was looking so beautiful. She knocked the door.
“Come in” A man of early 20s turned back. He was looking so handsome in his black tuxedo. Anyone is going to be flat seeing him. Girl entered.
“Take your place, Miss…”
“Miss Sanchi”
“Nice name”
“Thank you Sir”
“So if you want you can join from today itself. I hope it will not bother you”
“No problem Sir”
“I’m only 26 and this ‘Sir’ is making me some 50+ oldie. You can just call me Kabir” Kabir smiles.
“Okay Kabirr Sir” Sanchi mumbled.
“It’s only Kabir” Kabir laughed.
“Okay Kabir” Sanchi smiles.
“Let me show your cabin” Both went to Sanchi’s cabin. It was attached with Kabir’s cabin with a window and door was outside. Only Kabir can see Sanchi through the window.
“I hope you are liking environment of my office” Kabir asked comforting her.
“Yes…. It’s cool” Sanchi replied back overwhelmed by his gesture.
“Okay see you soon” Kabir went towards door then turned back “If you don’t mind, can we have lunch together? It’s your 1st day here and I want to know more about you” Kabir asked?
“Okay” Sanchi agreed.
Sanch was totally engrossed in her work.
It was lunch time. Kabir came to her Cabin.
“Sanchii” Kabir shakes her.
“Sir, you are here? You should have called me?” Sanchi realized that she just addressed him Sir.
“Sorry it’s Kabir” Sanchi blinked her eyes.
Kabir was just staring her.
“Kabirrr” Sanchi called.
“Yess… It’s lunch time so I came” Kabir said coming in senses.
They went to Cafeteria. Girls who totally drools over Kabir, were shocked to see both of them together.
“Sir you are here? You could have just call us” Manager said.
“No. I’m comfortable here.” Kabir sat and placed their order.
“So tell me more about yourself. Your Mom Dad? Any sibilings?” Kabir began the conversation.
Listening this her blood started boiling but she controlled her anger.
“I’m an orphan” She said faking a smile.
“Oh… So I’m” Kabir said.
“So when is your birthday” Kabir asked avoiding the previous topic.
“Tomorrow but I’m new in this city and I don’t have any friend ……..” Sanchi replied.
“Who said you don’t have any friend. Here I’m” Kabir cuts her.
“But you’re my boss” Sanchi replied.
“At office hours” Kabir replied back.
Sanchi smiles.
They finished their dinner.
In evening Sanchi was at her home. She was making her dinner just then her phone rings.
“Yes everything is going according to plan” She cuts the call and came in isolated room. Whole room was filled with Kabir’s photo. She came near a picture.
“Just wait and watch Mr. Kabir Kabir, how I’m going to take your breathe” She marked that pic.

To be continued……

I know I have came here after so long. I know some of you have forgotten me.ย  5 month is long duration. As you know writing is like oxygen for me. I don’t know how I had distances myself. But thankfully daddy has given me permission to write but only till Durga Puja. Because after that my tests are going to start which will be on All india level. Such a crap! So I am going to write some parts. Please bear my short updates and Grammatical errors. Please give your reviews if you want this to continue.

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