Haasil – One of the coolest shows in 2017

Hi guys I am YamiYami .I love the show Haasil on Sony Tv.It’s not a fight between saas and bahu which relieves me the most.It’s one of those shows which shows a woman in an empowering role instead of the ideal bahu who fights off competitors and ghosts (reference to Sasural Simar Ka).

All of its characters are dashing and unique in their own way.Aanchal Srivastava (Nikita Dutta) is the character that all viewers hope for.She is bold.She does not bend .She fights with passion and has an amazing attitude.She is no less than Annika from Ishqbaaz.Out of all the recent shows like Jeet Gayi Toh Piya Morre,Rishton Ka Chakravyuh,Bhootu,Ishq Mein Marjhawan and Half Marriage this one stands out.Ranvir Raichand(Zayed Khan) is a shady character but seems interesting.He challenges Aanchal but at the same time he appreciates her bold approach and her passion for her work.

Kabir Raichand(Vatsal Seth) on the other hand is not interesting.I do hope they don’t end up making a love triangle like in Savitri Devi college and hospital.The supporting characters are also very good.More than the Raichand family,I kind of like the Srivastava family.The storyline is good and it makes me want for more.It reminds me of some of the very evergreen shows of Sony like Maharana Pratap and Peshwa Bajirao.I know I want to continue to watch this show and I hope some other who read this also feel the same and start watching this show .A lot of good tv shows go off air as a lot of people don’t watch them.Please do watch the show and let it run for a long time

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  1. Komal

    Totally agree with u.. This is the coolest show currently airing..

  2. I love this show very much. I will continue it till end………, and ranvir raichand awesome i like him very much………………..

  3. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey yami first of all I do agree that haasil is one of the coolest show of the year, but as far as I know this show is a finite series, and also there is a love triangle in this show as both the brother will fall for the same girl, Aanchal. Now let’s see how they shape up this love triangle. I also used to be a SDCH fan but they just spoiled it due to the dragging love triangle instead of an interesting one which it could have been. Hope that the love triangle here would be an interesting one.

  4. it would of course be a love triangle have’nt u seen the promos
    it is mentioned there

    1. YamiYami

      Well I kind of hope it doesn’t end up with Ranvir getting depressed.

  5. Make Ranvir and anchal ,i like this pair

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