Haasil 8th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Dharamchand Is Killed In a Planned Accident

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Aanchal packs her bags to go to Mauritius. Mom gives her home cooked food and snacks. Aanchal says she gets food in Mauritius. Mom says she will not get mom’s food and asks why did she accept Ranvir’s job, she does not like him. Diya says if she will meet Ranvir’s brother, Ranvir will look like a Ram to her. At Raichand’s house, Kabir asks Ranvir why did he hire Aanchal. Aman says she did wrong. Aanchal says he has grown up so much that he is thinking and asks to concentrate on studies. Ranvir smiles looking at his shirts and reminisces Aanchal falling on his shoulder unconscious and then applying paint on his shirt, says just business. Kabir says Aanchal accepted his job offer as she is up to something. Ranvir says Kabir is there to spoil Aanchal’s plan and protect him. Kabir says

yes he is. Next morning, Aanchal leaves home. Mom asks to have food on time. Aanchal says she gets food in plane and even drinks. Mom asks to have drinks on her behalf also. Aman asks her to reject Ranvir’s offer. Ranvir comes and takes her in his car. Aman asks mom why did she allow her to go.

Ranvir’s privae plane takes off. Ranvir and Aanchal sit for lunch. Air hostess asks if she should serve them food. Ranvir says no and asks Aanchal if she is hungry. She takes out her mom’s tiffin. Ranvir takes out his mom’s tiffin and says he will share if she shares. He bites food and coughs due to chilli. She gives him water. She asks why did he hire her. He says her intelligence and says he keeps info about all his employees and asks why she accepted job, what is truth. Aanchal says she wants to know Raichand’s truth. Ranvir asks Aanchal to look into his eyes to know truth.

Dharamchand is taken from jail into van and van meets with an accident. Dharamchand falls severely injured. Inspector calls ambulance. Dharamchand murmurs Raichand and dies. Reporters report that Dharamchand died in an accident this evening and now truth if Ranvir is really a murder or Dharamchand is will bury forever with Dharamchand. Sarika with Vikram reaches morgue and looks at Dharamchand’s deadbody. Vikram says good he died. Sarika asks him to give 2 crores cheque to Dharamchand’s mom. Vikram says Dharamchand left a big blot on their family. Sarika says it is unforgivable but can be forgotten.

Ranvir and Aanchal reach Mauritius and then travel on boat. Serial’s title track plays in the background. They reach Ranvir’s mansion and his employee Isabelle. Anchal introduces herself. Ranvir says Isabelle not only works for him but is also his friend and is heading company since 4 years. Isabelle takes Ranvir aside and speaks. She then asks Aanchal if it is her first time in Mauritus. Aanchal says yes. Isabelle gives her project file. She tells details about project. Isabelle is surprised and asks Ranvir where did he find her. She says she found Ranvir instead. Kabir driving car with his girlfriends calls Ranvir and asks why did he go to Mauritius without him. Ranvir says it is business trip. Kabir sees Aman on his scooter and asks Ranvir if Aanchal is missing him, not to worry he will make her remember him. He sidelines Aman’s scooter and scooter breaks down. He taunts Aman that his sister is with elder brother and he is with younger brother and says until his sister is with bade, they will clash repeatedly. He then leaves in his car splashing dirt on Aman. Aman fumes in anger and shouts he told didi not to go, Raichands are mad.

Back in Mauritius, Aanchal says it is a weird place, everywhere Ranvir’s name is written. Ranvir says it is his family’s. She says is it okay if she stays in his family mansion. Ranvir says it is also for his friends and asks employee to show Aanchal her room. Isabelle says he did not alow her in mansion till now. He says some habits change suddenly.

Aanchal’s mom watches news about Dharamchand’s accident and death. She calls Aanchal, but her phone is not reachable. Aman enters fuming and says Kabir tries to accident him and says he is worried about Aanchal and anything can happen to her. Aanchal calls back and jumping on bed says it is so nice, there is swimming pool in mansion, rich people live such a lavish life. She falls. Mom gets worried. Aman takes phone and asks to come back as he does not want her to meet with accident like him. She asks if Kabir did anything and asks to speak.

Sarika breaks things and scolds maids. Kabir enters and asks why she is venting someone’s anger on someone else and asks why did bade employ that girl and took her to Mauritius on their private plane and even let her stay in their house. He breaks things and says let us go to another room and break things. Sarika asks if he has gone mad. He says he was but not now, he has planned to tackle Aanchal.

Precap: Aanchal tries to open Ranvir’s laptop. Ranvir comes enters and asks if she wants to know truth, he raped Meenu and killed her, he also killd Dharamchand, he brought Anchal here to kill her. He thrusts Aanchal’s head into water tank.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Precap is so exciting…. Eagerly waiting for tomorrow.. Ranvir character is being explored now… By the way i am loving this show

  2. BTW what u people think really ranvir is the one who did these crimes…

  3. Fenil

    Hello Haasil Family.
    Awesome episode.
    Always fun to watch Aanchal’s family scenes and cute talks.Ranveer and Aanchal’s lunch scenes were good both are mummas kiddos.Kabir now torture Aman lol poor Kabir?? shocking Dharamchand’s death…Saarika Raichand keeps donating crores.??? Kabir mad boy said let’s go in all room and breaks things????.loved it.

    1. Fenil

      Precap:- Ranveer’s new shade.

  4. Intrsting……☺ ranvir…? full on confusd?
    Wry excited…..???
    Dnt knw… This anchal mom ki dream or anchal ki dream… Any way… Agrly w8ng tommarw………☺

  5. Omg.episode tomorrow so exiting but ranver he will kill anchal omg?

  6. Niki645

    Yaar… this show is so damn unique.. I’m loving Haasil!! Amazing episode.. eagerly waiting..

    1. Fenil

      Right Totally different from other shows.

  7. Niki645

    It’s the only show I’m really loving after KRPKAB!

  8. Yvonne Codner

    I do hope that the precap is a dream…I have no doubt that Dharamchand took the rap for Ranvir/Kabir… Ranvir somehow does not have the inclination to rape, IMO, although looks are deceiving… on the other hand, I think that Kabir is jealous of his brother’s business success and will do things in Ranvir’s name and then pretend to help him by paying people to take the rap and make Ranvir be forever grateful, thinking that he has his back…Kabir continues with his craziness torturing Aman and breaking things because of his anger on Aanchal.

    I am so loving this very mysterious and exciting serial.

  9. hi haasil family i am fan of haasil I love kabir aanchal nok jhock Ranvir is like mystery no saas bahu. lovely

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