Haasil 8th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranvir Targets Aman And Rupali

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Ranvir brings Aanchal home. Aanchal tells him that it was her plan and she asked the client to throw party. She says when I was searching for proofs, I thought you are the proof, yourself. She says today world have shown your true face. Ranvir congratulates her on her win and says what you will give in return for this. Goons enter Aman’s room in Dubai. Ranvir says I will not leave anyone. Goons think he is sleeping on bed and tries to suffocate him, but there is pillow on bed. Ranvir calls Goons and asks if the work is done. Aanchal tells her that Aman is in Mumbai and recalls calling him and asking him to come to Mumbai and saying she sent him tickets. Ranvir gets angry. Aanchal asks him to get ready for next trick.

Kabir comes to Aanchal. Aanchal says you wants to say that your Bade was angry

at that time. Kabir asks what do you wants to say, and says you are thinking wrong, and says he loves you. Aanchal says I have seen his love and obsession and asks until when he will be blinded. Kabir says why you want to refuse his love. Aanchal says Kabir don’t love you and shows fake love. Kabir asks if she is doing this to get him. Aanchal says no and says I am doing this for my life, respect and rights. She says the person who don’t understands her, she don’t want to get him. She sees Ranvir hearing them and asks Kabir to go and talk to him.

Ranvir tells Kabir that he lost his cool when that man touched her. He says he would have killed him if Aanchal had not stopped him. He says he got Aanchal, but didn’t get her love as she still loves you. Kabir asks him to kill him and says time has come to do something for you and hugs him. Ranvir smirks.

Aanchal comes to the place and calls Aman and Rupali. Aman asks why did you call me here. Rupali asks what happened? Aanchal says Raghu kaka will take you to Pune and asks them to throw sim card and get new sim card and call Raghu, not to call her. She says their life is in danger. Aman asks from whom? Just then Aanchal gets Ranvir’s call and he informs her that his goons will be coming there and will take Rupali and Aman. He says what do you think they will be safe in Pune. Aanchal asks how do you know? Ranvir says he has his eyes on her every transaction. He tells that he heard her talking to Raghu. Ranvir says nobody can go from my trap. Aanchal cries.

Aanchal says Ranvir is hungry of her love and thinks one of them will die, and all story will come to an end. Ranvir acts as he had poison and fall down.

Update Credit to: MA

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