Haasil 7th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Aanchal Accepts Ranvir’s Job

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Next morning, Aanchal’s mother cuts bhindi and says she is preparing butte chicken. Aanchal says it is bhindi. Mom says if bhindi cannot be butter chicken, then how can Raichands become good, Ranvir is trying to trap her by offering her a job and wants to prove that she did all drama for publicity. Aman comes out from bathroom and cries water is not coming. Mom asks Aanchal to go up and check. Aanchal goes to terrace and sees lineman on water tank, says water is not coming. Line man shows his face revealing he is Kabir and says it is his building and he cut her water connection. She asks to open connection then. He says it is his wish. She says she will complain. He says when she will complain, he will leave water and then again close it. She asks if he as so much spare time, how does he

get these stupid ideas, does he hire someone. He says it is his idea and warns her not to accept bade/Ranvir’s job offer and stay away from him. She splashes water on him and leaves taunting him. Kabir thinks this girl will create problem between 2 brothers.

Ranvir reminisces all the recent events where Aanchal alleged him with Meenu’s murder, getting him arrested, trying to prove him guilty, etc., and smiles. Sarika does durga pooja and asks Rajguru to establish idol in a temple and pray to keep problems away from Ranvir. Pandit says Ranvir’s problems are gone. Aanchal reaches and tells guards that Ranvir called him. She walks inside house. Sarika fumes and asks if she came with another allegation. Aanchal apologizes her and says it was misunderstanding. Sarika says she does not need her apology and asks her to leave her house right. Aanchal tries to leave. Ranvir stops her and asks servant to take her to his study room. Sarika asks what is special in that girl that he is going against his mother. Ranvir says not against his mother, but with his decision. She says she does not like that girl in her house even for a second.

Aanchal waits in Ranvir’s study room and seeing a mother and son painting picks brush to color it. Ranvir enters. She turns and brushes color on his shirt and apologizing tries to wipe it. Ranvir says she is spoiling it more and asks to sit. She asks why did he offer her job. He says he likes her thinking. She says his mom and brother hates her, whole world thinks she is an opportunist and got sold. Ranvir says he trusts his thinking. Aanchal says his thinking will harm her middle class life and his dust will blacken her, it is very risky to accept his job. She walks a bit and turns back and asks when to accept his job. He gives coffee and says right now. She smiles.

Ranvir takes Aanchal to his office and introduces staff to her. They greet her. Ranvir says she will handle this company’s legal department and all cases will go out after her check. She says for the time being looks like all cases are against her. He says this company gave him a lot of love. She sees her name plate on door and asks how he is sure of his thinking, did he know she would accept his job. He says this job is a challenge for her. He takes her to cabin and asks if there is a mistake in her name plate. She thinks he is trapping her, says how can Ranvir make a mistake. His cousin and associate Gaurav walks in talking about Mauritius project. Ranvir introduces him and says Aanchal will handle this project and he will go to Mauritius with Aanchal. Gaurav says he is working on this project since 6 months. Ranvir asks Gaurav to brief Aanchal about this project.

Gaurav briefs Aanchal about project. She turns seeing Ranvir out. Gaurav asks if she cannot focus, why she is handling this project, he is Ranvir’s cousin and Ranvir gave his project to her, what did she conspire. Aanchal says she has not conspire yet, he will see when she does. Employee informs Aanchal that Ranvir is calling her. She walks into cabin calling Ranvir. Kabir playing snooker says it is his cabin and to call boss with respect. Aanchal asks if he needs office for his waste ideas. Kabir says when office is needed for waste employee, why not for his ideas. Their argument ensues. He says his duty is to handle bade/Ranvir and asks her to stay away fro Ranvir. She says she is going to Mauritius with Ranvir for the time being. Kabir fumes and thinks again girl will create problem between 2 brothers.

Precap: Report says Dharamchand died in accident last evening. Aanchal asks Ranvir if she should trust him or doubt. Ranvir says trust. Aanchal asks if Kabir tells Sarika that he has made a foolproof plan against Aanchal. Aanchal gets lost in jugle.

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  1. Fenil

    Hello Haasil Family.
    Fabulous episode.
    Perfect tashnbazi between Aanchal and Kabir…Cool conversation between Aanchal and Ranveer.Kabir’s tagline Bade and This girl will create problem between brothers.Cold Saarika Raichand.Sweet Shrivastavs Family i like these three.

    1. Just a few words

      Hi Fenil,
      Nice to see u here too! I know you are a regular in many others!

      1. Fenil

        Yaa good to see you here ..yaa

  2. Kabir seems more aggressive than ranvir, how on earth is ranvir the villain? This doesn’t make any sense to me????

  3. Khushali Shah

    I like this serial. Waiting for love triangle.

  4. Coool …. W8ng tommarw….love it anchal kabeer????

  5. I feel Kabir and Saarika are together and against Ranvir and he knows it but is not showing it outside. looks interesting. Aanchal will probably be his savior.

  6. Just a few words

    Woah! All the three leads are slaying in their roles! The first day I saw this I was like why are they showing Aanchal’s mom doing dabba service? This was similar to Nikita’s role in ek duje ke vaste! Catering, dabba service! Now I really don’t care! The conversations between Nikita & Vatsal – mindblowing! Both the brothers are too loveable! Sheeba is acing her role of the boys mum!
    So far I am loving this show! Looking forward for some more wonderful episodes! It’s such a refresher!

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