Haasil 31st October 2017 Written Episode Update: Raichands Frighten Aanchal

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Aanchal walks with police, lawyer and Ranvir. Ranvir’s employees protest. Ranvir asks Aanchal if he thinks he has to force anyone. Aanchal says force is a habit and addiction and not need, now law will do its course. Ranvir is taken to police station and taken his hair and other samples for interrogation. Inspector says Meenu gave statement that Ranvir asked her to accompany in his car. Kabir angrily asks why will Ranvir asks secretary. Ranvir says he did and on the way took her to farm house, she needed to go to washroom, so he showed her way and then dropped her home. Meenu tells Aanchal and others Ranvir took her to farm house and raped, no girl should face her situation. Rain stands behind bars. Kabir asks assistants to get projector, AC, etc. Ranvir says he is in jail. Kabir orders only

plasma TV. Lawyer comes. Kabir asks inspector to free Ranvir now and scolds lawyer for coming late. Lawyer says Meenu’s reports confirm rape.

Aanchal reaches NGO and asks her assistant to prepare Ranvir Raichand’s file. She enters her cabin and sees a bag full of money. Kabir comes in front of asks to be careful, she cannot earn so much money in life. He asks if she is working for Ranvir’s rival group and asks to take money and take back case against Ranvir. She smiles and asks if he does not trust his brother’s innocence. Kabir says he does not trust NGO type girls like her who can go to any extent for publicity. She calls assistant and asks to count money. Kabir says why waste time, it is 50 lakhs. She asks assistant to prepare 50 lakhs receipt and give it to him, he is the first man who is helping them fight against his brother and after they win case, send him a sweet with a thank you note, after all he donated less than their need and more than his worth. Kabir fumes and warns she is going wrong way. She says if is not wrong, they are rules and she likes breaking rules. Kabir angrily walks away.

Aanchal’ mom counts money and gives 100 Rs to Aman. Aman asks what he will get in 100 rs. Mom takes back 10 rs and says who will pay tax, she and Aanchal are earning and when he will earn, she will increase 50 rs. Door bell rings. Mom opens door and gets excited seeing Ranvir’s mother Sarika Raichand. Sarika says Aanchal got Ranvir arrested in false rape case and explain Aanchal not to mess with Raichands. Aman tries to speak, but Sarika stops him and says when youngsters interfere between elders, it is called noise, did not his mother teach him. Mother says Sarika’s name is much bigger than her house, she will not tolerate anyone badmouthing about her daughter, she can go as she has to prepare dabbas. Sarika warns if Aanchal does not take back case within 24 hours, this house will lose their lamp. Mom calls Aanchal. Aanchal asks if she got news. Mom asks why did she put her hands in tiger’s mouth, they are bad people. Aanchal says they are good people, in fact Kabir donated 50 lakhs to NGO. Mom says Aanchal will do what she likes.

Aanchal reaches back hospital. Reporters throng her and asks if she filed rape case against Ranvir Raichand, if she is doing it for publicity. Aanchal applies makeup and lipstick and says if they think she is doing it for publicity, then should look good. She says a girl is raped and she is in trauma and she is fighting for her against Ranvir. Reporters say they want to meet rape victim. Aanchal confronts if they want victim to go through same trauma, they are equal to Ranvir. She continues yelling and walks into hospital. She enters Meenu’s room and gets angry seeing Kabir and shouts at him to get out. Kabir says he is Raichand, even then he stooped so low to meet Meenu and find out truth. She closes door and breaks medicine bottles and vase and alleges Kabir that he tried to frightened victim. Kabir says she lies so easily. Inspector walks in and says Meenu’s rape is confirmed, but Ranvir does not have even a single injury which proves Meenu was forced. Kabir says because Aanchal forced to create a false case against Ranvir for publicity. Aanchal says he is frightening now. He says he has not started yet at all, and once he starts, she will be no where. She says she likes taking risks. Kabir leaves.

Aanchal gets into car hiding from reporters. A man calls her and says not even a single mark was found on Ranvir, if she wants to know truth, she should come to docks. She reaches docks. Someone kidnaps her.

Precap: A man loads gun and shoots. Aanchal’s mother reaches Raichand’s function and says Sarika that her daughter did not return home since last night, what did they do to her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Abirsha

    Waa what an episode!! Mindblowing performance by nikita. Loved her gutts against raichand. She is a different female lead unlike other soaps fl. Heard aanchal will be grey. The story is interesting.

  2. NerdyBirdie

    Nikita is great! It’s nice to see someone who’s naturally so headstrong and independent compared to some other female leads.

    So far I can’t tell if I’m leaning towards Kabir or Ranvir but Vatsal Seth as Kabir has experience in playing really good villains and antiheroes. So I like his performance a little more right now. I don’t mind Zayed Khan as Ranvir but for some reason his performance seems to be pretty outshined.

    Also, Haasil team: please change the background score for Sarika Raichand. It’s kind of odd. That may just be me, though. I’d be interested in knowing what others think.

  3. nikita is awesome
    vastal is amazing as usual
    now see how the things shape up

  4. Very intetsting…. ? soooperb? ?? its nyz story….☺ w8ng next episode

  5. Sukirti

    Nice Start….

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