Haasil 23rd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranvir Attempts To Kill Jatin

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Ranvir comes to Kabir and says he loves him very much, but sometimes we have to take life. He says when she stops loving you then my hatred will end. He says even I was hurt, but didn’t see me. He says Aanchal’s love is like nasha and when it gets on my mind, I loses my senses and do something. He says you have come between Aanchal and me and asks him to leave her. He says I love you Mere Bhai and hugs him. Jatin comes there and sees Ranvir hugging Kabir while the latter is sleeping. He goes and calls Aanchal. He asks Servant to ask her to come to his farm house. He sees Aanchal’s pics all around. Ranvir comes there and asks why did you break my trust. A fb is shown, he asks Doctor to tell the entire truth and comes to know about Ranvir doing the tumour drama to marry Aanchal. He slaps him and asks

what did you do Ranvir. Ranvir says sorry. Jatin says Aanchal has the right to know the entire truth. He says if you have loved her, then tell her truly and give her assurance. Ranvir cries and says no, Aanchal will hate me. I can’t bear her hatred, she hates lies. Jatin asks him to trust Aanchal and says she will forgive you, we all will forgive you. He asks can you forgive yourself.

Ranvir says I am ready to bear the punishment for her love. Jatin says you have no right on her love as her love is just Kabir. You are a compromise for her and asks him to leave Aanchal and unite her with Kabir. Ranvir asks will you separate us? Jatin says you are separating her with yours. He says Aanchal is just of Kabir. Ranvir says Aanchal is just mine and hits his head with his head until he gets unconscious. Ranvir says I love you all so much and asks him to be silent. He takes him to car decky and says sleep and relax here. Aanchal comes there and calls Ranvir. She asks where is Dad? He asked me to come here for some important talk. Ranvir closes the car decky before she comes near. He tells that Jatin had come and left somewhere. He says I will search him. Aanchal sits in the car and says I will also come.

Ranvir says ok. He says you are very worried for Dad. Aanchal says don’t know what he wants to say. Ranvir stops the car and says he wants to talk about me. He says Dad came to know about my truth. He wants to talk to you about it. Aanchal asks which truth? Jatin knocks from inside. Aanchal hears the sound and asks about the sound. He opens the decky and sees Jatin. Aanchal comes out and says she will see. Ranvir opens the car decky. He recalls suffocating him and covers him with cloth. Aanchal don’t see him. Ranvir says Jatin came to know he can do anything in her love and gets closer. Aanchal closes her eyes. Ranvir asks her to open her eyes when loving him. She asks who are you? Ranvir says I am just your husband, who loves you. He says Dad was depressed thinking about his two sons. He says wherever Dad is, I will search him. For now I will drop you home. He drops her home and says he will give assurance to his dad. Aanchal thinks why she has doubt regarding him.

Kabir and Aanchal reach farm house and see Ranvir pushing Jatin down.

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  1. Ranvir is male version of Maya

    1. Yvonne Codner

      You are so right Silvano. He is so evil !!!

    2. YES!! Except zayed khan is no longer young and he’s not handsome, whereas maya was very pretty. But tbh there is no show like beyhadh, that was truly the best show

    3. YES!! Except zayed khan is no longer young and he’s not handsome, whereas maya was very pretty. But tbh there is no show like beyhadh, that was truly the best show

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