Haasil 23rd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Show Ended On Aanchal And Kabir’s Union

Haasil 23rd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ranvir is shocked to see Kabir alive.. Kabir says you said right, I am here, I haven’t gone anywhere. They begin fighting. Ranvir and Kabir beat each other. Aanchal cries. Ranvir lifts Kabir and throws him on ground. He says may be you forgot that I am your Bade. Kabir hits him and says my Bade died long ago and with him, your Kabir. He beats him for killing Jatin, and for ruining Aanchal’s life. Ranvir asks will you not beat me for yourself. Kabir says you are not human. Ranvir says I just wants to love Aanchal and I will become her love. He jumps, takes gun and shoots at Kabir, but Aanchal comes infront and gets bullet on her stomach. Aanchal says sorry. Kabir holds her. Ranvir says nothing will happen to you, I will take you to Doctor.

Aanchal says you wanted to get my love,

and asks him to free her. She says you have killed many people. Ranvir says I have killed Jatin as he don’t want to listen to me. He says I had killed Gaurav as he wanted to kill you, and had killed Rohan as you tried to expose me using him. He says I am murderer and not you. Aanchal says you have killed me. Ranvir pushes Kabir and checks her heart beat. He is shocked to see her heart not beating and shouts aloud. He says our love is not complete, get up. He cries saying he has killed Aanchal. Police comes and arrests him. Kabir takes Aanchal on his lap. Aanchal breathes again. They recalls Dr. Agnihotri asking her to take injection which will slower her heart beat and then will stop him for few mins, and will make Ranvir believe that you are dead.

Aanchal recalls changing Ranvir’s bullets with fake ones. They recalls planning to take Ranvir near the tree where they have fixed camera with Aman’s help. Aanchal gets up. Police takes Ranvir. Ranvir gets mad. Aman gives Ranvir confession to Kabir. Kabir hugs Aanchal and then Aman.

After one month, Kabir tells Aanchal that a couple goes to honeymoon at many places, but we came mental health care centre. Aanchal says I heard that Kabir don’t ignore his wife’s saying and is scared of her. Kabir says I had left you alone in the sea to sail the ship. He says I can sail the ship all life for you and says I love you. They hear Ranvir playing mouth organ. They come inside and see Ranvir blaming himself for killing Aanchal. Doctor comes. Kabir asks how is he? Doctor says there is no improvement, in such cases, patients stay in such conditions all life. Ranvir shouts. Kabir and Aanchal feels bad. Kabir says what you have made us. Kabir and Aanchal walks off from there. Kabir lifts her and starts walking.Ranvir looks out from the door’s window and looks evilly.

Show Must Have Ended, But might come with Season 2.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I dont think season 2 may come or should come
    Its boring like how behyad ws stretched


    I liked this show but it was given wrong tiime slot… And unplanned ending.. not fair… ????

  3. Wow, actually bhabi got married to devar.what a happy ending.flop serial with flop climax.im not asking aanchal to take care of ranvir but it was a really flop story.there was no need of she getting married ranvir. its good that show ended.it was one of the worst serials ever.if they stick on to the first promo,it should have been a successful story, like brave girl like is fighting for justice rather than falling in either love or trap of two brothers.

  4. It became Behyadh 2
    When I seen the promos I thought it will somethin different

  5. So, what happens next? This series went downhill. Also, Aanchal and Kabir should move far away. Like to another country.

  6. Yvonne Codner

    KMT!!!!!!!!!!. No season 2 please!!

  7. Fenil

    Unplanned ending. Will miss Haasil and Nikita. Come back soon Niki. Will Miss RaNchal and KaNchal.

  8. I wish season 2 will come soon continue this story I like this show

  9. Itna TATTI serial mene apne life me nai dekha…Itna tatti mtlb…Koi height nai.. kon beta apne adopted father ko Marta h ek ladki k liy Jo usko ghas b nai deti…Mtlb na sir h na per h..Most serials m nai hota..But ye to height thii!!! Story writer Pls aap Mar jaiye na!!!

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