Haasil 22nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir Forgives Sarika, Show Heading Towards Climax

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Roy keeps Aanchal captive. Ranvir tells him that Aanchal’s tear drop is more precious than Raichand’s wealth. Roy aims gun at Aanchal. Ranvir throws something on his hand. Aanchal thinks to stop him and shouts, so as Roy can escape. Ranvir comes to Aanchal. Aanchal asks who was that man ? Ranvir says Sarika’s first husband and Ranvir’s father. Aanchal asks why she wants to kill me. Ranvir comes to Sarika and answers her call on Roy’s mobile. Ranvir says how can I let the work done. He plays the recording. Sarika says whatever she did is for him. Ranvir says you have left me in orphanage. Sarika says I left you so that I can give you Raichand’s name. Ranvir says I didn’t get your love, but charity. You wanted to spoil Kabir and pampered him a lot . He says I had named everything on Kabir’s

name, and kept Aanchal for me, but you want to snatch her from me. He says I would have kill you, but I will snatch Rai chand surname from you. He says you are still Sarika Roy and haven’t divorced your first husband and I am an orphaned child whom Jatin adoptede. He takes her out of the house and closes the gate.

Sarika is walking on road recalling Ranvir’s words and is about to hit by truck, but Kabir saves her. Sarika is shocked and happy to see him alive. She says Ranvir has thrown her out of house, and says I have killed your mum for him and he is running on my footsteps. She says Ranvir’s love is a punishment for Aanchal. She apologizes to him and touches his feet. Kabir stops her.

Aanchal asks why did you let your mum go? Ranvir says I can do anything for you. Sarika shouts calling Ranvir. Ranvir tells Aanchal that he will check. Aanchal thinks touching you is like drinking poison. Ranvir goes out. Sarika tells him that she can’t see him ruined and says Kabir and Aanchal are together, and asks him to run away. She recalls Kabir telling Sarika to tell Ranvir that he is alive and says time has come to meet real Raichand. Ranvir goes inside house and sees Aanchal going in car. He comes down and follows her. Aanchal goes to jungle. Ranvir says your Ranvir, then says Kabir has come. Aanchal runs. Ranvir aims gun at her. Kabir is on tree and jumps infront of Ranvir. Ranvir is shocked to see him alive.

Kabir and Ranvir have a fight. Ranvir says he will get Aanchal and shouts at Kabir, but bullet hits Aanchal. They are shocked.

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  1. What the hell is this what makers want to show I don’t get it how can kabir forgive his know mother killer if he has such big heart than he should also forgive his father killer(ranvir) y he want to punish one murder and is forgiving other

  2. Seems like show is ending but cant say
    Btw how can Kabir forgive that evil sarika who killed his mother is beyond my understanding

    1. You r right Silvano both sarika and ranvir killed people to fulfill there motives they did same crime then how kabir can forgive sarika while on the other hand he is going to punish ranvir for his crimes it doesn’t make sense


    Is show is ending tomorrow… As this climax secne was ending as per sbs.???
    And how come kabir have so big heart to forgive his mother’s culprit and not his father’ culprit… Either writers are dumb or us… But i loved the music of show

    1. Yes show is going to end today.I thought that haasil a different type of show but now makers r showing the same thing that is shown in other dramas that what ever mother or step mother do at the end they r forgiven and r not punished.

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