Haasil 21st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Aanchal And Kabir Gets To Know About Sarika And Roy

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Ranvir takes Aanchal to some farm house. Aanchal asks him why did he bring her here and says she don’t want to go away from him. Ranvir says you will get treated here by Dr. Agnohotri and you will be fine soon. He says he will talk to Ranvir about divorce. Aanchal says Ranvir will give her divorce happily.

Ranvir asks Dr. Agnihotri to treat Aanchal and says everywhere is CCTV camera installed. He asks Guards to keep an eye on Aanchal and let him know about her every move.

Sarika meets Roy. Roy says still you don’t care for me. I am your husband and haven’t divorced still. Sarika says she is ashamed of him as he drinks. She gives him money and asks to kill Aanchal, and blames her for Ranvir’s madness. She says Ranvir had killed many and if Aanchal gets fine then Ranvir will be ruined. She leaves from there. Kabir and Aanchal comes to Roy. Kabir recalls fooling Ranvir’s guards and coming there with her. Roy gives him Sarika’s confession. They hear it. Aanchal says my doubt is right. Aanchal recalls Sarika stopping her from reading the papers and says it is for Charity. They recalls Kabir and Aman finding Sarika meeting Dev rath Roy. Kabir is shocked. Aanchal says my doubts are cleared. Roy says Kabir has given him so much money and he can clear many doubts. Aanchal says she needs proofs. She says this is not the concrete proof and tells that she will not do the mistake which she did while fighting her friend’s case. She tells that Ranvir himself will give her proof.

Ranvir comes to the farmhouse, sees his guards missing and Dr. Agnihotri unconscious. He comes to the garden area and sees a man keeping Aanchal captive. He sees him to leave Aanchal. Man says I will get entire Raichand’s wealth if I kill her. Ranvir asks who are you. Man removes mask and he is none other than Roy and says I am your father. He gives Sarika’s confession as proof that she is his wife. Ranvir is shocked.

Ranvir throws Sarika out of house and says you are Sarika Roy and not Rai Chand. Aanchal looks at her.

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