Haasil 16th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranvir Puts Blame on Rohan and Proposes Aanchal

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Aanchal comes to Sarika and asks if she is involved then don’t do this. She asks her not to do this with her mum. Sarika says I am innocent too and is bearing punishment of separation from my sons. She says this is your punishment. Aanchal says she won’t let her mum be in jail. Sarika says if you are here, then your mum will be in jail. Aanchal comes to the police station. Doctor checks her and says she is critical, we have to take her to hospital. Aanchal asks Inspector to let her go. Inspector refuses. Ranvir comes and says he has added poison in food to hurt Aanchal and take revenge for refusing his love. Aanchal says he is lying. Ranvir says he is not lying, but saying truth. Kabir searches for the delivery boy. Aanchal says this is wrong.

Ranvir asks her to take Rupali home and says truth

will come out. He wipes her tears. Aanchal says you can’t take the blame. Ranvir acts good and says you fulfill your duty as a daughter, and I will fulfill my duty as your friend. I love you Aanchal and can do anything. He asks her to take Rupali. Inspector asks are you sure, you can confess? Ranvir says he has already confessed and recalls sending the delivery guy away from city. Rupali comes out and hugs Ranvir. Ranvir goes inside lock up. Kabir comes to the shop and enquires about the guy. The shop keeper tells that he bought two poison bottles and tells that he was talking to someone and was going to village. Aanchal talks to Aman and promises him that she will not let anything happen to them. Kabir catches the man and asks why did you add poison in Rupali aunty’s food. Man says he will kill me. Kabir asks whom?

Aanchal brings the food for Rupali. Rupali gets scared and throws the food. She gets crazy. Aanchal says I am here and hugs her. She says whoever has done this with you, I will not leave that person. She gets a call from someone who tells that delivery boy is caught. Ranvir gets shocked. Aanchal comes to Police station. Delivery boy tells that he has his pic and shows pic. Inspector comes to Ranvir and shows the pic. Aanchal and Kabir see the pic.

Ranvir recalls making the plan with delivery boy and giving him Rohan’s pic. Aanchal says why Rohan will do this. Kabir says I refused to marry his sister. Ranvir recalls giving money to shop keeper and asking him to tell Kabir that delivery boy Chotu is near math. He asks Inspector to catch Rohan. Kabir asks Inspector to free Ranvir. Kabir looks at Aanchal from far and hides. Ranvir comes to Aanchal. Aanchal says sorry and says she thought to break relation with all Raichand. She says you have many favors on me and asks him to give her a chance. Ranvir asks can you love me? Kabir looks at them and says I have done this for your love, if you return my love then scores will be settled. He asks can you love me? She reminisces Ranvir helping her. Ranvir asks her to support him and says he will wait for her love. Aanchal is about to give her hand in his and, but sees Kabir and stops. Kabir goes from there. Ranvir walks away.

Kabir comes back home. Jatin asks if he took the wrong route as he was going to Mauritius. Kabir says Ranvir can keep Aanchal happy more than me. Jatin asks if he can see them together. Kabir looks on. Rupali recalls humiliation and breaks the kitchen stuff. She says what to do, I can’t look at myself bearing so much insult. Aanchal asks her to hold Ranvir’s hand and says it is good that Ranvir’s goodness came out. Aanchal says you are right, whatever Kabir has done, it proved Ranvir’s goodness.

Kabir asks Aanchal to accept Ranvir’s love. Aanchal says she loves only him and is not a toy. Ranvir marries her again and brings her home, thinks she will be with him all his life till her last breath.

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