Haasil 15th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Aanchal Loses Her Memory

Haasil 15th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aanchal tells Ranvir that she saw a bad dream and calls Ranvir as Kabir, and faints. Ranvir takes her to hospital bed. Later he comes to her and recalls Aanchal breaking her head and then calling him as Kabir. He claps and says it is not easy to make me mad. He says I will not fall in your trap and asks what is she planning to make me Kabir. He takes out bandage from her head thinking her wound is fake. Aanchal shouts. Dr. Agnihotri asks Ranvir to come out and tells him that Aanchal is in deep shock and thinking you as Kabir. Ranvir asks when she will get fine. Dr. Agnihotri says she can get fine in one day, month, year, or never. Ranvir asks what is the treatment. Dr. Agnihotri says she can get fine if Kabir comes infront of her. Ranvir asks him to treat her. Dr. Agnihotri tells that he has nothing in his hand and asks him to become Kabir for her, as her heart still beats for him.

Ranvir says he is Ranvir and not Kabir, asks him to search treatment else he will search. Rupali, Aman and Sarika come to hospital. Ranvir thinks Aanchal can’t be mad and thinks everyone ust be involved in the conspiracy. Rupali holds Aanchal’s hand and cries. Aman says she was fighting alone, we never know what happened. He asks Sarika if she knew anything. Rupali says time is not right to talk and hopes she gets fine soon. Aanchal opens her eyes. Ranvir looks at her.

Aman asks are you fine? Aanchal says she will be fine. Sarika asks where is Kabir. Ranvir thinks she is acting. Aanchal says don’t know what happened to him, he is behaving strange. She says Kabir reacted strange and opened my bandage. Sarika says police is searching him. Rupali says police was asking us too. Ranvir comes inside. Aanchal says what happened to you all and asks Ranvir to say something, and calls him Kabir. They all are shocked. Aman says he is not..Ranvir stops him and tells Aanchal that he will be fine too. Aanchal hugs him and says I love you. Rupali asks Sarika where is Kabir. Even Sarika is surprised and questions Ranvir where is Kabir? Ranvir says he went to Mauritius, that’s why Aanchal got shock and is unwell.

Sarika asks Ranvir to call Kabir for Aanchal and asks where is he? Ranvir says I have killed him with my hands as I want to get Aanchal. Sarika is shocked.

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  1. Wow! What a drama.We all know Aanchal is just acting.

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