Haasil 14th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranvir Burns Kabir, Aanchal Hurts Herself

Haasil 14th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aanchal sees Ranvir burning Kabir alive and reminisces his love confession. She cries and runs from there. She goes to the temple where old lady blessed them as a couple. She asks God to return her love and her Kabir. She rings the temple bell and cries. She says if you don’t give me Kabir, then you are a liar. She says she will present her blood to God and says until she gets her Kabir, she will bled. Old woman comes there and tries to stop her. Aanchal hits her head infront of God’s idol.

Old woman recalls Ranvir making her fall down, and hits bell on his head and puts kumkum on him. Ranvir pushes her and takes Aanchal to hospital. He asks Doctor to save Aanchal. Doctors try to treat her. Dr. Agnihotri tells Ranvir that Aanchal lost lot of blood and is critical. Ranvir asks him to save her. Dr. Agnihotri says her life is in God’s hand now. Ranvir says he will bring God then.

He comes to Temple and says he has realized to have done many crimes, and says he did only one good thing, he loved Aanchal. He asks God to take his life, but give breath to Aanchal. He cries and says Aanchal is a good girl and have never done wrong in life, and asks God to save her. He asks God to save Aanchal.

Old woman tells that you have no heart and you don’t love her, but just wants to get her. She says God will never let her die and she will be alive to kill you. She says you never understand true love and asks him to go and wait for his end. Ranvir gets Dr. Agnihotri’s call and comes to know she is alive.

Inspector asks Aanchal about Kabir. Aanchal gets up and falls on Ranvir.

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  1. The episode looked straight out of a 70s film with the heroine bashing her head in the temple
    Am sure Vatsal is not dead.

  2. Yvonne Codner

    I really thought that Kabir was the villain but I am now realizing that it is Ranvir and Aanchal who are…They both cannot see further than their noses with their obsessive love. What is going on?…Ranvir is obsessed with Aanchal and she is with Kabir and no one is giving in. Why Ranvir? Why did you not think like that before you went on a killing spree? You should have prayed and ask God to give you the strength to overcome your obsession with someone who does not have the same feelings for you. Seems as if the serial is about done…thank goodness!!

  3. There were rumours that Aanchal is the real vamp hope its not true.

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