Haasil 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Ranvir And Kabir Accept Aanchal’s Friend Request

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Aanchal sees driver driving car rashly and shouts to stop the car. Driver stops car and comes out of it revealing it is Kabir. He drags her out of car and says she knows only shouting, how dare she is to break bade’s heart. He throws paper bag on her and says when she goes near any Raichand, she should wear it in shame. He thought she is of his caliber, but she is nothing. He leaves in his car.

Ranvir sits near beach playing mouth organ. Aanchal walks in wearing paper bag and says she came to apologize him again in many languages and he can pick whichever language he likes. He smiles and asks why she is wearing bag. She says Kabir gave her and told she should wear it when she goes near Raichands. Ranvir says nothing can come between their friendship. She asks if he forgave him. He

smiles. Kabir watches them and flies drone between then and says sorry, he should not have. Aanchal walks to him and throws paper bag. He says tonight is Isabelle’s party and she has put on weight, she is either not exercising or eating too much, so he knows she will wear sari in party. She says so funny and extends friendship hand. He says he has to stoop so low to her level to be her friend, so he will never. Ranvir tells her that she has to think like Kabir to defeat him. She says she will change Kabir and asks friends now. He shakes hand smiling and says earlier she hated him, then called him sir and now by name. She says she hated him first and did not trust him, then he became her boss and she doubted him, now friend and she trusts him. They both laugh. Kabir on beach shouts let us party.

Party starts. Kabir enjoy s party with a dance and liquor. He offers champagne to Aanchal. Aanchal says their thinking is different and she does not need liquor to enjoy. Kabir continues dancing. Aanchal enjoy juice standing aside. Ranvir notices her from a distance. A foreigner asks Aanchal if she wants to dance with him. Ranvir rescues Aanchal. Isabelle asks Aanchal for a scuba dive. Kabir taunts how will she in a sari, who will and taunts singing Tum Paas Aaye. He says if she enters water in these costumers, fishes will die in heart attack, let it be scuba diving needs courage which Aanchal does not have. Aanchal gies him juice glass and removes her dress smiling revealing her bikini. Kabir stands in a surprise. Aanchal says if he is afraid now, forget about fishes. She removes her sandals and walks and Kabir follows her. They both reach boat wearing scuba diving costumes. Ranvir asks Isabelle if she saw Aanchal. She says Aanchal went for scuba diving with Kabir.

Kabir and Aanchal enjoy scuba diving wearing oxygen mask and watch fishes. Kabir enjoys in friend while Aanchal starts losing oxygen and loses consciousness . Kabir takes her out of water to beach and throws water on her. She does not wake up. He pumps her stomach and then gives her lip to lip breathing. She wakes up and pushes him coughing. He asks if she is okay. She walks away angrily and after changing her dress rubs her lips reminiscing Kabir lip kissing her. Kabir apologizes. She asks to get out. He says he did not have any other option to save her. She says just get out. Kabir says he jokes, but knows limit of a girl, she can punish him if she wants. She asks if he did it to save her, friends save friend’s life. Kabir says it is not easy to befriend him. She says does not like easy things. He shakes hand happily. She asks him not to talk about water. He asks she means kiss..he will not tell about it to anyone, she can trust him, reminisces stopping Aanchal’s oxygen. Aanchal nods yes and leaves. Kabir smiles and says he is unfit to be trusted.

Ranvir stands alone on beach playing mouth organ when Aanchal walks to him followed by Kabir.

Precap: Kabir tells Ranvir if he wants to gift Aanchal, it should be something she will accept, just like this flower bracelet. He fixes bracelet in her wrist and says she will remember him.

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  1. Fenil

    ? ?????????????
    Hot hot episode.TV burns by this much hotness.
    Hello Haasil Family.

  2. Hhahah the TV is on fire!!!!! ??

  3. Awwwwwww??????wat an episode lots of mysteries ……no answer wat really kabir wants ???…..full of masti drama thriller ect…supr episode ..cant understand wat really both the raichandas want frm anchal ….but whatever it is i just luv it….just addicted to it ???????????????

  4. Hahaha supperb …… ☺

  5. Yvonne Codner

    I love this serial, but Kabir is just too much!! 🙁 🙁

  6. Most probably Aanchal will fall for Kabir first while he is fooling her,at last,he may actually fall for her,but I like Ranvir Aanchal at the end.

  7. I like both kabir and ranvir.

  8. who is the real villain ?

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