Haasil 12th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir Acts Villianous To Unite Aanchal and Ranvir

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Kabir badmouths about Aanchal. Ranvir slaps him and says she is my wife. Kabir says you was an orphan and everyone is mine. He becomes villain in everyone’s eyes and says I knew that something is going on between Aanchal and you, and that’s why she didn’t let me touch her. Ranvir slaps him. Jatin and Sarika are shocked. Kabir feels bad and apologetic to Ranvir. Aanchal comes to Rupali’s house and cries. Rupali says Kabir don’t deserve your love. Ranvir tells Sarika that he will go from there and says Kabir told today that I am a stranger here. Sarika says she won’t let him go anywhere. Jatin comes there and says you will not go anywhere. Jatin applies ointment on Kabir’s hand and asks if it is paining. Kabir recalls telling Jatin that they have to unite Aanchal and Ranvir, and for that he

has to become bad and go away from their lives. Jatin feels bad for Kabir. Ranvir thinks he will get Aanchal and thinks Kabir played according to his plans, well played Kabir. Rupali asks Aanchal to go to NGO and work. She asks her not to sit as helpless. Ranvir comes there. Rupali says she will not send Aanchal with him and asks him not to defend Kabir’s actions. Ranvir says Aanchal is my respect and returns her stuff. Kabir thinks about Aanchal. Tu mera khuda plays.

Someone comes to Aanchal and gives her a paper. Aanchal is about to sit in car and cries. Kabir sees Aanchal’s gift and asks Jatin to return it to her and says it is her trust. Sarika comes and asks him why he is leaving her and says today he has proved that she is his step mom. Kabir asks her to understand and calls her mom. Sarika says I hope you forget that girl away from here. Ranvir comes. Kabir says good bye bade. Ranvir asks him to call him Ranvir and says orphans don’t have chote or bade. Kabir looks on.

Rupali comes to meet Kabir and calls Aanchal. She asks if she is fine. Aanchal says yes. Rupali says she came to settle down some scores. Kabir, Sarika and Jatin are leaving in car. Rupali comes infront of the car. Kabir gets down from the car. Rupali slaps him and asks how dare you to touch my daughter. She threatens to kill him and taunts Sarika for giving bad values to Kabir. Sarika defends him. Rupali says it seems you concentrated more on Ranvir and forgot Kabir. Sarika says they are respected people. Rupali taunts them and leave. Ranvir hears them and thinks this will be his ultimate conspiracy. In the night, Aanchal hears some noise and comes out of house. She slips. Kabir keeps his hand so that nothing happens to her. She gets up. Kabir looks at her. Aanchal gets a call and goes inside. Kabir thinks how can I go without seeing you. Ranvir threatens NGO employee and gives him poisons bottle to malign Rupali’s reputation.

Aanchal asks Rupali to stop the people from having food. The people eat food and faints or dies. They relative get angry and take out anger on Rupali. Aanchal is shocked.

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  1. Ranvir is gone crazy..Sony Tv is become a new platform for psychological love stories

  2. The serial had hope for being different but ended up being Behyadh 2

    1. Yvonne Codner

      This is worse than Behyadh 2…No one knows what sequence this serial is following…Ranvir, Kabir, I cannot fathom their strategy. It’s really boring.

    2. Srsly… when I had seen the promos it really seemed like a bollywood blockbuster’s trailer

      This has totally become Beyhadh 2☹

  3. If there show Nikita being the vamp in the end it will be all the more stupid

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