Haan yahi pyaar hai (YuvAni OS Part-3)


Hi. I am Anjaani, back with the final part of my ff. Here it goes.

The hot coffee falls over sonia. She screams- varun. Wat hv u done? Y did u move? U hv spoilt my new dress n scarf. I wont spare u for this.
With this, she starts leaving wen yuv says- wat hpnd sonia? Where is love for ur hubby? Before scolding him, did u think that he wud hv got hurt if he hadnt escaped? The person u love so much. Is this ur love?
Yuv makes fun of them.
Y- n varun. Do u think if coffee had fallen over u, she wud hv used her scarf? Varun looks away.
Y- both of us, rather all of us knw the ans.

S- yuv wats all this?
Y- its the truth suhani. The bitter truth. Most of the couples here use their partner as a showpiece, just to showoff to ppl. They dnt hv that love, care, respect, etc which we hv for each other.

Ppl begin to understand his message. They realize they were wrong.
Y- i brought suhani here to introduce her to u ppl, its my mstk. Bt if she dsnt get respect here, i wud prefer leaving. N ria, sorry for spoiling ur dress. I wl send a new one for u, a more xpnsv one.

Hez abt to leave with suhani wen varun starts clapping. Yuvani turn back. They see evryone clapping. Yuvani feel happy.
Varun- thanks for all of it.
Y- its ok.
They all apologise to suhani n take them n enjoy the party. The couple is appreciated n they grab the best couple award.

After that, they leave from there. As they come out of the hotel, suhani’s phn rings.
S- maa ka phn hai.
Y- Talk to her. She never calls me but u.
Suhani laughs n takes the call.
S- yes maa.
Yuv hugs her from behind and puts his chin over her shoulder.
P- beta when r u both reaching home?
S- maa we r.. Yuv leave na. Wat r u doing? Maa we hv just left.
Y- m hugging my wife, my life.
Pratima hears it all n smiles n says ok. She prays that their relation always be like that.

Suhani cups his faces n says smiling- o really?
Yuv- any doubt?
Suhani turns n faces him n teases him saying- I thought u like hot n s*xy girls.
Y- that was my past.
S (pointing towards a girl)- look at her. Shez made for u.
Suhani starts laughing.
He grabs her into his arms and says- suhani, y should I look at her, when the most beautiful girl on earth is right infront of my eyes, in my arms?

Suhani feels shy. She smiles, looks down, then looks into his eyes. N yuv is busy looking into her eyes.
S- I think we should leave now.
Y- hmmm.
They get into the car. The car stops mid-way n there was nothing around. The place was isolated and it was getting darker. Yuv feels frustrated.

S- u wanted to spend time with me na?
Yuv looks at her
S- c ur wish has been fulfilled.
Yuv smiles. Just then it starts raining heavily. Without a second thought, suhani gets down. Yuv tries to stop her but in vain. Suhani enjoys n plays with the raindrops like usual. She looks like the happiest person on earth that time.

Yuv is sitting in the car and just watching her and smiling. He sees her getting wet n enjoying. She turns and sees him and asks him to come out of the car through gestures. But he refuses. She starts making faces. She again turns and enjoys. After 5 mins, she again turns but to her surprise, hez standing just an inch away from her. He comes closer to her and holds her arms.

Yuv closes his eyes and tries to get his lips closer to hers. Suhani looks at him, then looks down and closes her eyez. Their lips touch and they have a lip- lock. Then he starts kissing on her neck and she passes her fingers through his hair. Their hearts were beating faster. They could hear each other’s breathe.

After sometime, they hear the horn of a car that was coming in their way. They open their eyes and look at each other. And then at the car.
Y- I think we should ask for lift.
S- hmmm. By the way, since wen did halki dadhi bikhre baal start loving the rains?
Y- should I ans?
S- yes of course.
Y- since the day he started loving u.
Suhani smiles.
Yuv asks the person for lift. He agrees and they leave.

***THE END***

Hope u enjoyed. Plz do comment. 🙂

Credit to: Anjaani

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