Haan yahi pyaar hai (YuvAni OS Part-2)


Hey, i am Anjaani. Thank u guyz for appreciating the 1st part of my 1st ff. I am back with the 2nd part. Here it goes.

YuvAni were abt to leave to get into the hotel wen Yuv saw his four best frnz at the entrance. They also see yuvani. They cum towards each other.
Y- hi guys. How r u doing? Get to c u ppl once in a blue moon.
Rakesh- nothing yuvi. A lil busy with our new business bt had to b free today. Hello bhabhi.
S- hello. How r u ppl?
Rajen- We r fine. How r the fishes that we had given u at birla mansion?
S- they r fine.
Amar- cmon, lets get inside.
Y- u guys go, we r cming.
A- ok.
They leave.

Y enters with S, hand in hand.
Ppl r a lil confused.
Anika- ria, suhani wl get insultd by yuv now.
They laugh.
Y- hey guys, meet my wife suhani.. Suhani yuvraj birla..
Anika- wat the hell yuv?? R u kidding?
Y- nope.
Jus then a waiter collides with suhani n her purse falls down.
Waiter- maam i wl pick it up.
He gives the purse n touches her hand n smirks. Suhani slaps him. Yuv also saw evrythng n lost his temper. Waiter looks at her angrily n says- i’l c u. N is abt to leave.

Jus then,
Y- wait.
The anger on his face could tell the waiter’s future.
He gvs a tight punch
to the waiter n starts beating him mercilessly, saying- how dare u touch my wife?? I wl kill u.
S- yuv leave him plz.
She told again n again bt he didnt listen.
S- yuv plz stop, tumhe hamari kasam.
Yuv stops n looks at her.
Suhani also calms down.
Y- if u hadnt stopped me, i wud hv killed him today.
The waiter leaves.
Ria- wah yuv, u hv bcum joru ka ghulam.
Suhani dsnt like it.
S- yuv isnt my servant. Hez my hubby.
R- o really?
S- yes. N he stopped beating him coz he loves me.

Anika- yuv wat has hpnd to u? In college u used to say that u wl marry a modern n beautiful girl. Bt shez nt ur type.
Rakesh interrupts- shut up anika. We knw her. Shez a wonderful person.
Anika- oh. She has done black magic on u as well.
Y- wat the hell is ur prob? R u jealous of her? Coz i chose her?
A- jealous? Of suhani? Forget it. I wud never like to b her.
Y- and u cn never be. Infct none of can. Coz u girl need to expose urself to show ur beauty to ppl around u. Bt my suhani dsnt need to do that. Coz her simplicity n innocence make her special n beautiful.
Suhani looks at the girls n tells yuv to let it go n enjoy the party.
The girls feel ackward coz he commented on their dress n all.
Y- no suhani. Guys u knw wat, i hv heard that for a girl, her wedding day is the most special day in her entire life. N she wants to look the best. If so, y didnt u wear this dress on ur wedding?
All kept mum. Nobody had an answer.
Yuv looked at each of them. He tells varun that he wl play a game with him.
Y- how much do u n ur wife sonia love each other?
V- we love each other a lot. Y?
Yuv fills hot coffee in a glass. It gets full n coffee spills over his hand. He screams.
Suhani sees n runs to him.
S- o god. Wat hv u done yuv? She immediately pours cold water over his hand n then looks around for a cloth. Bt she cudnt find one so she ws abt to tear her dupatta from the corner wen yuvi holds her hand n says- i m fine suhani.
S- bt yuv….
Y- suhanii.. M fine.
Yuv throws the glass in anger which ws abt to fall over varun bt he escaped n it fell over sonia.

PRECAP FOR THE FINAL PART- YuvAni winning the best couple award n some YuvAni scenes.

Plz do comment. Whether u like it or not. Ur suggestions are welcome. ๐Ÿ™‚

Credit to: Anjaani

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