Haan mujhe bhi hogaya(episode-2)


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The bride groom and his family arrive.Pratima,sharad,rags,saurab,menka,and anuj arrive.The groom is none other than our sharad.They go inside the house.Lata offers them drinks and snacks.Meanwhile somu and suhani bring bhavna and makes her seated.Pratima asks sharad to look at bhavna.(Sharad is unwilling to marry.He doesn’t have a nice opinion on marriage.He once gets cheated by a girl who just uses his money.But pratima forces him,saying that bhavna is a very nice girl.)

He unwillingly lifts his head to look at bhavna.At the same time bhavna too lifts her head to look at sharad.They have an eye-lock.Sharad is mesmerised by bhavna’s beauty.Bhavna also likes sharad.
Pratima(to sharad):Did you like bhavna??
Sharad(keeps staring at bhavna):Ha mausi.I liked her very much.
Pratima asks bhavna too if she liked sharad.She shyly nods her head.
Pratima: Pankaj ji!They both liked each other.So let us fix the engagement day after tomorrow.
Pankaj: As you say pratima ji.
Pratima:The engagement will be held grandly at my house.
They all get ready to leave.
Sharad calmly takes a pic of bhavna without anyone’s knowledge.He sends the pic to yuvraj saying that he liked bhavna.(Yuvraj is in lucknow away from his family doing some course)He asks yuvraj to come home day after tomorrow as it is his engagement.He gets a call from yuvraj.
Yuvi:Congrats sharad.I have one more news to say. My course completed and I am coming to allahabad tomorrow itself.
Sharad:Wow guru!!!This is a very good news.
Yuvi:Any way bhavna is very beautiful. You are very lucky.
Sharad: Thankyou guru!!
Mean while at the shrivasthav’s suhani is teasing bhavna.
Suhani:Di!!! I noticed you.Seeing sharad bhaiyya you were feeling very shy na.Save some of your shyness for your suhaagraat.
Bhavna(blushes hearing the word suhaagraat): Enough teasing me suhani.I too will see how much you you will blush seeing your life partner.
The next day,Yuvraj comes home.He and sharad go to buy a saree for bhavna.Sharad takes soo.. much time to select a saree.
Yuvraj:sharad,how much time will you take to select one saree?Bhavna would have selected 5 sarees by this time
Sharad:I am not knowing which saree suits her.
Yuvi: Close your eyes and imagine her in these sarees
Sharad closes his eyes and imagines her.He selects a red saree with gold colour border and heavy embroidery.Yuvraj appreciates his selection.They pay the bill.
They both go to bhavna’s house to give her the saree.Sharad rings the bell and lata opens the door.
Lata: Sharad beta.tum!!please come inside.
Both yuvi and sharad go inside.Lata calls bhavna.Sharad introduces yuvi to her.Sharad asks bhavna for suhani.He wanted to introduce her to yuvi.
Bhavna(to sharad): Suhani went out as she had some work.
Sharad gives the saree to bhavna.She likes the saree very much and thanks sharad.
Both yuvi and sharad take leave.

PRECAP: YUVANI meet each other.

Thats today’s episode.Please comment.Let me know if its too dragging.

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  4. its awesome continue dr

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    super dear… I loved it….

  6. wow it was very cute.i just cant wait fr yuvani meeting.

  7. i like it very much and i’m waiting for yuvani meeting.

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