Haan mujhe bhi hogaya (episode-9)

Sorry for the late update.My practical exams are going on.So I am a little busy.I will post whenever I am free.Here’s the next episode.Don’t forget to comment.I know this episode is not so gud but I will make sure the next episode will be good enough.Before that her’s the link to the previous episode.

Barbie sees yuvani from a corner.She gets irked seeing them together.She goes near them.
Barbie:Come yuvraj.Now u should help me select the dress.
Yuvraj:(to the salesman)Please pack this dress for suhani.
They go to select barbie’s dress.Barbie selects her dress and they go to the counter.Shawana meet them there.Yuvraj pays the bill and they come out.
Sharad:Three of u go.I and Bhavnaji will meet u later.We are going to buy some gifts for everyone on our behalf
The three of them get into the car.Yuvi starts the car.Suhani sees a pani puri shop road side.
Suhani:Yuvraj!!Stop the car.Pani puri!!!
Yuvraj:Roadside food is not good suhani.
Suhani(makes a face):pls.pls.pls

He stops the car on the either side of the road.They cross the road.
Suhani is about to order panipuri.Yuvi stops her.
Yuvraj:I have a condition.We will conduct a panipuri competition.Who ever loses must do whatever the winner says for a week.What do u say???
Suhani:challenge accepted.What about u barbie??
Barbie:I don’t eat this kind of dirty food.
Yuvraj:Ok.Whoever eats more number of panipuris is the winner.Get ready to loose suhani.
Suhani:Lets see…

The competition starts and they are eating pani puris.They finish eating 10…15…20
Yuvraj starts coughing.Suhani crosses the road and runs to the car.She gets the bottle and again starts coming back.A truck is coming towards suhani.Yuvraj notices this.Suhani is about to be hit by the truck,Yuvraj pulls her towards him.She escapes.Both of them fall on the ground.Yuvraj wraps his arms tight around suhani.He is scared for her.
Yuvraj:Suhani!!Are u mad???What’s the need for u to run like that??
Suhani:I can’t see u in pain yuvraj.(realising what she said).I can’t see any of my friends in pain.
They have an eyelock.
Barbie interrupts.
Barbie:Suhani u loose.Yuvraj won.He ate one more than u..
Suhani:Toh main ek hafthe ke liye iss sadu maharaj ka baath maan na padega kya??(So should I do whatever this sadu maharaj says for a week??)
Yuvraj:Haan jungli billi whatever I say u should do…
Barbie:Yuvraj,I am tired I think we shoul go home now…
They reach home.

Yuvraj bids bye to suhani.
It is night and suhani and yuvraj are on bed in their respective rooms.
They recall the panipuri competition and that truck scene..

Yuvraj’s POV:
I am not knowing why suhani is that much tensed for me.
I have seen many girls in my life but she is strange.
She is special.Don’t know why I am thinking about her this much.

Suhani’s POV:
Why am I worried for yuvraj this much??
He has turned a saviour for me,saving me from all the dangers.
This type of strange feeling has never happened to me.
Back to yuvraj’s room.
Yuvraj keeps thinking about suhani.He sees suhani laughing and calling her sadu.He asks her to stop calling him like that.
He runs after her.He tries the catch her but in vain.Finally he catches her and pins her to the wall.Suhani vanishes…

It is shawana’s haldi ceremony….Barbie locks suhani in the store room.

Please please comment.Any suggestions or critisisms are welcome.

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  1. Nithu

    Chala chala chala bagundi….

    1. A.Tejaswi

      Thanks akka

  2. Hi tejaswi.we missed ur ff alot dear.infact we are missing yuvani ffs alot.i like it a lot dear.pls try to post regularly.

    1. A.Tejaswi

      Thanks a lot di..I have already submitted the next episode di..In fact I am also missing yuvani ff’s a lot

  3. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    it’s really awsm update dear… precap was awsm…

    1. A.Tejaswi

      Thanks a lot di…

  4. Avanikamdar

    Beautiful . Loved it !!

    1. A.Tejaswi

      Thanks avani..

  5. sarita sharma

    superb epi.ya i m missing yuvaani ff alot.if u have time.pz update daily

    1. A.Tejaswi

      Thanks di..I will try to update whenever possible. I have already submitted the next episode for review

  6. little bit yuvaani scéně nice.precap interesting.yes yuvaani ff missing alot.pz update daily.

    1. A.Tejaswi

      Thanks ssel fan.

  7. Hey your ff is too nice and as all we know there are many few ff’s on yuvani now so I feel very happy on your update and please post next episode asap I’ll be waiting.
    I’m very happy that now also yuvani fans are there and writing ff on them.

    1. A.Tejaswi

      Thank Aisha.I have already submitted next episode. I will try to update whenever possible

      1. Yeah I read that episode and i can understand that you have also your studies i have also my boards but then also i daily check is that there any ff of yuvani posted or not but to write a episode you have to think and to write which takes time so I just hope you will also post episode 11 soon and I’ll be waiting for that a d yuvani ff’ s are so less so thank You for continuing your ff.

      2. A.Tejaswi

        Thank u so much di.I will be updating frequently..

  8. amazing di, i have been missing the YuvAni FFs dearly, thank you for brightening my day x

    1. A.Tejaswi

      Thank u aqsaah

  9. anshi sharma

    superb episode.. i luv the line when suhani said ‘i cant see u in pain yuvraj’..

    1. A.Tejaswi

      Thanks anshi.That was my fav line too

  10. Nice n superb…. Missing yuvani ff… Thnq alot

    1. A.Tejaswi

      Thanks somi.Gud to see u commenting.

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