Haan mujhe bhi hogaya (episode-8)

Thank you every one for ur comments .Here is the next episode.It is a bit longer than my usual one.Not too long though…


Barbie and yuvraj get out of the car.They take the luggage and ring the bell.Pratima opens the door.
Pratima: Yuvraj where did u go this much early morning.??Usually u don’t get up till 8’o clock.
She sees barbie.
Pratima: Barbie..u??How are u??When did u come to india?
Barbie: I am fine aunty.I came today only.I have some business work here.So I should stay in allahabad for 15 days.
Pratima:U can stay here.

She calls ramesh.
Pratima: Ramesh,take her luggage to the guest room.Barbie,U go and get fresh and mean while I will prepare the breakfast.
Barbie: ok aunty
Barbie gets fresh and everyone meet at the table.Yuvraj introduces her to everyone.
When pratima tries to serve parathas to barbie.
Barbie: aunty,I don’t eat all of these fat containing foods .I eat only salad and sprouts for breakfast.
Dadi:U are very like me.Even yuvraj doesn’t eat all these fat foods.
Meanwhile at shrivasthavs

They are also having breakfast.
Lata serves parathas to suhani.
Suhani(childishly):What is this maa.U gave me only three parathas.U know I like parathas.I want one more.
Lata: Okay suhani.Eat as many as u want.If u want eat me also.
Suhani laughs.
Back at the birla house
Pratima:Yuvraj,phone to lataji and give me na.I wanted to invite bhavna here to give her some ancestral ornaments which sharad’s mummy papa left for their daughter-in-law.
Yuvraj calls lata.Suhani lifts the phone.

Yuvraj:Hello lataji,maa wants to talk to u
Suhani:SADU…U….Can’t u differentiate between my voice and mumma’s voice??
Yuvraj:Ohh jungli billi u??Ur voice is like old lady’s voice.So I was unable to recognise.
Suhani:How dare u say that my voice is like an old lady??If I sing then….
Yuvraj(interrupts her):then no one will remain in allahabad.
Suhani:There are many fans for my voice.Ur voice is like an elephant’s voice
Yuvraj:U r a jungli billi….
Suhani: u r a sadu…
Yuvraj was about to say say something.Pratima interrupts him
Pratima:will u give me the phone or will u be fighting with suhani the whole day.
Yuvraj:Sorry maa(gives her the phone)
Pratima:Suhani!!Once give the phone to lataji

Suhani:sure aunty
She gives the phone to lataji.Pratima asks her to send both suhani and bhavna to birla house.She tells that she will send yuvraj and sharad to pick them.She ends the call.
Yuvraj and sharad come and all of the four get into the car.Yuvraj and suhani sit in the front.Sharad and bhavna sit in the back.Yuvraj is driving.
Suhani holds yuvraj’s ears.
Suhani:U should say sorry to me for insulting my voice
Yuvraj:What??Why should I??U too insulted my voice.First leave my ears.Can’t u see that I am driving??
Suhani: I won’t leave u until u say sorry.
Yuvraj stops the car,
Yuvraj: until u leave my ears and say sorry I too won’t drive.
Bhavna and sharad ask the to compromise.
Suhani:First ask yuvraj to say sorry then I will also say.
Yuvraj: No suhani should say first.
Sharad: Ok.Both of u say at the same time

They say sorry to each other at the same time.
Yuvraj starts the car and they reach birls house.
All of them get down.
Suhani: What will u do now if I call u a sadu.SADU..SADU…SADU….(says loudly and runs into the garden)
Yuvraj runs after her.Seeing suhani run snoopy chases her.Suhani is scared.
Suhani:Sadu.. Say snoopy to stop pls..
Yuvraj starts laughing.
Yuvraj: Say sorry to me first.
Suhani: Ok sorry.

He asks snoopy to stop.
Suhani comes to yuvraj and beats him.He holds both of her hands.They have an eyelock.Saawre plays……
Barbie who is watching all this from window of her room feels jealous.
Sharad clears his throat seeing YUVANI.Yuvraj lets go of suhani.
They go inside.Barbie comes downstairs just then.
Yuvraj:Barbie,she is jungli billi,suhani..Suhani,she is barbie,my childhood frnd.
Suhani: Hai barbie.Nice to meet u
Barbie(in a cunning way):Nice to meet u too.
Pratima comes and takes bhavna and suhani to her room.She gives the ornaments to bhavna.Bhavna takes her blessings.They comeback to the hall.
Barbie: Yuvi!! I am really bored.Anyway my meeting is after 2 days.Meanwhile I want to go to shopping.Will u take me??
Yuvraj:Ok..We will go in an hour.Get ready.
Pratima:Bhavna,Sharad and Suhani will also come with u both.I have to buy clothes for Bhavna.But I forgot.Sharad and bhavna will buy their clothes.I also wanted to gift a dress to suhani.She will select it to herself.

Suhani: Aunty,Why all these now??
Pratima:U r bhavna’s sister.So I wanted to gift u.If u say no I will be hurt.
Suhani: Okay aunty.As u say.
After an hour all five of them leave.Barbie is a bit angry seeing bhavna,sharad,suhani come along.She wanted to go to shopping alone with yuvraj.
They arrive at the shopping mall.Sharad and Bhavna go to select sharad’s dress.Yuvraj,suhani,barbie go to ladies section.
Sales man: What do u want sir??
Yuvraj:Please show nice lehangas for her(pointing suhani)
Meanwhile barbie gets a call and she goes.

The salesman shows her many beautiful lehengas.But suhani doesn’t like any.He shows a orange and pink one.Both yuvraj and suhani says “This is nice ” at the sametime.
Salesman(to yuvraj): sir ur choice and ur wife’s choice is same.
YUVANI look at each other stunned.
Yuvraj:No she is not my wife.
Salesman: sry sir.
Yuvraj:Its ok.Suhani,go and try the dress.
Suhani wears it and comes.Yuvraj is mesmerised seeing her beauty.Suhani comes and pinches him.
Suhani:How do I look??
Yuvraj:Whatever u wear u look like a jungli billi only.
Suhani: Say properly na..
Yuvraj: U look very beautiful.It is like the dress is made for u only.
Suhani stares at Yuvraj and yuvraj at suhani.Barbie is seeing them from a corner.The screen freezes on her face.

A pani puri competition between YUVANI….Suhani is about to be hit by a car while crossing the road.

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  1. awesome… yuvi feels for suhani..
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  3. Very cute and sweet epi,i really love their funny fightings.

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  4. Lovely episode!!…yuvraj should show barbie her right place..loved yuvani nokjhok…plz update asap

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  5. cute and sweet epi pz update soon

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    nice epi pz update soon

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