Haan mujhe bhi hogaya (episode-7)

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Yuvraj reaches birla mansion.He goes to his room.He remembers the words of the rogue.He clenches his fist.He is shaking with anger.He breaks a vase out of his anger with his injured hand.More blood oozes out.Sharad comes to yuvraj hearing the sound.He sees yuvraj’s bleeding hand.
Sharad: Guru!! What happened to ur hand.
Sharad removes the bandage suhani tied and ties another one.He says every thing to sharad.
Sharad :Why are u feeling this much angry for what that rogue spoke??U already bet him for what he spoke.Still why u r angry??
Yuvraj: How dare he speak like that about my suhani?
Sharad: Ur suhani..????
Yuvraj(realising what he said): I mean to say my frnd suhani..
Sharad: Okay guru.It is already late now sleep.
Yuvraj: wait sharad.U wanted a spoon na.Shall I give it??
Sharad(surprised): How do u know?
Yuvraj: I and suhani were there watching u and bhavna
Yuvraj explains evry thing about the msg and all.
Sharad:Arey guru kamaal ka plan hain.I guess bhavna ji needs sometime.Any way good night guru.
Yuvraj :gud n8 sharad

In shrivasthav mansion
Suhani is recalling yuvraj’s words…I WILL DO ANYTHING FOR U SUHANI…
She blushes.Meanwhile bhavna comes and pinches suhani
Bhavna: Suhani in which world are u??
Suhani: Which world r u in when sharad bhaiyya was trying to hold ur hand u ask him if he wants a spoon??
Bhavna(surprised): How do u know?
Suhani too explains every thing.
Bhavna: I got nervous.I did n’t know what to do?
Suhani: Don’t u love sharad bhaiyya??
Bhavna: I love him but I need sometime to adjust.
Suhani: How much time do u need??If u do the same after marriage sharad bhaiyya will surely go to himalayas and join saints.
Bhavna beats suhani.
Bhavna: enough now. go and sleep.

It is morning.
Yuvraj is still sleeping.
He gets a call and lifts it.He speaks to someone and rushes to the car and drives to the airport.
He is shown waiting at the airport.Just then a girl arrives.Yuvraj hugs her.
Yuvraj: It has been so long that we met barbie!!
[Yes the girl is barbie.She is yuvraj’s childhood friend.She is a nri living in usa.She has a crush on yuvraj.]
Barbie: Yes yuvi!!I am having some business work here.I will have to stay here for atleast 15 days
Yuvraj:You can stay in my house.Anyway it is my cousin sharad’s marriage.We will have lot of fun.
They take the luggage and get into the car.
Yuvraj says to her about bhavna,sharad and everyone.
Yuvraj: I should introduce u to a very special person.
Barbie: Who is she?
Yuvraj: Suhani,bhavna’s sister and a very nice girl
Barbie is a bit annoyed listening yuvi speak so nice about suhani but remains calm.
They reach the birla mansion.

Yuvraj introduces barbie to suhani.Barbie feels jealous about suhani.

SORRY it was a short episode.But I will post one more episode today.Barbie’s entry will spice up the drama.Did u like barbie’s entry ??Please do comment.

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