Haan mujhe bhi hogaya (episode-12)

Thank u everyone for ur comments.I am feeling very encouraged by ur comments.As promised this is a bit long one.Hope this is as long as u expect.Here’s the next episode.


A girl is shown keeping mehandi to suhani.The girls writes a letter ‘Y’ on suhani’s hand(flash back is shown
Sharad calls that girl and asks her to write ‘Y’ on suhani’s hand.Sharad wants to tease suhani.)
Suhani who is busy searching for yuvraj does not notice it.Rags and saurabh are shown dancing on ZAALIMA song from raees.They dance really well.Every one clap.

Suddenly someone comes and closes suhani’s eyes.
Suhani(playfully):Arey yuvraj…What is this??Why u closed my eyes??
The person who is closing suhani’s eyes:Yuvrajjj???Who is he??(Saying this he opens suhani’s eyes.)
Suhani(on seeing him):ROHAN…..Tum???
Rohan:Thank god.U remembered me??
Suhani:How can I forget u??(Saying so she hugs him)
Suhani (breaking the hug):When did u come??
Rohan:Before an hour…I came to ur house.I found it locked.I phoned pankaj uncle.He told me u were here.So I came here to meet u all…
Suhani:U did a good thing coming here…Come.I will introduce u to everyone.

She introduces him to sharad,anuj,menka,saurab,rags and pratima.
She searches for yuvraj.Rohan goes to get drinks for both of them.Meanwhile yuvraj pats her from back.

Suhani:Where were u yuvraj??I have been searching for u since long..
Yuvraj:I went to bring some flowers.And this is flower is for u(He gives a bright red rose to suhani)
Suhani:Oh!!!Beautiful!!Thanks yuvraj..But I can’t hold it(She shows her hands filled with mehandi)
Yuvraj:Ok then….I will put it in ur hair.
He puts the hair falling on her face behind her ear and pins the rose just behind her ear.
Meanwhile rohan comes with the drinks.
Suhani:Rohan….U came??Rohan this is Yuvraj…And Yuvraj this is rohan..
Rohan shakes hand with yuvraj.
Rohan:So u are yuvraj…I am rohan,suhani’s best friend since her college days.(saying so rohan puts his hand around suhani’s shoulders)

Yuvraj notices this.His face is flushed.
Meanwhile pratima calls everyone.

Pratima:It is time for all the girls to wash ur mehandi.The more redder the girl’s mehandi is,the more her husband will love her Let us see who is that lucky girl.
First rags and menka wash their mehandi.Their mehandi is in orange colour.
Menka:Look jiji..Anuj and saurabh bhaiyya don’t love us..
Rags:What nonsense..This is a mere belief..We don’t need to care about all this.

Both of them go away from there.Barbie washes her mehandi.It is in the shade of light orange colour.She gets irritated and goes into her room.

Pratima asks Bhavna to wash her mehandi.Her mehandi is bright red in colour.
Suhani:Arey wah di…This shows that sharad bhaiyya loves u a lot….
Bhavna’s cheeks turn as red as her mehandi.She is blushing.Even sharad is blushing.
Bhavna: Enough of teasing us suhani.Wash ur mehandi.
Suhani washes her mehandi.It is in the brightest shade of red.
Sharad:Look bhavnaji…Suhani bhabhi will have a the most loving husband.Lets see if he lets her walk atleast..He might carry her in his arms everywhere..

Suhani just then looks at yuvraj.He too looks at her..

Suhani(to herself,still looking at yuvraj):I would be even more lucky if that person is u…
Yuvraj(to himself,looking at suhani):I hope that person is me suhani.I would love u till my last breath suhani.
Rohan(to himself):Till recently I thought u are my friend suhani..It took me soo… long to realise that I am in love with u.Hope I will be ur husband..

The screen freezes on their faces.

The screen shifts to shrivasthav house.It is 11 at night.Suhani is sleeping.Her phones rings…She lifts the phone with out opening her eyes.

Suhani(in a sleepy tone):Hello..
From the otherside:Hello suhani.
Suhani(gets up from her sleep and sits on the bed recognising the voice of the person):YUVRAJ!!!U??Why did u call me now??
Yuvraj:Suhani.I and Sharad are waiting outside ur house.Come out.Bring bhavna along..
Yuvraj cuts the call.
Suhani(removing the blanket from bhavna):Di!!Wake up..
Bhavna(pulling the blanket over herself in a sleepy tone):Suhani.Let me sleep na.Why r u waking me??
Suhani:Yuvraj and sharad bhaiyya are waiting for us outside.
Bhavna gets up hearing the word’SHARAD’.They change from night clothes to normal clothes.They go out through the window.They go near Sharad and yuvraj.
Yuvraj:How much time should we wait for u suhani??
Suhani:Can’t u wait for 5 minutes also.
Shawana(together):Stop it guys..
Suhani:Whats the matter P.A bhaiyya??What brought u both here at this time??
Sharad:First u both get into the car.

All of them get into the car.Yuvraj is driving the car.Suhani is in the front seat and shawana are in the back.
As they are approaching their destination…

Sharad:Bhavnaji..Close ur eyes.
Bhavna:Why Sharadji??

Sharad closes bhavna’s eyes with his hands.All of them get down from the car.Yuvraj takes suhani with him so as to create some privacy for shawana.
Sharad removes his hands off bhavna’s eyes.Bhavna is surprised to see herself standing in between heart shaped place filled with flowers.There are many roses around her….

Scene shifts to yuvani.They were walking on the road.

Suhani:What is going on…Why did u bring me from there??
Yuvraj:u r a buddhu suhani.I wanted to create privacy for them.
Suhani sees an icecream vendor nearby.
Suhani:Yuvraj.Come lets go and eat icecream.
Yuvraj:Suhani…It is winter.And it is very cool now.How come u feel like eating ice cream??
Suhani:Pls…Pls…Pls…(In a pleading manner)

Yuvraj’s pov:
Suhani is just behaving like a kid.
I like the way she makes me accept for what she wants.Her way of asking cannot make me deny at all.

Yuvraj:Ok lets go.
Suhani jumps like a kid..

They go to the icecream vendor.

Yuvraj:Which one do u want suhani??
Suhani:I want a butterscotch flavoured cone..
Yuvraj:thats my favourite flavour too.

He asks the vendor to give two butterscotch cones.

The vendor:Sorry sir..I have only one butter scotch cone.Do u want any other flavour?
Yuvraj:No,Give the butter scotch cone..

He pays for it.He gives the cone to suhani.

Suhani:Yuvraj!!Where is ur cone??
Yuvraj:He has only one butterscotch cone.Anyway I don’t feel like eating.U eat??
Suhani:How about sharing it with me???

Yuvraj(to himself):U r asking to share a cone with me.But I want to share my entire life with u.

Suhani:Where are u lost??
Yuvraj:Nowhere.I don’t mind sharing…

Suhani tears the wraper and takes a bite and hands over to yuvi.Yuvi eats it.He feels like in heaven.He gives it to her.One bite for her and one bite for him.They finish the cone.Yuvraj see a little bit of icecream on suhani’s lips.He gently wipes it off with his hands.They have an eyelock.

Meanwhile the screen shifts to shawana.

Bhavna is mesmerised by the decoration.She turns around a finds sharad sitting on his knees holding a red rose.
Sharad:I did not know when I started loving u bhavnaji.U have become an important part of my life.There are only three days for our wedding.But before that I would like to say three magical words to u…I LOVE U BHAVNAJI

He hands the rose to bhavna.Bhavna accepts the rose.Sharad stands.Bhavna hugs him.


They hug for a long time.Sharad breaks the hug and kisses bhavna’s forehead.
Suhani who is watching all these come near shawana.

Suhani:Wah!!P.A bhaiyya…Aap mein yeh romantic angle bhi hain kya??(Do u have this romantic angle also??)
Yuvraj:Kya tumne socha ki sharad tumhari jaise duffer hain??(What did u imagine sharad to be a brainless fellow like u ??)(Saying soo yuvraj beats on suhani’s forehead)
Suhani:Main daffar hoon??(Am I brainless??)

She pulls yuvraj’s ear.Yuvraj shouts out of pain.The screen freezes on yuvraj’s shouting face and Suhani,Shawana’s smiling faces.

It is sangeet day.Dance competition between the teams.Yuvani’s romantic dance…

As today is propose day,I included Shawana’s proposal.I couln’t include yuvani’s proposal.There is a lot of time for it.Hope u guys enjoyed this episode.Sorry incase there are mistakes.Don’t forget to comment.

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  1. anshi sharma

    amazing episode di… little bit jealousy nd lots of luv in episode..
    l luv the way yuvani share their icecream nd shawana luv proposal just awesome di.. update soon

    1. A.Tejaswi

      Thanks anshi

  2. Omg!!!…super long episode…very well portrayed…especially liked their inner voice version….welldone yaar teju…good luck….loved it to d core

    1. Bhargavi r der in india forum

      1. R u der…???
        How to use if

      2. No yaar..even i dont know that

      3. What about today episode…???
        Love yuvani moment n also precap

      4. Just saw the precap its too good…hope that scene lasts long

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      Thanks bhargavi di..

    3. R u joining if

  3. Chala chala chala bagundi?

  4. Episode is just awesome as always and shawana is also cute i like them also and yuvraj thinking is just awfull.
    Update next episode asap.
    Hope I’m the first to comment today on your ff.

    1. A.Tejaswi

      Thanks a lot Aisha di..

      1. U are in which class btw?

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      Ohh..Many of the members here are elder than me.So I thought u too r elder than me…

      1. I understand but now as you said you are in 12th so you are elder than me.

      2. Can you please tell me that is there are any new other ff’s of yuvani on India forum or and other site?

      3. A.Tejaswi

        Avani has started a new ff I hate u on this site only.Have u read it…I will see if there are any on India forums and let u know

      4. Thank You and I read that ff i hate you in this site thanks for your info.

  5. wowwwww…its really amzing tejaswi sis its very long time i read ur ff u know i waited for ur ff so many days before..now its very lovely epi plz plz make yuvani propose soon and update regularly i’m very badly missing yuvani ffs.

    1. A.Tejaswi

      Thanks a lot Sri.I will post asap

  6. Chala bagundi… Yuvani nok jok r really awesome n it reminds the old ssel…..

    Teju …. Todays yuvani moments were just awesome n see the precap…. They r looking so hot n sweet couple

    1. A.Tejaswi

      Thanks somi dear..

  7. Avanikamdar

    Fabulous …

    1. A.Tejaswi

      Thanks avani dear

  8. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    wow dear…yuvi not only eat ice cream.. but put ice on suh head to….!!! saying not only this ice cream, he ready to share his entire life!!!! mind blowing…

    1. A.Tejaswi

      Thanks a lot subha di..

  9. Hiiii… Teju…. Pls help me… How to use india forum…. ???? I had a account but I forgot password… Pls tell what r the procedures of if

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  10. hey dear it was awesome… yuvani moments r jus superb! so since it is a propose day, luv u my friend..

    1. A.Tejaswi

      Thanks Abi dear.Luv u too

  11. sarita sharma

    mindblowing epi .full on yuvAnian epi. i like when suhani says even i m lucky if that personal is u then yuvi says himself i m lucky if that person is mě.amazing yaar what emotion.

    1. A.Tejaswi

      Thanks sarita di..

  12. superb epi.what feeling yaar i like yuvAni povs .pz update soon .

    1. A.Tejaswi

      Thanks ssel fans

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    hi teju y r u not come if .i m wait 4u but new yuvAni fan mil gai if par wo tamilian h. hm dono n comment kiye.

    1. A.Tejaswi

      Sry di..I had a weak internet connection. Tomorrow I will join the discussion. Gud to know u found a new yuvanian .

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    hi somi n bhargavi.come in if n discussion on yuvAni.hm 4 person kafi h.m v jyada nhi jaanti but slowly slowly learnt .so getup n create a/c on if.

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