Haan mujhe bhi hogaya (episode-10)

Here’s the next episode.Hope u enjoyed the previous one.I am missing

yuvani ff’s soo.. much.I know it is the same with many of u.So I am

posting this episode early.
It is morning and suhani wakes up.She is surprised seeing yuvraj in her

room and staring at her.
Suhani:Arey sadu!!Itni subah subah tum yahan kya kar rahi hoon(This

much early morning what are u doing here??)
Yuvraj:Subah subah matlab kya??Time ab 10 am hain(early morning

means??It is already 10 am)
Suhani:Oh really.Did u have any work??Why u came here??
Bhavna(whom suhani is imagining as yuvraj):Arey suhani have u gone

mad??Why am I here??Do u want me to leave this house even before

my marriage.By the way why are u calling me sadu??
(suhani is imagining bhavna as yuvraj and talking to bhavna as if she is

talking to yuvraj)
Suhani:Di..aap??Yahaan kab aayi??(di..u??When did u come here??)
Bhavna:I am the one u have been talking to since u woke up.
Suhani:Oh really..
Bhavna:Don’t know what happened to u..Should I call a doctor??
Suhani: no..
Suhani goes to get ready.She realises her imagining yuvraj and blushes.
It is evening.It is shawana’s haldi ceremony at birla mansion.The

shrivasthavs arrive.
sharaj wears a white sherwani and bhavna a yellow saree.Yuvraj wears a

blue shirt and suhani wears a blue and pink lehanga.She has her hair

open.Yuvi looks at her lovingly.
Barbie comes to suhani.
Barbie(with a fake smile): suhani.U look beautiful today.
Suhani:thank u barbie.By the way u too look gud barbie.
The haldi cermony starts.Everyone apply haldi to shawana.
Suhani too applies haldi to bhavna.She teases bhavna.
Pratima asks suhani to go and bring a silver mug and plate from the

store room.Barbie who is waiting for this moment goes back of suhani

and locks her inside store room.
Suhani’s pov:
It is all dark in the store room.I switched on the torch in my mobile

phone.I was searching for the things aunty asked me to bring.Meanwhile

I heard some sound come from the corner.I saw something moving.I was

scared.I ran towards the door and tried to open it.Alas!!Someone has

locked it from outside.I heard loud music from outside.
(Barbie plays loud music to prevent everyone from hearing suhani calling

for help)No wonder no one can hear me.My phone showed low battery

and turned off just to scare me even more.The sound from the corner

was becoming louder and louder.The thing that was making the sound

was coming neared and nearer.I am sweating.I felt a hand on my

back.My heart skipped a beat.I turned towards it.I saw a ghost.I was

scared.I screamed at the top of my voice.I felt a hand against my

lips.It…It was yuvraj.(Yuvraj comes to the store room to get a tool

box).He removed the mask and turned on the torch in his phone.I bet

yuvraj.I continued beating him till I was tired.I hugged him out of my

Yuvraj(without breaking the hug):Arey suhani.I thought u were jhansi ki

rani.But u proved u r a coward.
Suhani beats him on the back and hugs him even tightly.Yuvraj too hugs

her.They realise and break the hug.
Suhani says to yuvraj that the door is locked.Yuvraj tries opening the

door but in vain.He tries calling sharad but ther is no signal in his

phone.I think we should be here only till tomorrow morning.
Suhani:What??I am hungry..I can’t wait till morning.
Yuvraj:Do onething,eat me.Then I need not bear ur nuisance.
Suhani:U??It is better to eat a wooden block than u….U always eat

those salads only.U don’t have any taste…Anyway ur big nose won’t fit

into my mouth…
Yuvraj:My nose??Big??Look at ur nose.It is bigger than my nose.(He

pulls her nose.)
Suhani sees a cockroach.She jumps onto yuvraj and they both fall

down.Suhani is on top of yuvraj.
Yuvraj:Arey suhani…What happened now??Why u jumped on me??
Suhani:Yuvraj…There is a cockroach there and close her eyes.
She hides her face in yuvraj’s shirt.
Yuvraj:I told u that u r a coward…
Suhani:No I am not a coward.
She tries to get up.Her hair gets stuck to yuvraj’s shirt.She again falls

on yuvraj.Her face very close to his face.
Yuvraj’s pov:
Suhani’s face is very close to mine.I can feel her warm breath against

mine.Her sweet smelling hair is making me loose control.Her silky hair is

on my face.I tried to remove her hair .But it got struck in such a way

that it would not come easily.I asked her to move little bit closer so

that the hair becomes a bit loose.She moved close.Her lips are brushing

against my cheeks.Her breath is creating a tingling sensation.With a

jerk I removed her hair from my button.It caused suhani to kiss me

accidentally on my cheek.Both of us were equally shocked.We realised

the posture we are in and quickly got up.Suhani was blushing.So was I…
Meanwhile sharad who came in search of suhani opened the door.Barbie

was there too.Suhani went out.Baby smiles contently for troubling

suhani.Meanwhile she sees yuvraj coming out and curses herself for her

plan becoming a flop.She goes.Yuvraj is also about to come away from

there.Sharad stops him.
Sharad(pointing at the lipstick mark on yuvraj’s cheek):guru…What is

this lipstick mark on ur cheek??
Yuvraj(remembers the accidental kiss and blushes):nothing(saying so he

rubs the lipstick mark)
Sharad:If nothing happened what is this lipstick mark on ur face??
Yuvraj:Woh..Accidentally suhani fell on me…thats it.
Saying so he runs to his room.
Everyone leave.

PRECAP not decided yet.
Please comment.Let me know if u liked it and describe the scene which

u liked.Sorry if there are any mistakes in my hindi.

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  1. ty for posting dear, and same here i have been missing the many YuvAni ffs on this website, i haven’t got time to update myself so i am glad that you managed to put a smile on the Yuvani fans’ faces x keep rocking

    1. A.Tejaswi

      Thanks aqsaah.

  2. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    wow wow….its really cute moment of yuvani…dear

    1. A.Tejaswi

      Thanks subha di..

  3. anshi sharma

    wow yuvani moments too good..
    waiting for this.
    update soon

    1. A.Tejaswi

      Thank u anshi.Will update the next episode as soon as possible…

  4. sarita sharma

    nice yuvaani moment in store room.blushing yuvaani barbie plán flop.sahi kaha aqsxxsh n hum yuvaani fans ko happy kar diya.thank u for fast update.

    1. A.Tejaswi

      Thanks sarita di…

  5. first thank u for fast update.nice yuvaani moment in store room.barbie ka plán flop ho gaya.may b both side se love start ho gaya.

    1. A.Tejaswi

      Thanks ssel fans.Ha.U r right.Love is on its way.They will realise their love for each other very soon…

  6. Hi teju dear its very beautiful ff.we are missing yuvani ffs alot.ty so much dear.pls post regularly.

  7. Actually i like yuvanis moment alot dear.i think u can bring some more interesting twists in story by introducing new charachters .wholly urs is a very very nice ff dear.

    1. A.Tejaswi

      Thanks di..I will bring nice twists in the story.I will try to follow ur advice of introducing more characters di..

  8. Teju may i know where are u from.? I am from andhra and i know telugu.iwant to know whether ur also from andhra.

    1. A.Tejaswi

      Yes.I am also from andhra..Gud to know that u r from andhra too..

      1. A.Tejaswi

        Which is ur home town??

  9. Hiiiii….!! I’m telugu but from Maharashtra…. Nice 2 meet u guyz…. Really superb… N thanq for the fast update

    1. A.Tejaswi

      Hi somi.Gud to know u r Telugu…

  10. Hello yuvanians (somi,tejaswi,ssel fans,sarita sharma,etc…)i’m back…missed u so much….i was quite busy till now…thanks di for this update loved it to d infinity….even im from andhra..good to see many telugu ppl here…but i live in hyd….not watching ssel nowadays due to change in tym slot….btw any yuvani moments as of now in current plot

    1. A.Tejaswi

      thanks bhargavi.watch episodes of 5th feb.There are yuvani moments in it.S.It is gud to see man telugu people here.Can u make any suggestins for this ff di..If I need to change my way of writing or something.Pls suggest.Thanks.

      1. No need of any changes dear..u write so well….ok ill definitely watch that episode….

    2. Hiii… I missed lot…how r u… I too stop commenting on ssel page

      1. Me too dear…im fine…hope d same with u

      2. Same here… U stop commenting then too I used to reply ssel fan , sarita… Coz she is really kind…. When the demon were fighting with us…. She supported us
        Will chat in haan muje b hogaya episode 11

  11. sarita sharma

    welcome back bhargavi.i miss u so much.even mě 2 not watching ssel due to change time.but m tu read karke yuvaani moment morning m dekh letí hu.

    1. So nice of u….thanks dear

  12. so cute yuvani moments, lovd the epi… actually missed a lot, i thought u stopped the ff bt u r back dear.. very happy and tysm for tis epi…

    1. A.Tejaswi

      thanks abi.I was busy so I couldn’t post it early…

  13. wcback bhargavi.v r musm.aap v andhra se ho.so much
    people here from andhra.but i m from m.p.

    1. A.Tejaswi

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    2. Thank u dear…

  14. Thanks for ur warm welcome guys….so happy to see u…

  15. Avanikamdar

    Its amazing …

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      thanks avani dear…

  16. A.Tejaswi

    If any of u have fb,pls comment ur account name here.We can all be in touch and we also have a group for yuvanians…

    1. Bhargavi.Vemuru….is my id

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