Hey all, I’m back with a teaser. As my entrance exams are going on I may not be able to update till Wednesday. So thought of giving my lovely readers a teaser.
“Hand over the lady to us. ” they screamed shooting deathly glances at Swara who was now hiding behind Sanskar.
“Are you insane. I won’t do this. She’s my woman. My wife.” He said furiously.
“You’ll lose your position of being our king if you intend to keep her with you.”  they called out.
He seemed thoughtful.

“What’s your wish? You want me to take me with you or you want to go back to him?”
“I can never forgive you for what you did. You doubted my intentions. After all those accusations, do you expect me to come with you?”
“I’m sorry Swara. I..”
“Your sorry can’t take away those dreadful memories, your words..”
“Sorry. I can’t stay. The future is frightening. Forgive me if you can.” it read. In the midst of which forest, he broke down, clutching the paper to his chest. She left him again, fooled him.
“Have you had breakfast? ” she asked
“No”,he replied.
“You shall share mine.”
He started having the food she gave him silent you.
“You are deceived. Ditched brutally in love.” she stated

“My lord. how on earth a girl can ever leave a man like you.? If I was at her place I would have never left you.”
He looked up at her. “Kamla you.. Why did she leave me? Am I that bad?”
“No you’re not. You ‘re the best man I have ever met”.
“Why me? Why me?” he mumbled.
“If you allow me Sarovar, I can console you tonight, give you my warmth and erase her memories forever from your heart. I’ll stay with you through thick and thin. Show her that you can move on. We’ll show that b*t*h how beautiful life can be.”  she said
For one crazy moment Sanskar asked himself why he should turn down what the gods offered.He made a sudden movement towards her. Wrapping his hand around her waist he leaned forward to kiss her..

Tada.. here’s the teaser? Shocking!!! isn’t it?I found it shocking.. What about you all? Tell me. Sorry once again for this. Leave your valuable comments. I want to know your opinion about this teaser. How did you feel? Who are the characters conversing here? Who is this KAMLA? Why didn’t Sanskar give her a tight slap even after her abusing Swara?

Credit to: Niveditha

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  1. Omg!! Interesting very interesting. Hope you update soon. Entrances r killing me here too. All the very best for them. Which one- medical or engineering or what?

    1. M.Sc entrance yaar… Entrance exams are always annoying…

  2. What a teaser yaar? Can’t wait till wednesday

    1. Thank you for the comment.

  3. Aah.. These predictions.. My dear friends there are some mistakes in the teaser. Hope you don’t mind…These predictions are making me sick…

  4. Zuha (SuNusZuRah Rocks >3)

    Very intersting teaser , best of luck for your exam , and I know you will do well?

  5. Its shocking
    Best of luck

  6. superb yaar

  7. Oh My!! It’s beyond shocking.. 🙁 Is Sarovar under any kind of drugs while he is taking with this Kamla thing?? How can he think after all the accusations he put on Swara she will stay with him?? Okay waiting for the next update.. You already made me so curious to know everything.. 🙂
    And all the best for the entrance exams dear.. Hope you do it fine.. 😀
    Stay blessed 🙂

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