THE GYPSY LOVER ( SwaSan) Episode 9 (You are a traitoress.)

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Dhara – Can I call u di?  your baby is so cute. What is her name?( if you don’t mind sharing it here).. Now coming to your comment.. Why would Singh tell such a big lie to Sanjay?  Confused? Well, you’ll get the answer in today’s episode.
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Maya – Thanks for the comment dear.. Her expressions.. Huh.. its difficult for her to express her self. She is given every comfort in the palace but still she is caged. She had to cage her emotions and dreams for the sake of her family. So her emotional outburst is difficult. Not because she don’t want to cry her heart out. but she is helpless Well.. why can’t we take that helplessness of hers positively? It shows she is more strong emotionally. If you remember, she never let her true feelings overpower her even in Sanskar’s front. Remember the night he kidnapped her. She didn’t let him know that she loved him still. That she was regretting badly for hurting him.. Thanks for commenting and keep sharing your views and opinions.
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Now, read this part carefully. From this particular episode we are stepping completely into the story. Till now I gave you all a description about the characters, their behavior and feelings. As I said now, we are completely into the story. Keep encouraging me with your valuable comments..
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Here we go…
Next day Swara found herself getting ready for her wedding with Sanjay, again. She no longer had any interest in the heavy jewellery and other gifts presented to her by Mrs.Maheshwari. She got ready as a puppet, a mere lifeless ‘thing’ moving as its master pulls the string. She went downstairs accompanied by Mrs.Maheshwari. Only close friends and family members were present in the hall to witness the rituals. Swara was informed about this so that it would calm her down, and help her to bring down her ‘stress’ and ‘excitement’.
The pheras were going on. Swara found herself walking round the havan aimlessly after Sanjay. Suddenly from no where Sanjay’s two hunting dogs which accompanied Swara everywhere in the palace barged into the hall barking loudly. Everybody was startled by the sudden entry of the giant hounds in the hall. They began chasing the guests all over the hall. People started running here and there out of fear while Swara, Sanjay  and Mrs. Maheshwari stood there with amused expression. Once the guests were out of sight, a hound moved forward and stood before Swara, swaying its tail in air. The other hound, by that time, peed over the havan fire, extinguishing the fire. Swara was amused. Sanjay was beyond shocked. Once he was out of his shock, he roared for his guards to take the hounds away. Then he pulled out the special guests from different corners of the palace. The pandit who was watching the whole act from the top of a pillar came down and announced that its inauspicious to continue the rituals like it. He said that it is an apshagun and that they must postpone the wedding. He added further that it doesn’t seem like god want them to be wedded that day. Mrs. Maheshwari , who believed the pandit blindly decided to postpone the wedding despite Sanjay’s refusal. Swara was more than relieved. Once back in her room, she touched the chain around her neck and kissed it. Her tears made the chain wet. Later she was informed by her maid that the news of wedding being postponed is kept a secret by the Palace authorities. The post wedding party to which was arranged earlier would take place as per planned considering the inconvenience of the special invitees. She must have to act as Sanjay’s wife in the party. Acting as Sanjay’s wife was far more easier for Swara than actually being his wife. She was informed that that the marriage would take place in a couple of days secretly once all the special invitees left the city.

While Sanjay was fuming in anger in his study, Singh was standing with him in the same room rejoicing his own deed. How he unlocked the hounds and how they stopped the marriage. he was laughing out loudly in his mind.
Sanjay had beaten his favourite pets brutally after the incident and warned the guards not to five them food or water. Swara who came to know about this fed them with enough food and water without Sanjay’s knowledge. she even got a  brirish veterinary doctor for checking them. The pets licked her hands expressing their gratitude.
That night, in the party, Swara for the first time in her life tasted liquor. Though she was happy that her marriage with Sanjay got postponed, her grief for losing Sanskar dominated the relief. Sanjay, leaving Swara in one corner of the hall was dancing with the British ladies present. Swara felt somebody patting her shoulder. She turned around to see a bearded man dressed in an English suit extending his hand. His eyes had something magical. The man took her hands in his without waiting for her answers and slowly waltzing across the hall, he led her to the huge moonlit balcony. She, in her sub conscious state tried to keep her eyes locked with his, to analyze the familiarity of them. Soon her hands pulled out his beard revealing his handsome, trimmed face.
“Sanskar” she cried out, tears flowing down her cheeks. “You are alive. How? I mean they found your body.”
“Forget it Swara. The body they found was somebody else’s. a traitor from my tribe. Your angels of law could never see my face clearly and from what they have got they assumed that guy to be me.” he said in his deep rich voice.
He looked down at her. His wife. “Gosh! she is irresistible” he thought.
The next second his lips were on hers and she found herself reciprocating his passion, his wildness.
It was followed by a number of other kisses. As they were lost in each other, a pair of eyes watched them planning for something wicked. Singh informed Sanjay and other police officials present in the party about Sarovar being present in the balcony with Swara. Sanjay rushed to the balcony to find Swara and Sarovar in each other’s arms. His blood boiled. He screamed out. “SWARA”
In no time Swara and Sarovar were surrounded by Sanjay and his men. Sarovar let Swara go from his hands and looked around.
Swara looked around with delated eyes. Then her eyes caught Sarovar’s eagle eyes and held it. She saw him setting his beard back without anybody else’s notice. Then she heard his low an bitter voice.
” Not loyal in love. Not loyal to anything or anybody in this whole world. You knew my identity. You acted excellently. You took my kisses to give them time to come after me. You cheater. You know only betrayal. Nothing else.”
His words started seeping into her soul. She started analyzing them. She felt something inside her break. He denounced her. He called her a traitoress, disloyal. Very well. She didn’t want him to trust her. She was hurt. Beyond limits.
“You’re right.” she cried hysterically. “I knew who you were. I did it intentionally. I am glad that they got you. Now they will lock you up in one of those dungeons, where you belong.” She said wiping away her tears with her jeweled hands. He let out a laugh. Then he started cursing her in gypsy language.
“Take this maniac away” roared Sanjay.

It was Sarovar’s mad laughter that she heard before she fell, fainting  into Sanjay’s arms.
When she opened her eyes she found Sanjay pacing in her room furiously.  She sat up and started speaking. “I’m sorry”
He turned back, his eyes reflected jealousy, primitive and thwarted passion. He came forward and shook her shoulders. “You better be. You know how incredible was it to find you  – my fiance in that notorious criminal’s arms.”
Swara felt like punching his face for the words he used against Sarovar. How dare ho badmouth her Sanskar? She tried to keep calm and continued
“The man was drunk Sanjay. He didn’t know what he was doing. He was boasting that he is Sarovar, the gypsy and that you could never catch him. it was the wine talking. So in order to keep him there I danced with him”
“What about those kisses? were the necessary to keep him there? ” Sanjay sneered.
Swara felt cold fear passing down her spine. She, maintaining the calmness in her voice, said, “Don’t be a fool, Sanjay. I told you the man was drunk. He didn’t know what he was doing. In order to keep him there I had to play along knowing that you would come to catch him soon if I did so.”
Sanjay felt convinced by her words. May be she did all these to keep him there. May be she didn’t kiss him back. He believed her. He wanted to. He should apologize to her. Otherwise she may go away from him. Then his dream to possess her would remain a dream for ever. And Sanjay Maheshwari never tasted failure in the case of a girl he lusted for. He never will. He started apologizing.
“Sorry. Swara. I was wrong about you. How I believed that outlaw and his words. This jealousy. I have been jealous ever since I saw you in that man’s hand. I’m sorry.”
“Be patient, Sanjay . The whole thing was a nightmare. leave it. Now you please go and take some rest. It had been a tiring day. I’m also tired. Good night.”
“Good night dear.” he went out closing the door behind him.
Swara sank back into her bed thinking of Sarovar’s words. He was arrested now. How could she help him to come out?   She must act fast. Every second is precious. Her one mistake can cost his life. When she help him out of the dungeons, she will tell him that she no longer loved him. He had called her a traitoress, disloyal in love. He didn’t trust her. Trust is the foundation of every relation. Now that the foundation itself is weak there is no meaning in building castle on it.
Sanjay want down to his study where Singh was waiting for him.
“I just talked to her now. and I’m convince by her answers. She is loyal to me. I wish that you won’t bring up this again. ” Sanjay said coldly.
Singh’s anger knew no bounds. “So he was again believing her, after all that had happened out there. This girl is danger. Grave danger .” he thought.
Sarovar was locked up in one of those dungeons underneath the castle, under lock and key, safe. Singh didn’t care about the gypsy. But Sarovar, locked up there would do no benefit to him. He must come out, to take Swara away from Sanjay’s life.

Tada… here’s the next installment of gypsy lover.  If there are any silent readers do comment. What do yo think? Will the dynamics between Swara and Sanskar ever change? Sanskar has mistrusted her.  Did badmouth her.  Will she forgive him? Will he ever understand that she is a pure and pious soul who loved only him? Keep thinking and leave your valuable comments in the comment box. A shocking revelation is coming up in the upcoming episodes. Stay tuned for that. It is 6 in the morning. I started typing at 4. I was in sleep mode while typing this. So please ignore typos.. and leave your comments please. If  the number of comments are dropping then why should I continue writing this??  enough of my bak bak. Now I badly need some sleep.

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    • Niveditha

      Yes Sanskar mistrusted her. But he’s a self made man. It is impossible for him to believe her after her betrayal in cruise and his past. You’ll find it out soon. Tysm for the comment.

  1. I am a silent reader but thought to comment after reading last para.
    I usually comment on every ff ,i like but now a days i am quite busy with stupid and shitty exams ,so didnot got the time to comment .Sorry for not commenting but i have followed this ff since the very first chapter.
    Stupendous work.
    Loved it to the core.
    Can i call u Nivi di ????

    • Niveditha

      Hey Needhi, thanks for the comment. Awe.. Ur exams are going on. For those whose exams are going on, their silence is justified. So no need of that sorry. But yeah comment whenever you get time. You can call me do. I’d love that.

  2. It’s rocking di…. You should continue …. Don’t see the no. of.comment…… We are always there for you….. I think sarovar will turn out to be Sanjay brother….eagerly waiting for next update…

    • Niveditha

      Jeni.. Thanks for the comment sisso… And thank you very much for the support. But it really hurts.. I spend hours writing and proofreading and then the number of comments dropping???. Your prediction, ah.. Let’s see…????

  3. Dhara

    U can call me Di. My daughter’s name is Venika. 🙂 And plz dnt continue if comments are reduced coz there will be silent readers who do not comment but read it. They are too shy 🙂 I was like that only. I was only reading and never commenting. But than I thought it’s good appreciate the hard work people do 🙂

    • Niveditha

      Awe.. Venika.. How old is she? I have a friend whose name is Vedika.. Thanks for the comment di… Yes we writers put in great effort to write it down. So the readers must support us na??? Anyways. Thank you…

    • Niveditha

      May be Shagun. But still.. Its so bad na??? Sanky must not do so. She is his lady love.. Well let’s see what I have in store for you…

    • Niveditha

      May be Shagun. But still.. Its so bad na??? Sanky must not do so. She is his lady love.. Well let’s see what I have in store for you… Thanks for the comment..

    • Niveditha

      Yes.. His situation is like that but still he must have trusted her. Let’s see what happens next.. Thank you so much for the comment..

  4. Sweetie

    Swara shouldn’t forgive Sarovar easily.. He called her traitoress.. 🙁
    Swara is intelligent enough to fool Sanjay to a great extent.. I liked her answers to Sanjay.. So convincing.. 🙂
    Now what is this Singh upto??
    Excitement is building up.. 🙂
    Waiting for the next update 🙂
    Take care 🙂

    • Niveditha

      First of all thanks for the comment dear. Yes he called her traitoress so easily. Still she is thinking about him and his safety. She is really a pious soul. Sanjay is a fool. I tried to portray his character that from the very beginning. Don’t know if I really got successful in doing so. He is a womanizer. He doesn’t deserve a girl like Swara. So her fooling him is justified completely. Singh will definitely do something.Let’s see how it will affect our SwaSan. Thanks for thee comment. Keep reading..

  5. Harani

    Again misunderstanding..and sanskar in jail ..I doesnt feel happy but those kisses:-D
    were so romantic ..waiting for the cat to be out of the bag 😛
    so that sarovar and his Queen can be together na …and can I call you di 😀

    • Niveditha

      Misunderstandings and Sanskar are siblings her.??? Sansku will soon come out. The cat will be out of the bag soon… Sarovar and his queen will be together. Of course you can call me di…. I’d love that. Thanks for the comment..???? by the way are you from Kerala???

  6. bisha

    Sanskar intentionally toldher a traitoress I guess. He wanted her to b safe I guess. I though of not commenting but hsd to wjen I got this idea stinging me. Rather guess. Awesome chappy Nivi di. Can i call u that? Your story is groeing more n more interesting and awesome dear. Tc bye ♥♥

    • Niveditha

      Well.. What’s in sanky’s mind we’ll get to know in the next chappy. Your guess.. I can’t reveal my thoughts about your guess now. It will ruin the suspense you’ll surely get to know about it in the next chappy
      Of course you can call me di. I

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