THE GYPSY LOVER ( SwaSan) Episode 8 (Sarovar is dead)


Hola guys, Niveditha here. I am back with the next installment of Gypsy Lover. Thanks for all those lovely comments on the previous chapter. Thanks Priya, Rosy, Sujatha, Swasan, B, Kumu, Pratiksha, mou, Ruhi, Riya,Maya and Sagun.
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Jenisha – Thanks for the comment dear. Well.. you will see her silence being justified as the story progresses. A glimpse of it will be seen in today’s episode. Read carefully and tell me if you could catch hold of the hint I gave in this episode. Its not actually a hint. In fact, I have revealed something in here. You’ll find pronounced more evidently in the upcoming episodes.
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for those who missed chapter 7 here’s the link.

THE GYPSY LOVER ( SwaSan) Episode 7

This epi is going to be a crucial one in the journey of Gypsy lover. Read carefully without skipping any part and leave your valuable opinions and suggestions below, in the comment box. Ignore typos.

So let’s start.
In Sanjay’s Teak panelled study a heated argument was going on between the Master of the Palace and a short sturdy man with crooked eyes.
“You are crazy Sanjay, to be so blind. I am telling you, I saw him climbing her balcony with my own eyes.”
“A thief . No doubt. He may have ran away when he saw me – the Prince of Ajmer coming. That’s it. Swara told me that nobody was there in her home. And why should she lie to me?” Sanjay Maheshwari shot back furiously.
“You are so sure of your fiancee’s loyalty?” He asked.
“Damn you Dushyant. Don’t you ever dare to raise a finger against her. She is mine. Only mine.”
Sanjay Maheshwari was blind in his desire to possess Swara. But Swara’s indifferent attitutude towards Sanjay and her marriage didn’t go unnoticed by Dushyant Singh, Sanjay’s personal assistant and soul brother. He suspected her to have a secret relationship with someone. He felt convinced that the man in question was Sarovar, the Gypsy.
Singh had secret agents all over across Ajmer; men and women who hinted him that it was with Sarovar, the notorious Gypsy leader that Swara had spent hours when she was expected to be present at the pre wedding party.
Singh was always greedy for two things in his whole life – money and power. Now Swara was the sole hindrance between him and his dream. He joined the Palace as the manager of the vast estates of the Maheshwaris almost 20 years ago. With his outstanding leadership and organizing qualities, he made an inevitable part of every discussion, decision making and judgment sessions. Sanjay started trusting him more than anyone else and Singh became an indispensable part of the younger man who neither had Singh’s brains nor judgment.
They became more than friends in a short period of time and when Sanjay  ascended the throne, Singh stood as his backbone in every decision he made, which he found to be useful for himself in the future. They started hunting together and one day Singh saved Sanjay’s life.
Out of gratitude Sanjay swore to make Singh his heir.
“I shall never marry. You shall inherit my money and my possessions.” he had promised.
Everything then became way too easy for Singh. What he wanted had come to him without much effort. Everything went well till Sanjay met Swara.  In less than a year, he met Swara in Kolkata who made Sanjay turn into an obsessive creature. Usually, Singh didn’t mind Sanjay going behind any girl as he always knew that Sanjay would give up on her once his fantasy dies down. But it was different in the case of Swara. Swara’s initial refusal towards Sanjay and his proposal made him want her more. The desire of getting her on his bed  slowly changed into his obsession. Out of this obsession he took his own proposal for marriage certificate in serious to possess Swara forever. Singh could foresee that Swara may probably bear Sanjay a son, and his hopes of power in Ajmer and of a fortune were sliding from his grasp. So he wanted Swara out of his way. For that, he only needed a proof – which would prove her characterless. He knew that he had to act quickly if he hoped to stop the marriage.
Swara was confined to her room, dejected and worried by the harassment of Sarovar, the Gypsy.
At the end of 4 days Swara could no longer postpone her wedding. The doctor announced that she was completely recovered from the initial trauma. That night Sanjay asked Singh to join them for dinner. They were having their dinner in companiable silence when Singh decided that it was the right time to drop the bomb.

“I have an interesting news for you today, Sanjay.” Singh said cheerfully.
“What’s it?” asked Sanjay in his usual cold tone.
“It concerns Sarovar, the Gypsy”
Sanjay’s eyes lit up. “What’s it?” He asked eagerly.
Swara felt color draining from her cheeks. She sat still, her eyes tightly closed.
Singh turned his gaze to Swara to see her reaction without being noticed by Sanjay. So he was right . This innocent looking girl shared some kind of relationship with the gypsy outlaw. Not some kind of. but a strong relationship that made her eyes brimming with tears when he heard about him.
“What’s it?” Sanjay repeated his question impatiently.
“He is dead…!” Singh dropped the bomb whose impact made the hall drown in silence for a few seconds.
“Dead? Are you sure?” Sanjay asked, doubt clouding his voice.
“Sure. 100% sure. He was found somewhere near the foot of the mountains with a knife through his back” said Singh slowly as though he wanted Swara to hear each and every word clearly.
Swara became white. Her hands began trembling. Her body started shivering all of a sudden. Tears were brimming up in the corner of her eyes. She felt it impossible to gulp down the food that was in her mouth.
Her reaction made Singh think.
“She loved him. Truly, madly , deeply. Sanjay is a fool.”
Swar stood up and went back to her room saying that she had finished her dinner. It was a lie. She badly needed some support to hold on to, which she couldn’t find in the hall. Her tears were threatening to flow down her cheeks any time, breaking the dam she constructed with so much difficulty. She ran to her room, closing the door behind her with a huge bang she fell on her bed crying out loudly. So this was the end. Sarovar/ Sanskar is dead. Now she can get married to Sanjay without any fear. She felt drained. She was no longer in her senses. She cried cried and cried. Tomorrow she could, without fear, take her vows as Sanjay’s wife.
She thought:
“If there had been peace between us – if he had stayed as the Sanskar of the cruise – I could have loved him forever.”
But now she felt her heart dead within he. She would never see the man she had loved madly.
Here’s the 8th installment of Gypsy lover.

What do you think? Is he dead? What now? What’s written in Swara’s destiny? Keep thinking.
Now its time for you to comment. Let me know what you think about the story and if you have any suggestion please don’t hesitate to tell me. I’ll try to make amendments if it does justice to the story line. If you find any flaw regarding my writing style or anything else; please do not hesitate to point them out. And if there are any silent readers, please do comment. You are the ones who have authority to judge the story.As a writer  I try my level best to bring out the best of me. So your comments are really very very important. Once again, thanks for all those lovely comments on the last chapter.

Credit to: Niveditha

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  1. He is not dead. It’s a lie to fool Swara.

  2. Wow Nivi ,, may I call you by that name , Anyways Sorry for not commenting since long , was busy with exams , got free this Friday , read all your episodes in a flow! Excellent effort!

  3. No he is alive it’s all a plan of Singh to see sea ta’s reaction

  4. I think that Singh is only want money and throne…..nothing else……and I don’t think sarovar is dead…..he will not leave swara this much easily……afterall he loves swara deeply…..and he is not expressing it…’s mind blowing di…….

  5. nice Yarr I want more expression from swara fr this news and he s not dead

  6. yeah he won t die

  7. Awesome yaar are a pg student ah ..My god ..this episode a small but twisted one ..I think it’s the plan of that Singh :'(
    let’s wait for the mystery to open 🙂

  8. Ohoo Jo… Sorry for not commenting dear. You know very well about my commitments. Sorry haan. But I think there are many typos maybe because predictions is switched on in you phone. So please do proof read before posting.. Otherwise it was awesome. You didn’t send me the draft.. Very bad.. You are selfish. Just to get more comments you are making me read it here. Just joking.Eager to know what happens next. At least mail me the next part. Please.

  9. I think it’s just a trap of singh to know the true relation between Swara and Sarovar.. As now he got the answer he will try to malign Swara’s respect..

    Nice one.. 🙂 And there are no flaws in your writing style.. Keep going 😀

    Stay blessed and be happy 🙂


  10. Awesome
    Suggestion – sanskar coming to swara
    room and swara’s confession of love tp the gypsy

  11. […] Thank you all… Thank you very much..I am so happy.. Dhara – Can I call u di?  your baby is so cute. What is her name?( if you don’t mind sharing it here).. Now coming to your comment.. Why would Singh tell such a big lie to Sanjay?  Confused? Well, you’ll get the answer in today’s episode. Zuha – Of course you can call me Nivi. I love that name.  So your exams were going on. Its OK that you didn’t comment.  But now that you are free I expect your comments.. Glad that you read all the episodes. Keep giving reviews. Rosey – I repeat the question that I asked to Dhara di. to clear the confusion keep reading and give me your review. Jenisha – Same question for you. Why shall he fool Sanjay? Swara is his target na? ? You called me di? I’m so happy.. coz I have no siblings. Even my cousins call me Jo. I have none to call me di..?? Love you for this. keep reading… Maya – Thanks for the comment dear.. Her expressions.. Huh.. its difficult for her to express her self. She is given every comfort in the palace but still she is caged. She had to cage her emotions and dreams for the sake of her family. So her emotional outburst is difficult. Not because she don’t want to cry her heart out. but she is helpless Well.. why can’t we take that helplessness of hers positively? It shows she is more strong emotionally. If you remember, she never let her true feelings overpower her even in Sanskar’s front. Remember the night he kidnapped her. She didn’t let him know that she loved him still. That she was regretting badly for hurting him.. Thanks for commenting and keep sharing your views and opinions. Harani – First of all thanks for the comment. Yes dear. I am a pg student. You didn’t expect me to be one? ?? Well mystery will be unraveled soon. Keep reading and share your thoughts with me. Sweetie – Thanks for the comment dear. Indeed Singh is a wretched soul. He’ll definitely try to get rid of Swara. Let’s see what I have in store for you all.?? Keep reading and keep supporting me like this. Shagun – thanks for the comment dear. well.. you want confession..Right??  you’ll soon get it. in not more than 3 episodes. Keep sharing your thoughts and suggestions.. Thanks kumu and zzzz for your comments. Now, read this part carefully. From this particular episode we are stepping completely into the story. Till now I gave you all a description about the characters, their behavior and feelings. As I said now, we are completely into the story. Keep encouraging me with your valuable comments.. Link for the previous episode […]

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