THE GYPSY LOVER ( SwaSan) Episode 7


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The rituals began. The pandit asked both of them to stand up for pheras. Swara was going weak all again. She felt as if her  knees can no longer balance her. She tried to reach for Sanjay. But he was more concentrated on completing pheras than her. Swara was no longer in her senses. She fell down on the floor very quietly.
There was a sickening mist of voice surrounding her in the hall. Above all she could hear Sanjay’s voice full of concern very near to her. She slowly opened her eyes to find Sanjay sitting next to her on the couch. His eyes were anxiously searching her face.
A man came with a goblet. Taking the goblet from his hands and holding it close to her lips, he said
“Drink this.”
Swara after gulping the opiate down tried to speak. Her sound was so feeble that Sanjay had to lean towards her to hear her.
“I’m sorry Sanjay. I tried not to faint. But don’t know how, but my body gave away.”
“Its okay darling. don’t worry. we have our doctor here to check you”
The doctor who was one of the wedding guests stepped in to check her.
A moment later he turned towards Sanjay.
“She will be alright Mr.Maheshwari. Proper diet and rest shall do the job. But I am afraid that you’ll have to postpone the wedding until her recovery. It may take 4 to 5 days.”
Sanjay’s eyes now reflected dismay and consternation.
“But, what’s the need of postponing the wedding. Let her rest for a couple of hours. Then we shall proceed with
the ceremony.”
The doctor interrupted him.

“My dear fellow, she is not in a state to handle further stress today. So it will be better if you postpone the wedding.”
Sanjay looked at her form with utter disappointment.
Then he slowly carried her to her room and placed her on the bed. Mumbling a goodnight into her ears he led others out if the room ordering them not to disturb her whole night.
Once she was all alone in the room, she took a breath of relief. She turned her face to the pillows and cried her heart out. Why should Sanskar have this effect on her? Why should the mere mention of his name take the strength from her body?.Slowly her thoughts ceased and the opiate she gulped started taking its toll on her. That night, until midnight she slept soundly. When she woke up it was almost 12.30. The doctor’s official bulletin said that the bride was suffering from temporary collapse due to over excitement.
Lying back on the pillow, she once again tried to sleep. But sleep was far away from her eyes. She slowly stepped out of the bed and started walking up and down her room. Suddenly she stood still. A heavy silk curtain was moving, bulged outwards. Somebody is there. She opened her mouth wide to scream and then closed them when she recognized the man in gypsy costume standing in front of her.
“I greet you” Sanskar said in gypsy language.
Swara could neither speak or move. She spoke up with gelreat difficulty
“You idiot, cad, utter brute! don’t you know that the police is searching for you. that the will shoot you at sight.”
He let out a small laugh.
“Of course I do. And I’m glad to hear that my safety still concerns you.”
“I am not concerned about you, but me. Haven’t you tortured me enough? Shall this dirty game of yours go on?” She asked.
“I came here to meet my wife. Come on. I risked my neck to get here. Just for a kiss.” he shot back.
Swara was taken aback. With greater difficulty she said :
“I don’t have kisses for you. My existence is for the man I am getting married to. and he’s Sanjay.”
“Come on, Swara. you are already married to me. You know that . I ‘m your husband. By the way about whom you are talking about? Sanjay. He is yhe same guy na who asked you a kiss this morning and you refused making an excuse of our culture? He’s the same guy  na under whose gaze you feel uncomfortable?” He asked smirking.
She was shocked. How did he?

“You were over hearing our convo? But how? You cheap creature.”
“Leave all that. I must leave now. Like it or not, I am the only one who can claim you. Remember that.”
He leaned towards her aiming at her lips. She struggled vehemently to get out of his grip. The they heard the sound of footsteps on the other side of the door.
“Swara, my dear open the door.” Sanjay’s voice came in. “I saw someone at your window. Open the door dear. He may harm you”
Swara’s mouth was covered by Sanskar’s hands. He whispered into her ears.
“If you betray me, if you let him in, I swear I will kill him. Ask him to go back”
Swara looked into his eyes. They were blood red.
She spoke to Sanjay in a calm voice.
“There’s no one in here Sanjay. As you know, I am I’ll. So pls go back.”
“But dear..”
“No Sanjay. every thing is alright.”

Sanjay beloved her. he walked back after mumbling a sorry for disturbing her.
Once they were sure that he was gone, Sankar told Swara.
“Nice acting dear. As good as the show you put on for me on the cruise.”
Swara opened her mouth to curse him.But her voice died down as he sealed her lips with his claiming them possessively. She struggled, in vain. Once his desire died down, he gently picked her up in his hands and placed her on the bed. Mumbling a good night he prance across the balcony to find his way out. Swara rushed towards the balcony, but he was gone. She collapsed on her bed and started crying her heart out, pressing her face against the pillow.
Here’s chapter 7 of gypsy lover.If there are any silent readers do comment. I’m no saint. I need you support to move forward. If not I’ll stop writing this.

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Credit to: Niveditha

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