THE GYPSY LOVER ( SwaSan) Episode 5 (Who is Sarovar?)


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He arrived on the stroke of midnight. Swara could hear his firm footsteps outside the tent. She tried to control the pounding of her heart. The frame of the gypsy appeared at the length of the door. She couldn’t see his face for darkness was enveloping him. The oil lamp could only show her his body and his costumes. For some reason she felt that she had seen him somewhere.
Closing the door behind him, the gypsy started moving towards her. Slowly, his face became visible to her. His eyes, his eyes were all that she wanted to see to prove her doubt right. And when she saw the same brown orbs again, she felt numb. Unable to move. So he was Sarovar. The gypsy outlaw. Drawing her hands across her eyes she rubbed her eyes again and again to confirm that she is not hallucinating. It was impossible. It was the same proud thin face, the same unforgettable brown eyes, the same man whom she had learned to love on the cruise.
“Sanskar” she sobbed. “Sanskar”.
Shaking his head, he drew a chair close to her and sat on it.
“No. Sarovar. I am Sarovar. In Kolkata, on the cruise I was Sanskar. Here, in my place, among my people, I’m Sarovar. Their gypsy leader.”
Swara looked at the man sitting in front of her, looking down at her, into her soul. He was not lying. His eyes reflected truthfulness. He might be true. But she needed answers to her questions. Questions meant for Sarovar, the gypsy leader.
Drawing the courage from the fact that he loved her once and that he can’t hurt her, she raised herself to her feet. Looking straight into eyes she spoke in a tone unknown to Sanskar.
“Why have you brought me here? You must understand that the police will find out. It can only be a matter of time until they search me. You must be mad.”
Sanskar, at first was startled by the change in Swara’s tone. But he had always been an expert in masking his expressions. So he could swiftly replace the astonishment on his face by a smirk filled with sarcasm.

“Perhaps I’m mad. But don’t worry about the police. They have been trying to trace me for years and there’s no reason why they should do it now.”
Swara was surprised by the degree of easiness he showed. She expected him to get astonished. But he was cool as a cucumber. She felt defeated. The weight in her tone dropped. She asked helplessly
” But why did you brought me here?”
Sanskar very well knew that his sarcasm would bring down the spirits of Swara. But to such an extend? He didn’t expect this helpless tone of hers.
” On the cruise, I told you that I hate formalities. These laws of modern society. But if you remember, I also told you about that I have definite ideas about a woman’s decency and honour. But you cheated me after knowing about me. My thoughts. By taking off your engagement ring.”
“So this was it. He wanted revenge. For cheating him on the cruise. ” she thought.
“I know you must be thinking that I brought you here for completing my revenge. But for you to know, its not my revenge for your disgusting behavior on the cruise. When I said goodbye to you on the cruise, I meant that. Despite the fact that I started loving you madly, I made up my mind to hate you. Despise you. And I was successful in doing so. I never intended to meet you again. But it seems like fate has other things in store for us. There’s something called destiny, Swara. Like it or not, all of us are merely her puppets. So it’s our destiny that brought you to me. I still hate you for what you have done. But right now I need you. I have my own reasons for that. And my love for you is definitely not one of them.”
“Still my question remains unanswered. Why did you bring me here? You despise me. Hate me. And that lady told that I’m brought here to be your wife. why?”
He smiled. A devil’s smile.

“Whom are you going to marry, Swara?”
“Sanjay. Sanjay Maheshwari. The prince of Ajmer”. She managed to say between her sobs.
“That’s the reason you are here. If you ‘d been been going to marry any other man, you wouldn’t have been here.”
“What did he do? What has he done to you?”
“What has he done to me? What didn’t he do? You don’t know the injustice and cruelty he unleashed on me and my people. I vowed vengeance. I must live up to my reputation of being Sarovar, the gypsy kin. You put the chance into my hands.”
Swara looked at the man in front of her. He was no longer the Sanskar whom she had learned to love with all that she has got. He was a mere imposter of that Sanskar. Her sanskar’s eyes bore compassion, love and admiration for her. This man’s eyes were reflecting hatred. Pure hatred.
“You can’t do this to me. You just can’t.” She managed to utter.
“Why can’t I?. You are still thinking of me as that friend or shall I say lover? of yours on the cruise. Tch tch Swara. I am Sarovar. the gypsy king”
“You must take me back to the palace. You must” she said in a choked voice.
“You shall go back tomorrow. Not until then.”

“Sarovar. I am Sarovar. The gypsy king. I had illusions about you on the barge. I loved you. admired you. but now, I despise you. I know neither admiration nor respect. Tonight I only want you.”
She stood frozen as soon as she realized the meaning underlying his words. He had the right to punish her. But he could not treat in such a way. Whatever be the reason.
“Listen Sanskar. You seem to think that you can order me like these gypsies. but no. I have apologized. I can do no more.”
“You can do a lot more. Like… ahhh you can kiss me now. You can give me your white skin.”
Swara felt his strong hands enveloping her. She struggled to get out of his grip. She protested with everything she has got. But Sanskar was way too strong for bet. He claimed her lips in endless kisses. Swara pushed him back.
“You cad. you utter brute. Sanjay will make you pay for this”
Sanskar’s face changed. The laughter died in his eyes.
“Will he? First of all he will suffer.When you return to him, the seal on Sarovar’s love will be stamped upon you, never to be erased.”
“This is not love. This is your lust.”
Sanskar’s rage knew no limits as she uttered the word lust.
“Lust? Now that you have termed this act as lust, let me show you what lust actually means. Tonight you can lie in my arms. Tomorrow you shall go back to palace. To Sanjay.”
Before Swara could utter a word he once more held her close to him, burning her lips with his desire. For Swara, she was being humiliated. As he deepened the kiss, her protests died down. He kissed her until she was spent and exhausted. Swara sat down leaning against the wall. She had no fight left. This man was taking away her self respect and she could do nothing. It was probably the worst situation that any woman would face.
He looked at her. She was looking beautiful in that Saree. He knew that he had hurt her. He thought
“I had never loved any woman as I love this one. But if I’m cruel to her, she deserves it. She was crueller than grave to me. And tomorrow she must go back to Sanjay”
If he felt the slightest twinge of pity for her, he didn’t show it.
He clapped his hands thrice. The same woman who gave soup to Swara stepped in with a goblet. Handling the goblet to Sarovar, she left the tent. Sankar sat down by Swara’s side and held out the goblet to her. Swara was tired. Snatching the goblet from his hand, she gulped down the liquid in one go hoping that it would give her the strength to bear his torture for the next few hours. After finishing it she realized that it was not water. may be some wine. She looked at him.
“That was wine. It will make you want my love even more.”
“I loathe you.” she mumbled.

The wine was taking its effect on her. She was no longer in her senses.
“So you love me again Swara?” he asked drawing her close to him.
“Kiss me Sanskar.” she said looking into his eyes.
“Its Sarovar who kisses you” she heard his rich, compelling voice telling her.
She didn’t know what happened to her after that. She was madly responding to his touch. For a moment, her subconscious mind stirred- rebelled.
“Let me go. let me go”
She heard no answers. She gave in. She let the inferno burn her.
The last thing she heard before falling asleep was a man’s passionate voice, which said : “I would have so gladly dedicated myself to you. I could have loved you better than life itself. Why did you do this thing to me?”

So here’s the next epi of gyspsy liver? How was it? I know I’m late. But I just can’t keep my hands off the baby. She’s soooo cute…?????

Thanks to all those who commented. Pls if there are any silent readers do comment. I feel like the story is not good. So pls do comment. I would love to know your thoughts. All comments are welcome.let it be positive or negative. Tell me which was you fav part (if any) in this installment? I personally loved the last words of Sanskar in this epi.

Credit to: Niveditha

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