THE GYPSY LOVER (SwaSan) Episode 4 (The gypsy out law : Sarovar)


First of all I thank Bisha, Harani, Zuha Fatima, Bresh, Zzzz(Charming), Sharlene and Sagun for their wonderful comments. Bisha, the resemblance that you found with the movie Mann will soon start fading away. This story is not gonna be something like that. Harani, thanks for the comment dear. Yes.Swara is bound to Sanjay. But on the otherside we have Sanskar. How can she ever be somebody else’s when Sanskar is there? And Zuha, it’s okay dear. No need of apologizing. Keep reading.
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Now lets come to the story.

Sanjay was true to his words. His driver was there at the Ajmer railway station to drive Swara up to the palace. The palace was beautiful. Swara could swear that she had never seen such a magnificent palace in her entire life. She would have happily roamed around the palace to explore its inner beauty if what all happened in the cruise was just a dream. The luxuries and the comforts which invited her there couldn’t stop her from thinking about Sanskar.
After two days her Mehendi and Haldi ceremonies took place. But her mind was never there with her. Her thoughts roamed around Sanskar. Her brain was haunted by the memories of their brief, lovely romance.
Where was he now? Where did he love? Does he hate her? Despise her?
Her heart screamed a big No to her questions. But mind told her that he would definitely despise her. No matter how much he loved her. For her betrayal.

She was taking part in the party arranged for the British officials of Ajmer. Even the air had the smell of liquor which was being served to the invitees. Swara’s thoughts were clouded by Sanskar. She was dressed in a red and white chiffon saree with Sanjay’s diamonds around her neck. The smell of liquor and cigarettes made her feel sick. She wanted a sweet and simple wedding. No liquor. No cigarettes. No court dancers to entertain the guests. But whatever that was happening around her were totally opposite to what she wanted. Sanjay is a spineless creature. She thought. He was literally falling on the feet of the British officials on the name of courtesy and humbleness. She could no longer take the drama. She went straight to Mrs. Maheshwari, Sanjay’s mother – a thin, fragile old lady – and asked to excuse her for this evening as she is suffering from terrible headache. The kind old lady let Swara take leave from the party. Seeing Swara going up Sanjay rushed to her.

“What happened to you Swara? Why are you going up? The party is still on darling.”
She hated him. His concern. Why can’t he understand that she don’t want to stay there? With him. With those stupid seniors of his. Spineless creature. She muttered under her breath. Then she turned to Sanjay with a tired smile plastered on her face.
“ I’m so sorry dear. The party was really awesome. But this headache. Ah… its not letting me enjoy the fun. Its better if I go and take rest right now. Tomorrow is our marriage. And I want to look the best. So please let me go.”
Unwillingly Sanjay let her go back to her room. he himself joined the party back.

Swara on reaching her room went straight to bed. She needed some rest badly. She wanted to get rid of Sanskar and those memories.
Suddenly she saw the frame of a man near her window. She was startled. She saw the figure of a gypsy in front of her. The whole palace was enjoying the party down there in the party hall. Swara screamed. But her voice didn’t reach anyone. The man pressed his hand to her mouth. The memory of the next few moments was a mixture of fear and horror. He tied her arms and legs and gagged her mouth. She She could see herself being carried through some windows. Then she was pulled into a saddle with her kindnapper behind her. He rode away with her leaving the Palace back. Then somehow she realized in the dark that they were climbing some mountain. She could understand nothing. Why was she being kidnapped? Maybe for ransom. Then Sanjay would give them anything for her return. After two or three hours she found herselfbeing pulled down. It was a plateau. There was a network of tents. They led her to the most spacious and good looking tent and pushed her in. Her arms and legs were freed. She was feeling tired. On her way she noticed the gypsies talking in some other language. So she couldn’t get their motive. She sat there inside the tent. It was a luxurious tent. Two oil lamps were hanging on silver chains from the room. The floor was covered with handmade silk carpets. Pillows were arranged on one side on a bed and all the bed covers and pillow covers were of silk. All stolen goods. She supposed.
The gypsies in Ajmer were famous for the lawless life the led. They were against the British rule and hence were the enemies of Sanjay. But the entire tribe was not blamed for the nuisance caused. The entire blame fell on ‘Sarovar’ the gypsy leader. She began to recall the wonderful story of the elusive gypsy leader ‘Sarovar’.

Sanjay had been telling her about him that afternoon and their efforts to put him behind the bars. But the clever gypsy leader always outdid the law and its officials whenever the police raided his hide outs. His people were loyal and the man continued to lead his lawless life up in the mountains. She shivered at the gypsy leaders thought. If it was his work – her abduction – then Sanjay would never be able to trace her. Pressing her knees to her chest she sat there waiting for someone to turn up. Suddenly the opening of the tent which was made of wood flung open and a woman came in. it was evident from her clothes that she belonged to the tribe. She held out a goblet to Swara and said in tolerable hindi “for you”
As soon as her words came out Swara started ranting her with questions.
“You know Hindi? Tell me.where I am? Why I’ve been brought here?”
“This is the tent of Sarovar. Our leader. And you are brought here for him. To be his bride.”
“Brought here for Sarovar? For god’s sake talk sensibly I’m getting married to the prince of Ajmer tomorrow. Ask him whatever you want. He’ll give you. Please return me to the palace. Now ask your leader Sarovar to come and meet me? Where is he? Let me tell him that I’m not a toy to play with.”
“He will come to you at mid night. He asked me to give you this soup. And be prepared to receive him.” She pushed the goblet into Swara’s hand and walked out of the tent closing the door behind her.

Swara sat there dazed. What was going on in her life? She leaned back helplessly crying her heart out waiting for the man to come. She wanted answers. And the one who could give answers to her questions is Sarovar. The Gypsy leader.
Whoa… here’s chapter 4? How was the installment? Its not proofread. Pardon me for typos.
Who is this Sarovar? What is his role in Swara’s love story? Any guesses? Keep guessing.
Next update will be on Monday, 9th May. I’m going to Jakarta today. Right now I’m sitting in the airport. My soul sister gave birth to a baby girl yesterday. She’s in Jakarta. So I and her mom – my aunty – are going there to see the baby. I’ll come back after one week. So till Monday keep reading and leave your valuable comments below in the comment box.

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Credit to: Niveditha

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