THE GYPSY LOVER (SwaSan) Episode 3 (I am not free to love you)



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Swara slept soundly. She woke up to find mild rays of sun pouring into her cabin through the porthole. The sea appeared golden due to the sunlight. After her daily routine she stepped out of her cabin to have a closer look of the morning sea. For the first time in her life she was travelling in a cruise. That too alone. May be for the last time. She wondered if Sanskar is already up. For a moment she thought of going to his cabin and waking him. Later, she stopped herself. She realized that she was forgetting Sanjay knowingly before Sanskar.
“Good morning beautiful lady”
She heard him greeting her. She didn’t have to turn to identify him. It was Sanskar. Sanskar flashed his trademark charming smile at her.
“beautiful” he mumbled looking at her angelic face. Against the blue water with sun’s mild rays she looked like an angel.
Swara was busy staring the sea. Sanskar was watching her through the corner of her eyes. The exchanged no words. The silence itself talked tones. They stood there stealing glances at each other. Swara was very much aware of Sanskar’s gaze on her. For some time, she chose to ignore him. She was fighting with her own inner turmoil. She couldn’t find a name for the feeling that she felt for Sanskar. Sanskar on the other hand was very much sure about his own feelings. He met Swara only a few hours ago. But he was irrevocably in love with her. He could see that Swara felt something for him. She adored him, if not love. He very well knows how to convert that adoration into love.

For Swara these were her last few days of freedom and singlehood. So she wanted to cherish her every moment in the cruise, with Sanskar.

The next three days were the best days in both Swara’s and Sanskar’s life. They hardly left each other even for a minute. Free time would pass talking about anything and everything under the sum. Sanskar never spoke anything personal about him. Nor did he care to ask Swara anything about her. For Swara, Sanskar was an encyclopedia. He could talk about any topic for hours without a break.
On their last night on the cruise, Sanskar decided to propose Swara. He could no longer stop his feelings. Both of them were sitting inside Swara’s cabin listening to the lovely song played for the crew members. It was slow and romantic. Sanskar was getting restless with each passing minute. He slowly wrapped his arms around Swara and leaned forward to kiss her. Swara herself was losing her sanity to his strong muscular frame. His hot unsteady breaths were fanning her face. She closed her eyes struggling for sanity. Unknowingly her gaze fell on the small blue velvet box kept on the side table. It contained her engagement ring. “For heaven’s sake you are engaged Swara.” Her conscience stepped in. Sanjay! What was she going to do? She was betraying both Sanjay and Sanskar. She loved Sanskar. She was sure about her feelings. But she is engaged to Sanjay. She is betraying both of them. Before Sanskar could feel her lips, he was pushed back slightly by Swara. He looked at her questioningly. Her large doe shaped eyes were reflecting fear, pain and all those myriad emotions.
“This is wrong. We are wrong Sanskar.”

“Why Swara? What is wrong in this? I love you. You love me. There’s nothing wrong in this whole affair.”
“I am scared. I can’t let you touch me. We are not meant to be together.”
“Why Swara? I know that you are confused. I am a stranger to you. But trust me Swara. I love you. And you love me.”
She could understand very well that Sanskar was very much in love with her. But she can’t reciprocate her feelings. She was bound to Sanjay by virtue. She took a drastic step which broke Sanskar into pieces.
“I can’t let you touch me. I am going to Ajmer for my marriage. I am getting married in few days.i’m not free to love you. ”
Sanskar’s face expression changed.He suddenly looked broken and devastated.
She continued. “I know I have hurt you. Sorry. Sorry for everything.” She said in between her sobs.
He stood back and looked out through the porthole and started speaking in a voice which held no emotions.
“ don’t apologize Swara. I am the one who should apologize to you and your fiancé. But what you did to me is known as betrayal. I shall never forgive you for this. Good bye. You will never see me again.”

He walked out of her cabin without looking back.
Swara fell on the floor and started crying hysterically.
“Please don’t hate me Sanskar. Please don’t hate me.” She screamed out to his retreating figure.
Sanskar who was fighting his own thoughts didn’t turn back.
Next day she went for breakfast alone. She looked around the dining area to find Sanskar. He was nowhere to be seen. Soon they were informed that they would reach Bombay port in just 5 hours. Finally a little English steward informed her that Sir left the cruise at some insignificant port. Swara was shattered beyond limits. Her dream had turned into a nightmare. The thought of never seeing his handsome face broke her. The rest of the voyage was a curse for Swara. She had lost everything. Her love. Her Sanskar.

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Credit to: Niveditha

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