THE GYPSY LOVER (SwaSan) Episode 2 (Swara meets Sanskar)


Hey friends Niveditha here. When I posted an article for your getting your suggestion your response was awesome. That’s why I started this story. Hope u all will support me like that throughout this journey. And my dear reader bisha you will get the answer to your question in today’s episode. For those who missed the previous part, here is the link.

Now let’s start.
She walked to the reception and asked the clerk about her reservation on the Ajmer mail. The man excused himself with a smile
“would you mind waiting for a minute ma’am? Let me clear this gentleman’s enquiries”
She glanced at the man standing next to her. her eyes widened on seeing his figure. He is amazingly handsome. She thought. He was wearing an English suit. From his appearance she could easily figure out that he was an Indian. Even in that ‘firangi’ suit he was not looking like those filthy creatures who blindly followed the British dressing style. His hair was brushed back from his forehead. He was tall may be 6 feet or more? She amused.
He was speaking in fluent Bengali to the receptionist. But he didn’t seem to be a Bengali to her.
On hearing the receptionist he looked down at her and flashed a wonderful smile.
“I’m sorry.” He exclaimed in the deep rich voice of his. “I was bombarding that poor receptionist with questions. Anyways, my enquiry is over.”
“you can now attend her”. he said turning to the receptionist.

Swara brushed away her thoughts about the handsome stranger and turned towards the receptionist. Still she couldn’t contain herself. “do you know who he is?” she asked to the clerk
“oh ma’am. He is from Ajmer and was staying in our hotel for quite few days. He is going back to Bombay tonight by cruise.”
Swara grabbed a piece of paper listing the modes of transport from Kolkata to different parts of the country from the side table. What caught her attention on the paper were the details about the cruise that was leaving the port of Kolkata the same day to Bombay.
Distance : 2096 nautical miles
Speed : 20 knots
Days at the sea : 4.4 days.

Then a crazy idea struck her mind. Why shall she travel by an overcrowded conventional train while a beautiful sail through the Indian Ocean was awaiting her? These were her last days of freedom. In just one week she married to Sanjay and she will be forced to spend the rest of her life inside the four walls of the Palace. She wanted to enjoy the last days of her freedom. She made up her mind and made a reservation for herself on the cruise that was leaving for Bombay the same day. From Bombay to Ajmer she decided to travel by train. Then she sent a telegram to Sanjay stating that she would be three days late. She would explain when she saw him. Then she took a taxi to the port.
At the port, a coolie helped her to take her luggage to the luxurious cruise. Once the cruise started it sail she felt happy that she could live her life at her own terms atleast for the upcoming 4 days.
She stood at the deck looking at the endless sea. The night was warm and windless. As she sat down on the deck watching the moon and enjoying the beautiful light she felt a shadow falling over her. She turned back to find the same handsome man whom she met at the Hotel standing behind her.
“What a pleasant surprise. You are also travelling to Bombay ?” he enquired.
“Yes” she smiled.
He came and sat next to her maintaining a decent distance between them.
“So you live in Bombay?”
“No. I am going to Ajmer. from Bombay I’ll board some train and leave for Ajmer”
“Hmmm… Ajmer. Seems interesting. Then Ajmer is fortunate”
“Why so?” she had to ask.

“Because a beautiful lady like you are going to live there.”
She laughed softly at his comment. Then both of them started to stare ahead without uttering a single word.
Swara looked at her ring finger without the strangers notice. It was empty. She had took out the ring that Sanjay made her wear during their engagement one month ago. The ring was an expensive one with beautiful kundan works on it. She didn’t want people to stare at her because of that ring.
After what felt life eternity to them the stranger broke the silence.
“You know we are being very formal here. And I hate formalities. This silence.. I hate it. So please talk something”
Swara was surprised at his behavior. They met each other only few minutes ago. And this man wanted her to talk. There’s something different about this man. Still she felt so happy and safe with him by her side. Strange.
“ah… hmmm…would it be too formal if I ask your name?”
He laughed softly at her question. “Sanskar” he said and raised his eyebrow at her.
“I’m Swara”
“Swara”. He muttered. “suits you”
She smiled gently at his comment and started staring at the sea once again.

Sanskar looked at the girl critically. She was young, lovely and beautiful. Her face was glowing in the moonlight. Flawless skin, perfect cuts and magical eyes. Nymph. She looked like a nymph to him. If ever he had pictured a woman he could madly love, it was a woman like this one. He bunched his fists so hard that his knuckles turned white; to stop him from lunging at her. She was affecting his senses badly. Love at first sight happened to him. He was so happy.
Just then they heard the crew calling out for the occupants of the cruise to have dinner. Sanskar wanted Swara to join him and she also accepted his offer gladly. She was very much impressed by him. His style. His nature. They had their food in silence.
After dinner chairs were arranged for them and on the deck and Ball music was played by an orchestra. People around them started dancing in pairs waltzing across the desk. Swara and Sanskar too enjoyed the slow music. But with the passing time, the music was getting into Sanskar’s nerves.
“Dance with me”. He said to Swara.

Before Swara could make a formal reply he swayed her in his arms and started dancing. He didn’t even ask her whether she know how to dance. Both danced gracefully feeling each other’s touch, lost in each other’s eyes. When the music stopped they were drawn back to reality by the claps of the people surrounding them. That night as very special for both Swara and Sanskar.
Once inside her cabin she took her ring out of her bag and stared at it. The warmth she wanted to feel in Sanjay’s arms were given to her by Sanskar. She realized bitterly that she was falling for this man Sanskar.
For Sanskar, the night was so beautiful. He found his love, his soulmate in Swara. Before going to sleep he muttered to himself. “you are mine Swara.”
Here’s the second chapter of the gypsy lover. Tell me your views about this one through your comments.

In the original version of Gypsy lover Rina takes out her engagement ring to fool Micheal(here, it is Sanskar). She didn’t want Micheal to know that she was engaged to an another man. But I’m a huge Swara fan. I can’t let her do something cheap for a man. This chapter is not well drafted or written. So if you find some mistakes please pardon me for those. Thank you and do comment.

Credit to: Niveditha

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