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Sanskar’s POV
It has been one year after Sanjay’s death. Today me and Swara are in the palace with my mom. It has been 5 months, since we started staying in the palace.No… I didn’t go back on my word to my people of staying with them forever. Swara wanted to remain there in our humble tent and give birth to our child there. But this is the one time I would not let her take any risk. it was me who insisted upon taker her to the palace.
Swara is not as strong as the women of the tribe, physically. She’s brave – who knows that better than myself. I have dedicated my life to my people, but for a few months they can do without me, knowing that I will return to them.

My mom still lives. Although frail, life had by no means gone out of her. She’s clinging to life dearly. When doctor said that her recovery fro. such a pathetic state was surprising her words were:
“I won’t let my life retire to the heavens or hell – whatever may it be – without seeing the handsome face of my grandson. ”
Yes. It has to be a son. Every soul in Ajmer and my own people up the mountains wants the child to be a boy though I secretly wish it to be a girl, my junior Swara. But Swara na.. she openly confessed that she wanted a junior Sanskar. Whatever be the gender, I just want a healthy baby.
For weeks now the peasants and gypsies had come pouring into the palace ground offering their humble presents. Little embroidered garments, hand knitted shawls, fine lace, toys carved from local wood, gypsy trinkets brought by the tribe, who came on foot to hand their treasures in at the Palace. Now her room is completely stuffed with pathetic presents, all of which she accepted with gratitude. Seriously, she is the most pure and pious soul I have ever met.
Not it was her hour. I am pacing down in the great hall smoking cigarettes one after one. I am not a chain smoker. But today, this tension has made me one. A specialist has arrived from Mumbai to attend Swara. My mom is pacing after me in the hall, matching my every step, imitating my actions, mocking me. Now she is tired of imitating me.

“Foolish boy.. there is no need of behaving like a caged tiger. Isn’t this a natural process. Creation is always painful.” she said taking a seat.
“If anything should happen to her, if she should… no… I can’t even think about it, I should never forgive myself.” I mumbled.
At this time, nobody can understand the stress I am going through.

“Tch, tch, Sanskar.. Think good..Be positive. Everything is gonna be alright. Every woman enjoys this pain. It gives her a sense of completion. Swara is a normal, healthy girl – indeed she has led such an existence in the mountains lately, that she should be far better fitted to bear a child than if she had lived a soft life in Kolkata.”
Somehow my mom’s words gave me some courage. Maybe she’s right. But still..
“I hope to God you are right.”
She smiled at me. There was an unspoken prayer on my lips.

Unable to stay within the four walls of the palace anymore, I walked out to the garden. Trees and flowed beds bathed in mellow sunlight. It is indeed a heavenly morning, a fitting one for the birth of our child.
I can see her window from the garden. In her room, she is with her nurses and doctors. She’s suffering. The mere thought of her pain is killing me from inside. They say labor pain feels like all our bones are breaking together. How will she handle it? She’s so fragile. Yet, when I met her a few hours ago, she had laughed at me and sent me away. Maybe mom was right. She was happy as she was so soon to bring our child into the world.
I left her room in daze. She had asked me to take a look at those lovely little clothes which had been laid out by the nurses – each garment embroidered with a silken crest – and a cradle carved from mountain oak, with a canopy of palest blue silk – the same cradle in which me and my brother Sanjay had pain so many years ago. I hardly saw all these. It was her continuous chatter which told me all these things are arranged in her room.
Right now I can’t see or think clearly. I only know one thing, that  I love Swara better than my life and that she will always come first for me. First and foremost before any son or daughter whom she would bear for me.
Now I can see the mountains which is actually our little heaven. We shall be back with our people soon. And we shall be glad.
I can hear my mom shouting my name. Oh she is standing at the entrance waiting for me. But wait… why the hell is she sweating?? She is panting heavily. O ran towards her.
“Sanskar… Sanskar… I am over come…”
“What is it mom? Everything’s alright na?”

“Yes Sanskar.. Everything’s alright. Swara has given you a son.” she said smiling.
I felt numb with happiness. My heart and brain was too filled for words.
“She has given me not only a son, but the whole world.”
I kissed mom’s cheek and ran up the stairs, two at a time, to see the mother of my child.

Third person’s POV
Up in the mountains, the gypsies had been roused from their brooding silence by the sound of a gun. One reverberation, then two. It was to be two for a boy, Sarovar had told them.
“A son! Son of Sarovar, our leader, has been born.” roared the gypsies.

Standing at the doorstep he watched his beloved wife. She was pale and pallid. Yet there her eyes were glowing. They were shining like the most beautiful diamond in the world. She was leaning to the headrest, with his child in the crook of her arm. The crown of motherhood sat gloriously on her. He slowly walked to her. She hesitantly tore her eyes from her son to her husband, hearing his footsteps. He noticed only her, not even his child. He was thinking how beautiful she looked even though her face said she was all spent. She gave her one hand to him, adjusting the baby in her other arm. He sat beside her on the bed.

“How are you feeling Swara? Did it hurt too much?” He asked.
“Shut yo Sanskar. The pain was really good. Now look at him. Your son. Our son.” she said intertwining her fingers with his.
“What? The pain was good? What do you…”
“Oh..Sanskar.. you won’t understand that. Only women can understand the theory behind pain being good. No. Actually wonderful. Now please look at our son. He’s waiting for a glance of his father.”
He dragged his gaze from her to the tiny flower like face in the crook of her arm. Manlike, he saw little beauty in those pink crumbled features. He put out a finger and touched the soft scarlet silk on his son’s head.
“What will be his identity Sanskar? A Maheshwari or a gypsy?” she asked playfully.
“Well, Swara he will have a dual identity. Both of a Maheshwari and a gypsy.” he said smiling.
At that moment, Sanskar- the- second opened his eyes. Mother and father looked at him eagerly and in awe as if a miracle had been performed. Then Swara said in a hushed voice
“Look at him Sanskar, he has the same hazel brown orbs as you. And I know he’ll be like you in every way. Strong,handsome and marvellous.”
He bent and kissed his wife and his son.
“I have been told not to stay. You’ve got to sleep. And soon we shall go back to the mountains – me you and our little bundle of joy. And we shall show our people my son whom you have given us.”

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