THE GYPSY LOVER ( SwaSan) Episode 12

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THE GYPSY LOVER ( SwaSan) Episode 11 (I am not giving you up)

New golden day commenced. Swara stirred in sleep. She stretched out her arms drowsily to fund Sanskar. Alas! he was not there. Swara sat up. She felt hungry? Where was Sanskar? She left the tent of boughs and moved around to find him. No. He was not there.
“Sanskar… Sanskar where are you?” she called out.
No answer. She sat down near the tent to wait for him. Her eyes drank the sight of the beautiful shelter in which they spent their precious night. It was then she noticed a note pinned to the tent. A few words were scrawled in pencil:
” Good morning Sunshine. I am going to get us something to eat. Light a fire if you can. I love you.”
It read.She smiled. “I love you too Sanskar.” she whispered.
She heard a rustle behind her. May be Sanskar is returning.She put on her best possible smile and turned back. But the sight in front of her terrified her. It was an unfamiliar face. A Gypsy.She was taken aback. Next second, she jumped on her feet and started shouting for Sanskar. The man held out a hand to stop her from screaming.
“Please don’t scream lady. I am not here to harm you. I am a loyal servant of Sarovar” he spoke.
Swara stopped screaming and looked at him.
“Is there a faithful servant left to him?” she asked.
“Yes lady. yes. and that’s me Pawan.”
“Pawan. So tell me why did you follow us? If you love your master so much why didn’t you let us go in our own way? Why can’t you just let us leave in peace?” she asked.
“It is because only you can save him lady.”
“Save him? What do you mean by save him?”
“Dear lady, you don’t know the gypsies. They know every inch of this forest. Sometimes better than Sarovar. They know that you are camping here. They mean to come here tonight.  Once the track him down, they will surely shoot him.”
Swara panicked. Pawan’s words were hitting her hard.
“We must tell him then. we must warn him. So that both of us can escape. Sankar… Sanskar…” she called out.
“Don’t call him lady” Pawan warned.”You can never escape the gypsies. You are running short of time. Only you can help him.” Pawan said.
“Me? How can I ? Tell me Pawan. I’ll do anything to keep him safe.”
“By returning yourself to Naik.” Pawan said.
“Naik? What do you mean by returning myself to Naik?”
“Don’t take me wrong lady. If you go back to the gypsy encampment, Naik will send you back to the palace safe and sound. Don’t wait for Sarovar to come back. He’ll not let you go even that means risking his own life. Once you are out of his life the gypsies will merrily accept him as our leader once again. Think lady. think.Will you let him die for you?”
Swara thought for a while. Pawan was right.She can’t let him die for their love. His life was way too precious for her. His life must not be risked. Much better that she should go back to Sanjay and ensure her lover’s freedom. Last night he had made her entirely his. Leaving him even without bidding farewell seemed cruel. But any sacrifice would be worthwhile if she could save his precious life.
Turning back to Pawan she asked ” is it true? if I go back to the tribe, will they return me to the palace and accept Sarovar as their leader again? Do you swear it?”
“It is true lady.” he said hurriedly. “Come I’ll take you to the horse. Then I’ll come back to Sarovar and tell him what you have done.”
Her eyes filled with tears.
“Yes. tell him all my heart is left behind with him and that I can never love any other man till my last breath. Tell him that I have gone back to the palace to save his life; that if he follows or tries to get me back, I will refuse to come for it will again put his life in danger.”
“Yes, yes” Pawan nodded impatiently. “Lady we must hurry. Or it will be too late to save him.”
The words made her sprang into action. A few minutes later she was standing on the outskirts of the forest. A black horse stood there tethered to a tree. It was saddled, ready for her.
Pawan touched the horse gently.
“He knows the way back. He will lead you even if you are unsure.”
She mounted the horse. Her face was strong, eyes desperate. If only she could see him for one last time, hear him saying that he understood, that he would always remember her as she would remember him, and their wonderful dream of love. She rode away.
Pawan called after her:
“You have saved him lady. I’ll tell him everything.”
The man’s words comforted her a little. Still her agony, her tears, her grief – didn’t die down.
Once she was out of sight, Pawan mounted on his own horse which rode him all the way up from the gypsy encampment in the mountains to the forest, grinning widely.
“She has swallowed the bait. Now we are going to enjoy her. She’ll entertain us. Naik has promised us that.”
About ten minutes after the man rode away, to the gypsy encampment in the hope of feeding his own lust with Swara, like many others.

Huh…here’s the next episode. The 12th one. I want your comments on this. I replied to all your comments on the previous chapter there. Leave your valuable comments here also. I’d love to read them and reply to them. Please, if there are any silent readers, do comment… Ignore typos, if any..

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    1. Hey Bhanu… Why are you shivering? No need of that. Feel free to comment here. I’d love to read your suggestions. I hate being formal. So think of me as your sister and write whatever that comes into your mind after reading.
      Lust – strong s*xual desire or a passionate desire for something or a sensuous appetite regarded as sinful. (As per oxford English dictionary)
      I am from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Few of my cousins are settled in Secunderabad and Hyderabad. So that have been to Andhra. Yeah, I know Tamil. Akka means elder sister in Tamil and it is chechi in Malayalam. Of course you can call me Akka. And next time onwards please feel free to comment. I’d love to hear from you…

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  10. Diii …aww again a episode ..but there was no Swasan here 🙁
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    1. Sorry to disappoint you Harani, but in the upcoming few episodes also you won’t get much of SwaSan. Huh… Misunderstandings are inevitable to make their relationship more stronger. Thanks for the comment sisso….

  11. Oh My!! Traitor in disguise of faithful servant.. I’m guessing that he is trying to bait Swara and thank you, you didn’t leave it in suspense and got to see my guess is correct.. Uff.. These gypsies are such a lustful people and coming in Naik’s words they were unable to see their leader’s truthfulness.. Ughh.. Such a back stabbing idiots.. 🙁
    Now will this Kamala that you discussed in the promo enter in the scene?? I just hope Swara to be safe..
    I commented in the earlier chappie too..
    Stay blessed dear.. 🙂

    1. Yes.. Often most trusted ones turn out to be the no:1 traitors. So is Pawan and Naik. Gypsies are uncivilized people and if the leader is not a sensible and understanding one like Sanskar, they can be misguided easily. That’s what Nail is doing here.
      Kamla will surely enter the scene. About Swara… I don’t know. Wait for the next update to know more.
      I didn’t see your comment on the earlier chapter. Now that you told me, I checked it. Thanks for the comment and sorry that I missed your comment on the previous chapter..My exams are over and I think I did well… Thanks for your wishes..

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    1. Thanks for the comment Shagun. You commented on the previous chapter also? I noticed it just now. About Swara… Wait for the next update. Let’s see if Sanky’s action can save Swara or is it something else that is gonna save Swara from their clutches…

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    1. Thanks for the comment Shree… And thanks for that faith in me. I assure you again that only SwaSan will be the endgame. Gang rape and all… I also hate it. Let’s see what I have in store for you all. Just wait for the next update…

  14. Awsome..but plzzz don’t let those basterds rape swara…I don’t like it when get raped by others….plzzz don’t let her get raped…I hope sanskar saves her

    1. Thanks for the comment Bresh..Rape?? To know what will happen to Swara just wait for the next update..

  15. Hey Nivi di… sorry I missed you chapters form chapter 10 but read all of them…all are very nice as usual?And to be frank can I ask you something… Please di add more Swasan scenes…. Hope you don’t mind… Dear waiting for your next chapter and let’s see what happens to Swara and ofcourse she will be saved…. Love you Loads di…

    1. Thanks for the comment Zuha. Sisso cut that sorry crap. I don’t want that from you all. I know that you must be busy in something that you couldn’t comment. But if you comment regularly, I’ll feel good. That’s it. At least you are not like those silent readers of mine who read this and refuse to acknowledge my hardwork… It really hurts you know? No matter how much I beg, some are determined not to comment. Only writers can understand the pain. Ah.. Leave it… More SwaSan scenes? Dear, I am very bad at romance..useless me..ah I don’t mind anything you guys say. I am here for you all to judge me. So pls don’t hesitate to write anything here. Will try to add more..only try. I’m not sure.. Sorry if I am disappointing you. But will try for sure..
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