Guys, can you help me figure out which series I’m thing of?


I really need your help. I’m hoping one of you can tell me which series I’m thinking off. I can only recall bits and pieces of what happened and I checked the Wikipedia list of series and still can’t figure it out. It wasn’t a typical drama, that I know for suite hehe. I’m just really lost so here’s all that I can recall. If anyone thinks they know what I’m taking about please please comment. Oh and Thanks in advance hehe
Ok so I’ve been reminded of this series that used to come on Star Plus (I think. I’m 99% sure that it aired on this channel) around 2011 or 2012 ish. It was about a rich family and I think one member of the family was in jail and I think he broke out of jail at some point. Also there was a son who was sent away to America cause he was a disgrace to the family ( I don’t recall what he did to bring shame to his family). I think it was suited fairly late at night. Around 10 or 11.

Can anyone tell me which series I’m thinking off? I can’t recall the name of the series or the name of any characters. All the information I can recall are given.

Credit to: Meethi

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  1. Guys could anyone tell whether there is any serial with lead name as janani.I heard about it once but forget the name of serial.

    1. Anyone give me answer

  2. I am nt sure wat t u talking abt btvi think it is tere liye….

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