The guy who never loved – a Ragsan & Swalak mystery- (episode-5)

The guy who never loved
Heyaa wonderful readers!! You’ve been my strength and my supporting factor…Im already late so lets move on with today’s episode.
The episode starts with ragini running to her room..She was quite disturbed because of all those happenings in her house..but totally everything blanked out for a second when she got her first kiss from her crush,her love,her handsome hunk..Its totally a different feel and it gave her hope some wings..!!!!She went in front of the mirror and saw her reflection..As if her lips turned gorgeous with her kiss with him..she was keenly observing her lips…

Ragini: Umm…(she was pouting her lips , moving her lips in all possible directions..)
Then she started observing herself..she turned and was observing her rear side….
Ragini: Even I cant see any change in my size..Im lil lean..I thought I’ll get a size zero..
She hears a voice suddenly..”Why a size zero?”Ragini gets startled by the voice and sees her dadi..
Ragini: areey dadi..aap yahaan? Kya hua? Aisi kyun dekhri yun?
Dadi: kaun mein? You were only observing yourself strangely…Kya hua? Tum thik hai na?
Ragini: haan..haan..hum thik hai…
Dadi: Then what happened to your lips?(she was asking that bcoz she saw ragini pouting and making weird poses with her lips..ragini thinks on an another funny way ..)

Ragini: areey dadi!!! Tum bahuth hosiyaar!! Are u seeing any difference in me?
Dadi: difference in you?
Ragini: dadi..come here..(she makes her sit on her bed..)
Dadi understands ragini is up with some thing again…
Ragini: dadi…Have I shed some weight?
Dadi: kya?(in disbelief)already u r lean na..??

Ragini: areey dadi..I must have shed more weight by now…
Dadi: tum pagal he kya? Kisne bola? And what did u do to lose weight? U sleep till 8 at all cheesy stuffs that add ur cholesterol..and a 0 in health consciousness..have u seen sanky..very health conscious and exactly ur opposite..I wish to have a grandson like him..
Ragini: areey..meri friend ne kaha…If we do that we’ll burn lots of cals..
Dadi: what the hell did u do?

Ragini: vohhhh..uh..(how can she say she kissed sanskaar..and how timid she is ..she thinks u can shed lots of cals in kiss..that too it was not even a deep one..she is just unbelievable)
Dadi: areey bol na..
Ragini: hehe..nahi kuch nahi..I was just ..waise bhi aap meri kamre mein kya kar rhi yun?
Dadi: The A/C in my room isn’t working..So I thought I could sleep here..
Ragini: then where will I sleep?
Dadi: Am I a male…??cant we share beds..stupid girl..If u aren’t comfortable go and sleep in sofa..and a short little kiss doesn’t burn calories..dont be stupid…(she lies on bed smiling)..
Ragini stares at her in disbelief…She jumps up on the bed..and pinches dadi..
Ragini: areeyy u cheater..
Dadi: Iss mein kya cheating?aur suno..I have a doubt..
Ragini: I too..

Dadi: Ok..first u ask..
Ragini: u …I mean..
Dadi: Haan..I saw u both..

Ragini: but how..
Dadi: you said only one I cleared more..
Ragini: dadi…..(she began making childish gestures like stamping on floor)
Dadi: uffffffffffff…..will say..I came accidentally saw the main door open so thought to close it ..then..
Ragini: hee…..bas..bas..ab tu pucho
Dadi: Did u really pass ur that ..cbc..something that police wala exams..?
Ragini: kyun?

Dadi: say na..
Ragini: haan..I passed with first class.
Dadi: I think ur papa must have bribed the examiners..
Ragini: why do u say so?

Dadi: you don’t even have some basic common sense that girls of ur age have..and Mujhe yakin nahi ho rha..I cant believe u could have passed that exam..
Ragini: you are this much elder but u keep pulling my legs often..
Dadi pretends to yawn saying she feels sleepy..and doesn’t want some love-sick girl near her..
Ragini: Cant u pretend of not knowing things..?
Dadi: Everything is crystal clear..and just try to keep ur that wide lips of urs tight when u look at smile like an idiot and go behind him like that Tv wala ad..wohh..a dog keeps following a person..if u r good enough to do that I’ll try to pretend not knowing things..
Ragini murmurs something and gets on her couch and cuddles her pillows…
Morning 9.00am

Sanskaar takes his keys and gets near the car…He sees disha holding some dog in her hand..Sanskaar gazes at her and slightly shifts his vision towards balcony where anjali was standing and staring at her..Sanskaar turns on the jeep and from nowhere lucky jumps suddenly in…
Sanskaar: Why on earth do u do such things..
Lucky: u got scared uh???
Sanskaar: no…nothing..come fast…
Lucky: areyy sanky..ragini ..
Sanskaar cuts in b/w saying she’ll come in her car..
Lucky: cant u a bit good..poor girl..let her also come with us na…
Sanky: lucky..these years she has been driving all alone in her car and shes not a child..
Lucky: okk fine.but be careful..else some one else might snatch her away..
Sanky: wat…
Lucky: umm..nothing..
Sanky: let her go..
Lucky: That’s rude..but it’ll pain sanky..
Sanky: We r getting late can we go?

Lucky: (in a half mood-off tone) haaaaannn…
Sanky and lucky reach offs…and are bit surprised seeing ragini there..
Lucky: Hola!!! Ragu…U R early today..that too even before mr.sanskaar maheshwari..
Ragini: Lucky..mazak bandh kar..Now we have got a lead for the case…
Sanky: kya? R u sure..
Ragini: Haan..sanky.come in lets discuss.
The trio leave and meet in sanky’s offs room..
Sanky: now say..whats that?
Ragini: sanky..I came a bit early and was reading the case file…I got something which we know well..That posh business man who was murdered..had a second wife..but her pics, possessions all are missing.
Sanskaar: haan..mujhe bhi bataya..
Ragini: but sanskaar..I think we can get something frm tis..
Sanky: what?
Ragini: That second wife was very young nearly my age ..and was very dusky..The day he was murdered,The first wife and her children were in their hometown .but went missing that following evening..and the second wife also went missing the exact afternoon itself…
Sanky: conclusion?
Ragini: May be the second one could have done the murder ..and I think we are very near her…
Lucky: who’s that?
Sanky and ragini: disha…

Lucky: kya…???
Sanky: Hmmm..ragini these are chances but still..I think this might help us..but we need to get a drawing of that lady from someone who might have met her..
Ragini: toh chale..
Sanskaar: where?
Ragini: too see her drawing.
Sanskaar: U called that visualiser?
Ragini: yup he’s working on it…
Lucky: Who’s the witness?
Ragini: The maid of that house.
Sanky: toh..come lets go…

Sanky and the duo freeze on seeing the screen….The drawing has been nearing its completion….
Sanky: Do u think..
Ragini: I think..
Laksh: its disha…
Sanky: There’s some connection b/w this murder and the scenario going on in our house…don’t u feel something like that here?
Ragini: may be papa..
Sanky: Nothing to speak on as of now..We need to know more about disha and her whereabouts..
The trio leave ..

@ ragini’s house..

A lot crowd is seen near the entrance.

Sanky: Whats going on here lucky?
Lucky: wait Ill go and see
Sanky: hmm.
Lucky comes running and panting…
Lucky : Sanky …come in..
Sanky: what happened?

Ragini comes close behind them…
Ragini: kya hua?
Laksh drags the duo and they see the dead body of disha..
Sanskaar: unbelievable man..!!!
Ragini: sanky..wohh dekh..
Shekhar seems pretty greif-stricken..or something like that..
Sanky: ragini..this is odd yaar..
Ragini: what is that oddness sanskaar?
Sanskaar: He glances at their family and says..”Its death time and no one will escape from this here on”
Lucky: matlab?
Sanskaar: come with me..we need to talk to someone..
The duo leave for a while …when ragini goes in …

@ their office:
Sanskaar: lucky !! This is an interlinked case..
Lucky: matlab?
Sanskaar: matlab..both cases have a /had a was disha..
Lucky: but sanky.she’s not a fool..we didn’t have a solid proof to prove it was her..
Sanskaar: lucky..what bothers me a lot is that how come disha wasn’t brought to limelight when she was with the victim..she is intelligent but how come she thought we cant figure her out..its an absolute stupidity man..
Laksh: but we don’t have any proofs yaar..
Sanskaar: who said?
Laksh: then u have one ?

Sanskaar: yes….

Precap: Shravan and dev get drunk and sanskaar, laksh to accompany them..later the former duo fall down with froth in their mouth..
Vohhh..Im trying to give my best..hope you liked it..Pls do read and comment …will be back soon with a next chappy..tysm for all those wonderful comments..!!!!

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