The guy who never loved – a Ragsan & Swalak mystery- (episode-4)

Hey wonderful readers !!Im back with my fourth episode…Im overwhelmed with all your comments ..Im already late with my update so lets move on with the story..
The episode starts with laksh sitting in the living room with sanky..
Laksh: areyyy..Sanky Tumne kaha kuch surprise..Shock..hai na??
Sanskaar: haan..
Laksh: I know .

Sanskaar: What?
Laksh: You guys are planning to prank me right?
Sanskaar: count from 10 on a reverse mode and close your eyes..You’ll get what Im trying to say..dont ask anything ..
Laksh: yaar..I’ll Do as you say..

He closes his eyes and counts on a reverse mode from 10..
Sanskaar looks on tensed..
Laksh: 9,8,7,…6,..5,..
Sanskaar sees swara descending down the stairs…She wasn’t actually looking them..just staring the floor and She got the coffee tray from servant’s hands.

Laksh: 4,3,
She forwarded coffee to sanskaar ..who nodded no..and pointed Towards laksh ..indicating her to give coffee to him..she goes near him and accidentally sees her kerchief in lucky’s hands..she knew …she was him..she suddenly Raises her vision seeing lucky..tears run down her cheek and kisses his hands..

Laksh: 2,1..
He suddenly feels her air and something on his palm…is it her???He opens his eyes ..
Laksh: Swara??
Ragini comes running and hugs swara shouting “Bhabhi”..The coffee in her hand slips and spills on laksh’s coat..
Laksh: Ouch!!!!
Swara: Areyy..laksh..Tum thik hai na..Ragini cant you be subtle..see he got hurt..(she realizes she is reacting absolutely correctly but on a wrong situation)..
Ragini: sorry laksh!!!am sorry bhabi..meine nahi dekha..

Laksh is still stuck with shock and is completely frozen in disbelief…
Sanskaar: Laksh!!
Laksh is standing still not realizing sanskaar is calling him..Sanskaar shakes him up from trance..
Laksh: Haan..Uhhh..Swara..Tum..
Sanskaar: lucky..swara shravan ki patni..
Laksh: Nahi..sanky..swara aur ..
Sanskaar interrupts..”lucky..ur coat got wet na come..I”ll accompany U To washroom..Aur ragini..take swara upstairs.she must be tired..
Ragini: haan..sanskaar..
Lucky and sanskaar go to the washroom in sanky’s room..
Lucky : Sanskaar..I have to meet swara…
Sanskaar: No u cant..

Laksh: No I should sanky..I should..
Sanskaar: No u cant lucky.
Laksh: Im saying na..y cant I ?
Sanskaar shouts “Because she is shravan’s wife not ur lover”
Laksh gets teary eyed…
Laksh: Sanky..I loved her very much..i came back for her..I know I didn’t turn up that day…I confessed my love to her…I think she never loved me..but still it pains sanky..what mistake did I do? I want to ask her..I’ll go and ask can can she..leave me sanky..I loved her truly…from my heart…

Sanskaar: lucky I know ..I know you love her..
Laksh: Sanky..why did you call me to assist you in this case..?You knew we loved and u know how it would be painful for me to see her as another person’s wife..y Did u do this??
He holds his shirt collar and pushes him forcefully..
Sanskaar: because swara loves you..

Lucky: oh come sanky!! Shes shravan’s wife…
Sanskaar: If she’s not his wife will you accept her..
lucky: What are you blabbering sanky?
Sanky: you love swara right? I brought you here to assist me in this case because…you have got your second chance to hold tight your love of ur life..If you get a chance to hold swara as ur lifepartner..will u accept her..Just forget shravan…think just of swara..will you?
Lucky: of course sanky..
Sanskaar: That’s good lucky..
Laksh: but Can it happen..
Sanskaar: Zyaada math soch..mein hoon na..keep storing ur love For her so that you can shower it on her when she becomes yours..Until then keep avoiding her..dont ask why..Im saying this bcoz this attitude will help u..
Laksh: are u sure sanky?
Sanskaar: Yup 100% come lets take some rest.
Swara is in the garden thinking about lucky..
Swara: its not good to have him here..what if shravan Finds out…im scared of what might come..
She stands tensed biting her nails…Suddenly she felt..something..a..some…kiss????on her cheek?? She turns around finding laksh…
Swara: laksh are u mad?

Laksh: no ..y?

Swara: stupid..donkey..she beats him..
Laksh: Areeyy..stop yaar..
Suddenly she hears a bang..and finds shravan standing there..alas..was her Dream…It has been a while she got such good dreams..she felt light and less pressurized..she takes her pillows and sleeps on the couch..closing the door..
@ Ragini’s room:
She was turning left to right and the vice versa…hopefully searching sleep…She hears some sound..She peeps from her window and finds her whole family..
Ragini: what the heck was going on @ this hour in her house..?

It was disha her papa’s new wife…she was shouting & probably insulting her family..
Disha: Haan..yehi hai iss ghar ki so called responsible son dev..such a coward who hides behind his wife’s pallu..And an inefficient guy who always depends on his papa for everything..I doubt atleast if he’s a man or not..,.(She laughs satirically as she speaks)..Haan yeh bahu rani Anjali..she’s more or less a gunda ..her husband is like a dog to her..and ahhhh..shravan right( points towards shravan)..disgusting animal,,talented but always behind lust…yuckkkk….cant manage a work if U don’t smell girls around..(She coughs) Awwww..ishant baby..go and have this lollipop..She forwards a lollipop to him..HE snatches and throws it away,,a small kid ..justa aint get any business responsibility now….and Ofcourse no pocket money.Huhhhhhh……Think I missed someone…iss ghar ki ladli use whether shes here or not..(she smiles and leaves)..

Shravan moves front as if he’ll beat her blue and Black.but dev hold him back..Swara was missing..
Ragini: bhaiyya…why on earth is she lecturing and showing off at this hour of the day????
Dev: wohh..papa is gonna hand over all our properties to her tomorrow morning..
Ragini: what???

She runs out and all leave to their room ..Ragini calls Sanky..but he doesn’t pick..She knocks on his Door..Sanskaar opens the door on an unexpected time and ragini looses balance and falls on sanskaar kissing him….their first unexpected wasjust a second when her soft lips touched his ..he bit his lower lips slightly..he could sense her lipstick on his..She rolls over and gets up immediately..and runs her hair behind her ears..she’s a bit shy..She got uncomfortable..Sanky broke the silence..
Sanskaar: what?
Ragini says all the happenings..

Sanskaar: guessed …Right..
Ragini: what?
Sanskaar: nothing..ragini..we have to be more careful…particularly stay away from buts …get it..
Ragini: haan..

Sanskaar: thik hai..we’ll speak careful
She leaves confused cum excited…her first Kiss from her crush,love of her life..
Sanky touches his lips and finds red stain..A Cute smile appears from a end of his lips and nods his head and Lockshisroom..

Precap: sanky And ragini return from office and see ppl crowded in their house..they find dead body of disha…

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