The guy who never loved – a Ragsan & Swalak mystery- (episode-3)

Hey wonderful readers !!Im back with my third episode…Im already late with my update so lets move on with the story..
The episode starts with ragini moving towards the compound gate lost in thoughts..sanskaar keeps on calling her name…and at last holds her hand.

Sanskaar: Ragini!! Stop..cant you hear me..(she shakes her from her trance).
Ragini looks on and realizes she is out of the house…and recalls what happened few minutes ago..
Ragini: assuming things right??I’ve become mad..or may be Im hallucinating…Papa can never Do things like this..hai na??Im….
Sanskaar: Ragini..calm down..its not time for you to breakdown..We need to think over..Im sure uncle is not such a kind of person..If he needed a partner he could have remarried earlier..
Ragini: Then..sanskaar..could it be like papa is trapped??

Sanskaar: may be..But cant just simply assume..we have to find it out..uhh..ragini you need to understand the rottenness is developing ..
Ragini: Rotteness ..Yahh..all the flower pots you gifted me have dried up and they are rotting..I need to ask anwar bhaiyya to water them..
Sanskaar: uhh..yes..ask him to water them and remember whatever we discussed here musnt be shared with any member of our family….especially if u blabber out ..then we cant save anyone..
Ragini: anyone??
Sanskaar: I mean..papa..ok?

Ragini: haan..sanskaar..I wont..but
Sanskaar: No buts..and remember..Dont behave normal to of now he has cheated upon the whole family’s trust and if you act normal everyone may misunderstand you..its essential you have to be rude with it?
Ragini: haan..

Sanskaar: accha..ab jao..bahuth time ho gayi..
Ragini turns to leave and stops feeling something..Her hand..Sanskaar has been holding her hand throughout the entire conversation… Sanskaar realizes and immediately lets her hand off..He leaves from there..& ragini also leaves gazing at him..

@ Morning 10.00am CBCID Hq:

Sanskaar and ragini are assigned with a murder case…one of the top business man mr.Raheja was killed a week back..his family members have been reported to be missing…A case with no leads to investigate upon…
Ravi(Senior officer): Sanskaar..This case has been a mystery from the start..There have been no evidences ever since we started..First we assumed it to be a suicide..but an unknown call has diverted our path..
Sanskaar: Sir..just one month…we can solve everything..

Ravi: how can you be so sure..
Sanskaar: because I can see things..I mean..confidence..
Ravi: sanskaar..I have assigned you two ppl as your assistants …I know you can solve it alone..But still you might be needing them to help you in small issues..I think you already knew ragini will be helping you..there comes the other one..(he points the entrance)
Sanskaar: yup..Thanks sir..
Ragini gets a bit shocked seeing him…The guy comes and removes his coolers..
Sanskaar: Hey..bud..(he hugs him).

Ragini: areeyy..laksh…(they give a hi-fi)..
Sanky gets irritated and says” ragini its office ..hi-fi?? Are you a kid?
Ragini murmurs..”only he can hug and I cant give a hi-fi to my friend”
Laksh sees her and winks asking her to be cool..
Ravi: Sanskaar you already know him..
Sanskaar: yaah..I know sir..My Friend..
Ravi: well and good..hope the case gets its mysteries solved..
The trio leave..

Laksh: hungry..get me to ur home..
Sanskaar: my home??are you mad? Its ragini’s just a guest..
Ragini: laksh.come lets go to home.(she stresses it)..
The trio get into the car.
Laksh: im sorry ragini..couldnt attend your brother’s shaadi..
Ragini: uhh..hmm..Laksh..You missed such a wonderful moment I must know bhaiyya & bhabhi looked picture perfect..

Laksh: Ohhh..actually ragini..I was outstation and never got to see the invitation card even..
Ragini: Laksh..are you serious ??? so you never knew it..
Laksh: know what?
Ragini: Surprise!!!

Laksh: Uffffffffffffffffffffffffff!!!!!! These girls always squeal”surprise”..
Sanky what Do you think about it?
Sanskaar: hmmmm…Freedom for someone longing..
Laksh: what??

Sanskaar: nothing..I agree with’ll be be precise you’ll be shocked..(he smiles slightly in his own mysterious way)
Ragini: aa gayi humari ghar..sanky..stop the car..
Sanskaar applies sudden brake..

Sanskaar: what?
Ragini: where’s my phone and the file you gave me?
Sanskaar: are you asking me? Didn’t I ask you to be careful with those files..careless girl..
Ragini: Im sorry sanskaar..sorry..sorry..1000 times sorry..
Sanskaar: Its ok..leave it..
Ragini: how will I leave it? I missed them..I lost a stupid..(she’s about to cry)
Sanskaar: FreeZe..I have them.

Laksh laughs holding his stomach with his hands..seeing ragini..
Laksh: OMG..this girl na..Sanky that was one cool act yaar..
RAgini: you guys never change..lemme take my bhabhi For help..She’ll give you all nice thappar..
Sanskaar: ragini..Stop playing..go and see if ur bhabhi is free..say she has some guest..
Ragini : haan..she leaves with a grin..(to herself) always he scolds me..
Sanskaar: come with me..

The duo leave..
Ragini: swara!!!
Swara is busy playing with anjali’s kid..she was just helping him sort out his toys..
Swara: areyy..this train toy looks pretty..Owwwww..see how fast its running…
Ragini: swara!!
Swara: haan.
Ragini: we have a guest..get ready..he missed ur wedding..
Swara nods and leaves..
Swara gets some intense feel …

Swara: never felt this way…this air around me..kinda weird..
She recalls the same way when she felt like this during her college first day when she met him..him..her laksh!!!She takes her bright yellow saree out ..his favourite colour..She gets dressed up like a doll..
Sanskaar: laksh be prepared..
Laksh: for ?

Sanskaar: for the surprising shock.
He takes laksh along with him to the house and they sit in the hall..

Precap: Laksh sees swara…He drags her to the garden & gets near her..

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  1. Ragini is too cute and sanky is too khadoos nice

  2. Kabi...

    Wow Awesome. This story is simply superb. You nailed it di. In the beginning of swaragini I thought Ragsan will be the pair. But it turned out entirely different. I like Ragsan pair very much. Thanks di for this beautiful story. And I’m feeling sad for swara. I don’t know what made her marry shravan instead of laksh. Don’t worry swara your laksh is there to help you. I’m eagerly waiting for the next episode. Amazing work Aradhana di.

    1. Asra

      kabi ur dp superbbb dear…love karnan in mahabarath…

      1. Kabi...

        Hi asra. Thanks. And your dp is also beautiful. I like teju so much.

      2. Kabi...

        Sorry for the late reply asra.

  3. Awesomeee aru diiiiiiii

  4. Soumya85

    Awesome di it was superb now laksh is entered I’m very excited for swalak past loving it di

  5. Asra

    awesome dear…loved it alot…feeling bad for swara…waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

  6. Awesome

  7. Superb…want to know swalak love story..i loved it….iam excited to know reaction of swalak after seeing each soon

  8. amazing

  9. amazing story.
    thanks for swalak ragsan

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