The guy who never loved – a Ragsan & Swalak mystery- (episode-2)

Hey wonderful readers !! Im back with the second episode ..Im really sorry..I had my exams ,Im an architecture student and as I had internship blaa..bla.. couldn’t write ffs…I apologise to u all for being this late..I promise I wont be repeating this again…Lets move on to the story…
Episode 1

(link to first episode)

The story starts with ragini blushing over what happened and twirls around and collides with someone ….flower showers fall on them..ragini realizes she’s in trouble now…..She has drenched her in flower rain…
Ragini: Im sorry …extremely sorry…vohh..I didn’t notice..
The girl bends down and takes the basket(her face not revealed).She picks a single rose petal ..The frame focuses the petal blurring her from view…
Ragini: Swara!!!

Swara drops the petal down and her face is revealed…She appears too naïve, her face is greif – stricken,pale..She moves her hair from her forehead sensually back behind her ears,revealing sindoor in her maang…
Ragini: areeeyy..swara..uhh..I mean bhabiji..aap thik hai na???( she giggles)where is ur pati..I mean shravan bhaiyya..???
Swara: In garden..
Ragini: ok..swara..Im gonna see bhaiyya..tell mom if she asks abt me…
Swara nods and leaves …

It has been a month..Since she got married to shravan..Very smart and handsome hunk but a womanizer..He married her out of lust..but fortunately Shravan met with an accident on the eve before their suhaagraat…and cant become a parent..which only swara knows…This was the only fortunate incident that happenedin swara’s life..She was just breathing..that doesn’t mean she is living her life…Her life,dreams shattered into pieces when he didn’t come…”He” belonged to her..meant to be her world…had he come that day…she wouldn’t have got married to shravan..the only relief was she is the same swara…she was before marriage..

Swara was ragini’s best friend in her college days,unfortunately when shravan saw swara with his sister he fell For her and wanted her …just lust..He knew swara wasn’t those kind of girls who fall for his money, flatters..He was ready to marry her and wanted her at any cost..Swara was normally very talkative before her marriage…but now she seldom thought or spoke to anyone..unless she is questioned…often she would stare the night sky motionless..No one ever cared her except ragini…She was blamed for not bearing child…but shravan defends her as he knew his truth would come out..She often spends her time playing,grooming,and feeding anjali’s child rehan..Anjali was Dev’s wife..the only person who even shekhar feared ..I mean..She was a loud,outspoken lady who often bullies her husband..and she never respects Dev…and to be clear the scenario was like Anjali dominates Dev and he listens quietly to her harsh ,unbearable words…poor and patient dev …

Swara in her room :
She takes her diary… and flips the pages..A dried rose seemed to rekindle her blossoming memories.
Swara: You made me special…This rose ..u gave me and proposed to me on the first day of our college when our seniors ragged us..(tears roll down princess’s cheeks)
The flower vase breaks to pieces due to wind through open window…she closes her diary and hides it under her dresses in her suitcase..she moves towards the vase and picks them,cleans those pieces..
Swara: mere dil bhi issi tharah toot gayi..(she cries)he broke my trust,my love,my dreams…..
The door bangs open and a man appears at the door…It was shravan..his eyes are red …was drunken..He bolts the door..and rushes towards his draw..opens it and takes out a knife…
Shravan: Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!(he shouts loud and tears his cot and shreds of cotton fill the room…)

He sees swara and moves towards her…
Shravan: Never care …Whatever happens ..Im gonna get you today swara..u remember whenever I try to kiss you ..I felt guilt of my condition and distanced me from you… Im gonna eat you…
Swara: shravan…see..its not right…stop there..
Shravan: Uhhh..not today swara…I couldn’t get all beautiful ladies nowadays…and You are my wife..I cant give you a child..Thats it…na?? But I can have you are all mine..
He holds her hand violently and twists it..

Shravan: uhhh..a girl cant be this beautiful..
Swara: Please shravan..leave me..please..(she cries not able to tolerate the pain)
He holds her waist and goes near to kiss her..swara pushes him away..but shravan slaps her repeatedly and removes his belt and whips her continoiusly..
Shravan: Shhh…swara..I let u go off from my hold 3 months back..Thats my mistake..keep quiet and cooperate with me..I wont hurt you..or if you struggle then you’re gonna be tortured and consumed by me..

She cries continuously..He gets near her and holds her hair harshly and gets her by waist and runs his hands around her waist and tries to harm her soft lips..tears roll down her cheek..
Shravan loses balance and falls down…God has favoured swara again….He was overdrunk,probably lost his conscience…Swara runs to the bathroom and opens up the shower….she cries……
Swara: Why does this happen with me…?? Everyday he tortures me for his inability..but today he has gone a head …please god!!! Help me…!!
Sanskaar is standing in the balcony of his outhouse….its 10..00pm..He takes a clear breath of air..and looks at the sky..

Sanskaar: I will..I will solve that new case as soon as possible..and I’ll unfoil all the mysteries…probably I’ll be taking its official charge from tomorrow.And I will do unexpected things that can help some over here..(he smiles slightly)..
A great thud is heard inside the house..and the lights goes on…
Sanskaar: Whats happening there?
He could hear loud voices of people arguing…That’s when sanky gets a call from dadi..
Sanskaar: What must be going on?

Sanskaar enters the home finding some shock in store..A young girl probably a bit older than ragini is seen standing ..
Shekhar: Im not absolutely sorry for what happened..I need some moral support.. I married her some time back..
Anjali: yuck..this sucks..absolutely..she’s of your daughter’s can you??
Dadi: shekhar!!
Shekhar: oh..Everyone just stop..its my life..she too loves me..I need someone to care for me..

Ishant: can you stoop so this age..dont you think you aren’t playing fair?
Sanskaar thinks could uncle be trapped into some the girl trapping uncle??
Ragini seems shocked and stands motionless..she moves unaware of where she’s going..she gets out of the house..Sanskaar sees her but doesn’t go after her…Dadi signs him to take care of ragini.Sanky goes after her..
Sanskaar: ragini!!!
She is moving towards the compound gate…

Sanskaar: ragini!! Stop!!
He runs and grabs her hand.

Precap: Sanskaar says some rootness is developing in our family to ragini…The duo are assigned a case and another guy joins them .

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